Abhigya- without pain there is no love (OS)


Hi guys this is Monesha. I came back with my new story. Actually this came in my dream so i am sharing with you all. I will always write OS by using current track. After seeing Abhi and tanu again. I got angry. If i write current track then confirm i will separate them and make Abhi to cry. So guys this is not current track of kkb. Now coming to the story,

It was a pleasant morning one big house was shown. Dadi came to one room. It was so dark. She switch on the light. One boy is sleeping by covering his face. Dadi says beta get up its time to college go fast. Boy says two minutes. Another one boy came to room. Dadi says thank god purab you came see this boy not even getting up.

Purab says Abhi it’s time to go. Abhi says two minutes purab. Purab thinks we should work out this trick now and says good morning sir. Abhi got up from the bed and says good morning sir. Purab says omg you are giving respect to me Thank you so much. Dadi and purab started to laugh hardly. Abhi got irked and went to fresh up. Then he got fresh up. He takes blessings from Dadi. Then Abhi and purab went to college.

It was too late. Abhi and purab entered the class room. There is two place only one side is bulbul and another side is pragya. Purab sat with bulbul. Abhi thinks omg i have to sit with this angry birds. He came to near pragya’s place. Abhi says hey angry bird move and sit. Pragya saw him and just moved and sat. Abhi thinks what happened to her didn’t fight with me i think this is new trick. Abhi ask what happened to you didn’t fight with me. Pragya says can you please be quite can’t you leave me in peace just go away from me. I hate you. Abhi says i too hate you. He thinks this girl is doing over, i will show you who am i Wait and see.After sometimes class got over purab came to pragya. Purab says hi. Pragya says hi. Purab says why you are sitting alone. Pragya smiles and says this is my destiny i should be in loneliness. Purab says what you mean. Pragya just smiles and says simply. Purab confused by her activities and thinks why this girl is behaving different.

Abhi thinks i should make her to feel pain. I just want to give pain to her. He thinks something. Abhi says to himself wow i have to make her to fall for me. Wow abhi you are really brilliant da. No one can beat you in this matters. i want to see you in pain. Always messing with this future rockstar so you want this punishment. He went to see Pragya. She sat alone. Abhi came to her and sat with her. Pragya looks him surprisingly. Abhi says i know our first meeting itself we both started to fight. Did you remember how we met first day itself we fight for the place. Pragya looks him surprisingly. Abhi says let’s forget about this one year. We both can be good friends I don’t know about you but i like to have you as my friend. Will you be my friend. He stretched his hand. Pragya smiles and stretched her hand. They both gave shaken to each other. Pragya holds her ears and says sorry. Abhi was melted by her cuteness. He thinks Abhi what are you doing. You should make her to feel pain don’t forget that. Pragya says ok come we can go to our house. Abhi nodded. Both went to their respective house.

Days passed Abhi and pragya became close. Pragya falls for him. Even Abhi too falls for her but he didn’t realized that. One fine day Pragya and abhi came to park. Pragya ask Abhi can I ask you something. Abhi says yes you can ask. Pragya says did you love anybody. Abhi says yes. Pragya became upset and asked who is that. Abhi says her name is pragya my close friend. Pragya was shocked as well as surprised. Abhi came near to her and holds her face.

Abhi says Pragya i know you too love me. I saw that love in your eyes. Plz don’t say that you didn’t love me. I can’t bear that i love you sooooooo… much. Pragya eyes got wet. She immediately hugs Abhi and says love you too. Abhi smiles and tighten his grip. Then after some times they both broke their hug. Pragya says we both can meet tomorrow bye. Abhi ask no kiss? Pragya ask what? Kiss? Abhi says yes. Pragya says bye after marriage i will give you bye. Abhi try to hold her but she ran away. Abhi smiles. He thinks omg what happened to me why i am smiling like this first we have to go to house then only i can be cool. He went to his house.

Days passed abhigya bonding become very strong. They both maintain some distance but they expressed their love in their eyes. Purab and bulbul become happy for Abhigya. It was last day farewell party in their college. Abhi came first in their group. Then all the one came to party except Pragya. Abhi’s eyes was searching Pragya. Abhi thinks why i am searching pragya. I just want to be with her. No what i am thinking i won’t fall for any girls. I have to end this today. At the time Pragya came. She wears black saree sleeveless hand and white ornaments. Abhi was mesmerized by her beauty. Pragya came near to abhi. Abhi says you are looking beautiful. Pragya says thanks with smile. Abhi ask where is your chasma. Pragya says bulbul told that today don’t want chasma. Abhi smiles.

Bulbul came to pragya and says wow you are looking beautiful. Pragya says thanks. Bulbul says actually I want you as my sisy. You know you are 4 months elder to me. Can we make sister bond. Pragya smiles and says ok choti. Bulbul smiles and says ok come di i will show you to all. Pragya ask what? Showing to all. Bulbul says yes come. She drags Pragya. Abhi couldn’t take his eyes from Pragya. He just looking her without taking his eyes. He thinks i was wrong she is not angry bird. She is lovely bird. After sometimes Pragya stands alone. Abhi came and drags her to the corner.

Pragya says arey what are you doing. Leave me. Abhi says you are looking beautiful. Pragya says arey how many times you will say leave me. She tried to move but abhi pinned her towards wall. Pragya was shocked Bcoz they never be close this much. Pragya with low voice and stammered wh… what.. a.. are you do…ing. Abhi touched her exposed part of her waist. She just closed her eyes and clutched his shoulder. He sees his shoulder which is holding tightly by Pragya. He smiles by seeing her and kissed her forehead and kissed in her cheeks which makes Pragya to shiver. He leaned and kissed in her neck. Pragya clutched the wall. One of his hand cares her hand from shoulder to her palm which is holding the wall. She tightened her grip on the wall and says Abhi leave me plz. He kept his hand on her lips and says suhhh. She looks into his eyes. He was mesmerized by her look. He brushed her lips and moves closer to her lips. Pragya pushed him and ran with shy

Abhi came back to sense. He holds his head and thinks what happened to you abhi why you behaved like to her. You want to make her to feel pain but you… no I should stop this. Abhi went inside. Purab came to abhi and ask what happened romance? Abhi couldn’t control himself and says no i just hate her. At the time Pragya came to take her purse and stood there by hearing Abhi’s voice. Abhi says i thought to give pain so i gave fake love to her. Pragya was shattered by hearing this. Purab too shattered. Purab take his hand to slap Abhi but Pragya says stop. Purab was shocked.

Abhi was shocked to see Pragya with teary eyes. She came to abhi. He couldn’t see her eyes. Pragya(crying) ask why you done this to me. I thought your love is true but you… you want to make me pain right now i am saying no one can give this much pain to anyone. Purab says Pragya this all drama he is kidding us. Pragya says no purab I saw his eyes was true. I thought his love in his eyes is true but now i understood. Purab i want to talk to him alone. Purab went outside.

Abhi couldn’t see her eyes. Pragya says why you done this to me. What i done wrong. For our fight this punishment means you can give me in some other ways but why you choose this way. Abhi looks down. Pragya holds his collar. Abhi looks into her eyes which is filled with pain. Pragya says if your love is fake then why you… you behaved like that with me now. Why you touched me. Why you kissed me. Abhi has no answer. He just looks her. Pragya says i didn’t except this from you. Thank you so much. I understood now that we should not believe anyone. Abhi’s eyes become wet. Pragya left him and ran by crying from that place.

Purab came and ask now you are happy right. You know one thing she is orphan. Abhi was shocked. Purab says there is no one to console her, No one to love her. She has no one. She stayed in her hostel. She told us that don’t tell to you after this week she itself will say. Don’t ever try to make her pain. This is warning from me. Purab turns to leave but was shocked to see bulbul. She came with teary eyes and slapped Abhi and says just go to hell.

Saying this bulbul went purab too went by following bulbul. Abhi came to his house and went inside his room. He thinks about pragya. His and pragya’s romantic moments. Abhi says sorry Pragya. Still i don’t know why i thought you to hurt you. My heart is saying that i love you but my ego is saying that i hate you. But one thing is true i can’t live without you. That means it is love. I love you. Tomorrow I will come and talk to you. Sorry i will not leave you again. He holds Pragya picture in phone and slept.

Next day he came to pragya’s hostel. But Pragya was not there so he went with great disappointment. Abhi thinks why she is not here. I should search her. Purab came to abhi. Purab ask why you came here. What do you want. Abhi says purab make me to see Pragya i want her. I love her. Purab ask did you think again i will believe you. Abhi says plz purab understand me. I love her. Plz purab. Purab thinks something and says ok but first achieve your goal. I will make Pragya to meet you. Abhi ask but what is connection between this. Purab says do what i say. Abhi nodded. He concentrate in his work.

After one year. One stage was shown. One boy came it is non other than Abhi. He started to sing the song. All the girls shouts and enjoyed his song. Finally song ended. He booked flight to Mumbai. Next day he came to Mumbai. He directly went to see purab. Purab says hey welcome rockstar. Abhi says thanks but now say where is pragya. Purab says that means you truly love her. Abhi says yes purab plz say me fast. Purab gave a address to him. Without wasting time he went to that company.he reached the company.

All the one was surprised by seeing Abhi. All the one started to shout. He came inside with the help of security. All the one stood up by seeing him. Finally he saw Pragya at reception seat. He moved to her table. Pragya was doing some work. He kept his hand on the table. Pragya says welcome sir….. she saw him and got up. Abhi has teary eyes even Pragya too has. But Pragya broke the eyelock and says what you want sir. Abhi says Pragya…. you don’t know who am i. All the one was surprised by his activities. she was looking around and sees every one seeing them. Pragya says sorry sir I don’t know. Abhi says Pragya sorry plz don’t behave like this to me. Pragya don’t know what to do. She just came out from her seat. Abhi holds her hand. Pragya was shocked. All the one was shocked.

Pragya says sir what are you doing leave me. Abhi says to everyone hello guys sorry don’t mistake me she is my future wife, my love. Actually we both love each other. I thought to give pain to her so i act as loving her but i don’t know how i fell in love. I just came here to take her with her. I love her so much. Plz guys support me.

All the one supports abhi. Pragya don’t know what to do. He pulls her closer to him. Pragya was shocked. Abhi says i love you Pragya. I love you so much. I can’t live without you plz come back to me. Pragya was mesmerized by his words. But soon she came back to sense and moved away from him. Abhi says so your angry will not go away from me right. Ok i will rub your angry. He pulls her close to him and gave a liplock to her. She clutched his shoulder. All the one was surprised. Abhi broke that kiss and says i will wait for you. Come fast to me. Saying this he went from that place. All the girls jealous by seeing their kiss. Pragya with teary eyes took file. She holds that file towards her chest and ran from that place.

While coming out Abhi holds Pragya’s hand. Pragya says leave me what you want, again drama. Abhi holds her cheeks and says no Pragya this is not drama this is reality don’t hurt me by your words. Pragya gave a stern look and try to go but abhi pulled Pragya and make her to sit in his car. Pragya try to escape but she couldn’t. Pragya ask why you are trying to give pain. Plz leave me i can’t bear that same pain again. Abhi couldn’t hear her words and says plz stop it Pragya. He stopped in guest house.

Abhi pulled Pragya to the guest house. Pragya says leave me Abhi what are you doing can’t you hear me leave me. Abhi says just shut up. He pulled her into one room and pushed her in the bed. Pragya was feared and says wh..what a… a..re y.ou do.. ing. Abhi says shut up don’t think like that. I am not going to take advantage. Pragya looks him confusingly.
He sat in the bed. Pragya too sat in bed. Abhi says Pragya listen to me i know i gave you big pain but now I realized my mistake. Pragya looks him with teary eyes.

Abhi says you know one thing I too love you. I couldn’t control myself when I am with you. So only in that farewell party i behaved like that. Really Pragya i can’t live without you. Yes I accepted that i thought to give you pain but i fallen in love with you without my knowledge. Plz Pragya forgive me. Pragya stood up from the bed and went to window side.

Abhi came to her and says still you didn’t believe me? Pragya hugs him and says no abhi i believed you. I saw true love in your eyes. Abhi tightened his grip and says i love you Pragya, i love you so much. Pragya says i love you too. Tears rolled from both of the their eyes.

They broke the hug. They both smiled by seeing each other. He pulled her closely. Pragya was shocked. He pressed her waist. Pragya stood in her toes by his press and looks him with shock. Abhi gave a witty smile and kissed in her lips passionately. He takes his lips slowly from her. Pragya smiles with shy.

Abhi ask shall we marry now. Pragya was surprised by his question and ask now? But what about your family. Abhi says my Dad and mom passed away. I told to my dadi about this she too accepted me. Pragya smiles and hugs him. With her smile and hug he understood about her decision. He went to his car. He took one saree and gave to her. She ask what about your fans will think. Abhi says arey first go and change this. She went to dressing room then she came back. She wears red net saree. Abhi was mesmerized by seeing her. She came to him. Abhi holds her hand. He pulled her. He closed her eyes and lifts her. He takes her to one place then he makes her to stand in that place and opened her eyes.

She was shocked by the crowd and marriage hall. Purab and bulbul too present. She looks Abhi with surprisingly. Abhi smiles and says now we can marry. Pragya smiles. After all the things finally they both got married. They both takes blessings from Dadi. Then all went to Abhi’s house. Abhi says Dadi you go and take rest. Bulbul says arey wait don’t worry we will not come to your room. Purab started to laugh hardly. Abhi says enough guys. Purab says ok ok cool down. We are going. Saying this all went to their house. Abhi came near to pragya and lifts her. Pragya was shocked. Abhi says ok baby we can start our life . Pragya smiles with shy. They both starts their life with full of happiness

❤❤❤❤❤❤THE END ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Guys if I bored you all i am sorry. This is just my dream i altered and make it as OS. I gave this title bcoz i believed it that without pain there is no love. Love means i am not telling about only boy and girl’s love. Even in sister, brothers and friends also suit this. There will be a fight, pain in this relationship also. So i took this title.

My ff readers i am sorry for not updating my ff. tomorrow i will update my next episode. Don’t get angry my dear darlu di, choti, bro and friends. Love you all u ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  2. RiyaDcruz

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      Thank you so much dear for your lovely comment. Happy to see that you didn’t get bore sorry for my late reply

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  8. Hiiiiii choti… I don’t know u read my comments in ur ff coz I was late sry oops no sry bt plzzzzz 4 my sake plzzzz come back to old for y I don’t know my hrt saying tat still u dint move on from tat pain plzzzz choti plzzzz cheer up I don’t lk tz one monesha I want my cutiepie cute little choti monesha I thk I dint force u to anythg bt plzzzz overcome 4m tat dr…. If u overcome 4m tat na I feel the most happiness in tz world… Soooo cheer up darling… With lots of love???? n kisses????? darling…loads n loads of hugs n kisses chellam… Take care… Tata… Love u Dr???

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      My darlu pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari….. princess di. You know I also didn’t like this. I will never be like this. I will always kidding my friends and my family. All the one will say me as naughty girl. But now all the one was asking whether i am ok. To forget this only i am giving some pain or emotional scenes. I will keep your words in my mind. Loved persons only know about others pain. You find out it. But confirm i will come out this. I also want to be as old. I will come to you as your lovely choti and naughty. Now only i read your comment. Thank you so so sooooooo….. much di. For your lovely comment. You are my best di. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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      Thank you so much dear for your lovely and sweet comment. Really it makes me to smile. Thanks for that dear.

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      Thank you so much dear for your lovely and sweet comment. Really it makes me to smile. Thanks for that dear. Really i am feeling very happy dear

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      Aww ??????

  10. That was beautiful and you are so right in saying without the pain there is no love, wch is true. Pain teaches us a lot of things in life specially wen it comes to relationships. You have to have both to understand about the meaning of life! Emotional and feeling plays a big parts in our life. That was really good and I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much for agreeing with my concept. Really you are 100% correct. Emotional, feeling, happy and pain. This is life. I agreed to your words. Thank you so much for saying this and thanks for ur lovely comment.

  11. superb my angel…….

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      Thank you so much my dear pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari…… princess di. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. I was superb. Loved it to the core mone….. It was not boring at all. Not even at a single place… You have done it well. It was a flim…i liked it ???
    But I have a doubt, how this dream came to you??? I mean, the entire story or some parts of this os….. I really wonder and curious to know about it…

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so so sooooooo…. much di for ur lovely and sweet comment. In my dream it came upto when he thought to give pain. Other romance and dialogue was altered and update this OS. In my dream it came fight scenes but i didn’t update more. After Abhi thinks to give pain i altered. Thanks again my pyaari di

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  15. awesome u know i too thought something like this only wen i want to give abhigya os nd i not got tat is y i not updates but u updates tat my wish got fulfilled❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. nd monesha di wat roli saud its true i too want know

  17. md i not got time
    only time remain there

    1. Monesha

      Your idea and my idea are same dear. Actually after Abhi thought to give pain is i altered and gave in my thoughts. Before that it came in my dream. I think you got the answer my dear darlu

  18. Superrrr….. ?????? Episode…. We loved it to the core…..

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support dear. And happy to see that you loved it


    chotu….can i say one thing…your os is most awesome ones…i still remember your os…abhigya…love can do anything…you are a too good os writer chotu….dont think that its boring..it has a good story line…i really enjoyed dear…actually iam not your ff which you are dealing with..because of one reason…thats story contain ishveer…thats why…because iam die heart fan of abhigya…i usually read all their stories expect this mixed ones…but sometimes i read yours too…write more os dear…may in your every dream you happen to see such stories….love you somuch chotu….lots of hugs and kisses….

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely…. comment. It makes me to fly on the sky. Thank you so much di. Actually my ff will not be interesting also. I will never mind that. I love to have di, choti and bro relationship sooooooo…. much. So promise me you will be always with me as my pyaari pyaari pyaari…… princess ddi. Really i am attached to you very much. Confirm i will write many OS. You know di i have many stories but i don’t have time but confirm i will write OS. Same pinch di i am also die heart fan of abhigya but this two days really very painful to me by Abhi and tanu. I won’t like if Abhi is with Tanu. I read your last reply now. It was really funny now i am giving you my answer. You have extra brain di. Even my mother too ask me same question. All mothers are Same. Ha.. Ha.. Love you my pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari……. di. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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      Thank you so much dear for your lovely comment

  20. nice need him to feel the pain wanna see ur style
    write one os of abhi crying i agree

    1. Monesha

      Confirm i will write OS for you my dear darlu. Really i hate behavior of Abhi in current track.

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    Very nice awesome

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  22. Sorry di for late comment i am not feeling well so extremely sorry.Mind blowing di loved it to the core.Dint you dare say this as boring.You want to say something as boring say mine.Love u di????

    1. Monesha

      Don’t dare to say sorry and your ff was boring. It is really awesome ff. I love your ff sooooooo…. much. What happened my dear darlu. Can’t you take care your health. If i am with you then I will never leave my choti like this. You escaped. But confirm i will ask you daily about your health. You have to take care your health. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ my dear pyaari pyaari pyaari…. princess choti.

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    You write the most amazingggg one shots….i am a die hard fan of your writing. This one was absolutely awesome???….loved it tremendously….cant wait for your next OS….love you honey….take care???

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so so so sooooooo….. much my dear pyaari pyaari pyaari…. princess sissy. You make me to fly on the sky. I happy to get appreciate from my favorite writer. I am having idea for another OS. Whenever I am free. I will write that. Again thank you so much my lovable sissy. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa…..

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    Omg hw much my choti has grown awesome darlu wat a romantic and soulful stry cute like u love u loads tons of hugs and kisses to u??????????

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      Sorry di for my late reply. I am having exam di so only. Thank you so much di. You know my mother will say you only grown up but not your brain. Ha… Ha… Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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