Abhigya Vampires Vs Werewolf – Suha di information by Monesha


Guys My di i mean your friend, choti, and di

I am sorry to say this. She was no more

Her brother informed to me that she hit by car

Then she was alright but germs went inside her wound.

So she passed away. She left us alone.

I got this news yesterday night only i cried bitterly. I didn’t sleep yesterday So my mother made me to take leave.

So i am giving this information to you all.

Her brother told that she said don’t tell to us about this but he told to me

And he said that tell to everyone. Our suha di went from us.

We have to pray for her. I know you all will pray but i am just saying don’t mistake me

I know you all like her so much. Even i too love her bcoz she cares me, she accepted me as her own choti, she shares everything to me.

I am writing this with tears. Her brother asked me what to do with this account. I said to bhai that don’t delete her account it will be as her memory for us

I think i done correctly bcoz i thought we want her memories. I thought that don’t want to tell anything about her to you all.

Bcoz you all will gone through the same pain which I am going through now. Her last word to me is she said is she was in hospital i will come back soon.

So i think now you all understood why suha di is not coming to this page.

Day before yesterday only her funeral rituals finished.

I think now you all will not curse her for not coming to TU. I know you all will curse her with love .

I am missing my lovable di. I know you will also miss her.

I am sorry if i hurt you all by saying this plz forgive me. I thought no one should curse my sister by unknowingly

Confirm i will talk to her through board that time i will tell about you all. I don’t know you will believe that board or not but it is 100% true bcoz now also i am talking to my grandpa. He also passed away

She loves you all.


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  1. When u told she s comng bck I was happy nd whn I saw hr stry nam n tge pg i got hpy tat she cam i didnt read te title whn i saw ur nam i thgt she may be busy nd askd u to cont te stry but…………… Wat i read…….I can’t bear tis……….

  2. I am missing her badly.
    Ask her family mem to be strong, am feeling emptyness in my heart…feeling very very sad as why she is not updating but for that I am feeling really devasted . Sis I am sry for thinking you wrong. And monesha can u communicate through board, I also feel that one is TRUE so plz say what she is saying …we are waiting foe her reply….

  3. Realllyyyyyyyy loveeee u a lottt diiii srrrryyy I didn’t mention it but now..
    …… let hr soul rest n peace now also I’m not able to believe I’m cryng but nooo u must cme bck diiiiiiii s………

  4. OMG.. suha!!! May her soul rest in peace..and MoneshI know ur going through most painful pain.but plz try to be strong..my dear..becoz now her family needs u.and Suha will always lives in our memories …!!

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much confirm i will give support to her family

      1. Asmithaa

        Did you speak with her in ouja board… What did she tell???? Pls speak to her soon.. And tell what did she tell..

      2. Monesha

        My mother told that we have to wait for one month

  5. Maahi

    dr dizzzz is so heartbreaking she called me sweeetheart thn how can she do diz fr us but i knw she too loves us a alot butu did crrct by nt deleting her accnt dizzz is her sweet memories given to us may her soul rest in peace suha dii whre evr u r v love uu soooo much nd one day i shall meet uu thn v cam relish our memories there

  6. Oh my!!! I cant believe this. Really I was waiting for her ff. May her soul rest in peace. She deserves more than this life. May she have a second birth and fulfill her dreams. at least that life must be happy for her. A good friend never dies. She will rest in our hearts forever………

  7. Angita

    Yeah kaab hua…..she’s one of my favorite person writer and everything…I can’t take …why didn’t the hospital check her for infection..

  8. feel very bad ma..
    now only i read this msg…..
    i realy miss suha badly………
    my lovely frnd left me….
    i pray for him…….
    god please keep my frnd happy in heaven……….
    ennaku enna solratune theriyala……
    eppadi ettalam nadantutu pa..please ennku explain pannunga pa………

    1. Monesha

      When she was walking car hits her then she was alright in hospital but germ went inside her wound so she passed away. It is all because of that hospital

      1. Siddhi

        Did you know who hit her?

  9. What! Suha left us! But how did this happen!! I really can’t believe this! It’s so heartbreaking!!? May her soul rest in peace! Will miss her a lot!

  10. Pinky15

    Omg! Tats bad rip suha

  11. Omg… It’s really heart breaking… I was missing her badly all these days… But I expected this bad news…. Will pray for her… May her soul rest in peace… She will live… In our memories… ????

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