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This is another one shot guys no negative character its only destiny short and sweet story if you like it them please comment
So here we go
My story start with a girl is going at home and its night time girl is looking os sad as she is going some goons surround her and start teasing her one goon is about to pull her dupta but a strong hands stop him and that girl goes behind that boy and that boy fight with that goon but get hurt on hand goons run from their and that girl turn that boy and tear her dupta and put it on injury and that boy memerised seeing the girl face
Girl: is it so much paining
Boy: no I am fine but you
Girl: I am pragya pragya mehra
Boy: oh me abhi abhi khanna
Pragya innocently: don’t know today what should happen with me if you are not come thanks for helping me
Abhi: its ok but what are you doing here at this time

Pragya: me I have searching job and it become late
Abhi: so did you get job or not
Pragya sadly: no
Abhi: ok I can help you I wirk in a company and there is a post vancy if you want to join you can
Pragya smilingly nodes
Abhi: ok take my no. and call me I will tell where you have to come ok
Pragya excitedly hug him and current passes from both of their body and they fell happy and pragya break the hug
Pragya: I am soory but thanks for job I need job very much
Abhi: come I will drop u
And pragya sit with him on his bike and he drop her home next day pragya call him and he tell her about the office and in office they both meet again as abhi also work their only and day by day abhi and pragya frnsdship grow stronger as pragya a orphan and abhi lives with his bahi and babhi
One day abhi take pragya to his house their he meet abhi bahi and babhi all get happy seeing pragya caring for abhi babhi as she is pregent and their become a bond btw them as time flews both come near each other and both stared loving each other and abhi babhi get to know about it and tell to abhi bahi both gets happy and tell abhi to propose pragya and abhi propose pragya and she said yes and their marriage preprations started as one day now abhi babhi is six month pregnet pragya goes to market to take something for abhis babhi as she is crossin road she is hitted by a truck and fell on floor and some people take her to hospital abhi and bahi babhi reach hospital and pragya is operation is going on and after sometime docter come and tell
Abhi: how is she now docter
Docter I don’t give you false hope but she has less time you can meet her
Abhi fell on floor abhi bahi babhi consle him and they move in ward abhi goes near pragya bed and hold her hand
Abhi crying: hoew can you leave me like this you promise me you will never leave me then whats this
Pragya crying: its our destiny abhi hamra saath yahi tak tha we will meet in next birth and complete our story and babhi please take care of yourself and my abhi I am giving his responsibility
Abhis babhi: pragya no you told me you will play with my child
Abhi: no pragya please
Pragya crying: soory I couldn’t make my promise
And a beep sound comes abhi runs and call docter and docter declare her dead abhi bahi babhi cry bitterly and abhi sit near her and holds her hand and seeing her and then suddenly falls on her hand and abhi bahi and bahi shocks and docter check him and declare him dead both abhi bahi babhi cry
Babhi: this is called true love they will again come and complete their love story
And they did final rights of both of them and after 3 months abhi babhi give birth to a baby boy and named it abhishek
After 20 years her face is like abhi only and abhi bahi get happy seeing her devar back
Babhi: I have told you na he will come back see he come back to complete his love story
Bahi: you are right
Abhishek comes to them
Abhishek: gm mom dad
Abhishek mom kises her forhead
And abhishek goes to abhi and pragya pic: gm chacha and chahu you know today is my first day of collage wish me
And he go to collage their he see a girl is standing her hairs are open and seniors are teasing her he gets angry and go towards them a senior was about to toch the girl abhishek comes their and hold her hand and gril hide behind abhishek and that time principal come and they go and abhishek turn and shock to see the girl
Abhishek: pragya
Pragya smiles: you know my name but how ok let it be thanks for helping me
Abhishek smile seeing her lady love in front of her(as he remember his past) : so lets ne frnds
And they become frnds and one day abhishek bring pragya to home and all gets happy seeing them and slowly their frndship turn to love but pragya doesn’t remember anything but pragya is not sure about her felling towards abhi shek one day she called abhishek
Pragya: hey abhi I am going on date with rahul today
Abhi get sad hearing this: ok go but take care of yourself
And pragya cuts the call and abhi falls on bed and close his eyes and a tear come in his eyes at evening pragya calls him
Abhi: yeah what happen
Pragya: I want to talk to you I am out of your house
Abhi goes and open the door and they both sit in garden
Pragya: abhi ilove u today I rember everything about our past this is our new birth to complete our story I cant loose you again and tear come in her eyes abhi cups her face and wipes her tear
Abhi: you know I remember everything when I first swa you I just like dancing but you don’t rember anything so I didn’t tell anything I love you u are my life
And they both kiss passinatly and completed their adhuri pream kahani

Credit to: queen

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