Abhigya’s boundless love (epi 4)

Hey guyzzz…thnq so much for response and i know many of you are excited for this story bt plzz dont think i m dragging this story i just wanted to make you feel this story is different from my other stories..anyway lets get into the story…

Pragya wakes up and looks into her mobile. She gets scared and starts screaming. Jhanvi comes there and asks what happened? Pragya shows her a text message saying hey pragya baby!!! I know you miss me thats why i came for you. I will see you soon. Jhanvi gets scared too. Pragya says what should i do? He came back for me. i should leave this place right now. I cant stay here and gets tensed. Jhanvi tries to calm her but in vain. Pragya starts crying. Jhanvi assures her to find a solution.

Later abhi thinks about the last night incident and gets anger. Aakash comes there and finds abhi pissed off about something. He pushes abhi for answer. Abhi shares everything with him then aakash remembers about jhanvi asking the number and informs abhi this. He says ok i will ask her today. They both leave to college.

Pragya and jhanvi go to class and sit. She gets worried about the message and at the same time she recollects about the last night incident. She thinks how should i face him today. Its really embarrassing but i should apologize him. Jhanvi says dont worry about anything. I will go to abhi now and apologize him. Later you can talk to him. She says ok. Jhanvi leaves.

Abhi and aakash searches for jhanvi. Aakash finds jhanvi coming their way. He shows abhi. They both go near her. Jhanvi tries to say something but abhi stops and confronts her. She starts crying. Aakash asks abhi to calm down and give her a chance to explain herself. Abhi unwillingly agrees. She starts explaining everything to him. Abhi too feels embarrassed and thinks to meet pragya. He says ok i want to meet your friend once and apologize her. Jhanvi says ok but not now because she has lot of things running in her mind now. Abhi says ok then tomorrow is my birthday. There will be a party in the evening so bring her with you. She apologizes him and leaves. Jhanvi happily goes near pragya and shares about her conversation with abhi. Pragya gets bit relief. Then jhanvi intimates about the party. At first pragya hesitates to attend the party but anyhow she thinks to face abhi.

Its party time, abhi gets ready. Meanwhile aakash comes there and compliments him. Abhi thanks him and compliments back. Aakash says hey dude! I wanted to share something with you. Abhi asks what is that? Aakash says i m interested in jhanvi. I want some suggestions from you to impress her. Abhi teases him and accepts.

Later pragya and jhanvi reaches the party. They both search for abhi. Meanwhile jhanvi gets a call so she goes aside. Pragya searches for abhi and asks one man about him. Man points her towards abhi. She stares him from back speaking to someone. She moves towards him carrying a bouquet and her heart starts racing. She says happy birthday abhi! Abhi thinks i heard this voice before and turn back. He gets surprised seeing pragya and smiles. Pragya gets shocked seeing abhi. She says you!!!! Abhi says hey beautiful!! Missed me and winks at her. Pragya gets annoyed and says never in a million years. Abhi says dont lie beautiful. On that day you said i m the last person on this world you would come to me but see world is so small that it brought you near to me. Pragya says i dont know its your party or else i would never come here. She is about to leave then he holds her hand. She turns back and about to say something while jhanvi comes there and asks pragya what happened? Pragya shares everything with her. Jhanvi gets shocked and bit sad too. Abhi then learns that pragya is the girl he had an awkward conversation. He apologizes her flirtingly then pragya tries to leave but abhi asks jhanvi to stop her so jhanvi convinces her to stay. She agrees. Later abhi cuts the cake and feeds it to pragya first. She gives an angry look to him. He smiles lovingly. A man wearing mask watches this from distance and says i m coming for you pragya and this guy, he will die soon. He laughs.

Epi ends…

I know this epi is bit dragging but no more drags from next epi so that i can complete this story soon..guyzz plz do comment & share your opinion..keep reading..bye guyzz..love u


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