Abhigya Vampires Vs Werewolf – Suha di information by Monesha

Guys My di i mean your friend, choti, and di

I am sorry to say this. She was no more

Her brother informed to me that she hit by car

Then she was alright but germs went inside her wound.

So she passed away. She left us alone.

I got this news yesterday night only i cried bitterly. I didn’t sleep yesterday So my mother made me to take leave.

So i am giving this information to you all.

Her brother told that she said don’t tell to us about this but he told to me

And he said that tell to everyone. Our suha di went from us.

We have to pray for her. I know you all will pray but i am just saying don’t mistake me

I know you all like her so much. Even i too love her bcoz she cares me, she accepted me as her own choti, she shares everything to me.

I am writing this with tears. Her brother asked me what to do with this account. I said to bhai that don’t delete her account it will be as her memory for us

I think i done correctly bcoz i thought we want her memories. I thought that don’t want to tell anything about her to you all.

Bcoz you all will gone through the same pain which I am going through now. Her last word to me is she said is she was in hospital i will come back soon.

So i think now you all understood why suha di is not coming to this page.

Day before yesterday only her funeral rituals finished.

I think now you all will not curse her for not coming to TU. I know you all will curse her with love .

I am missing my lovable di. I know you will also miss her.

I am sorry if i hurt you all by saying this plz forgive me. I thought no one should curse my sister by unknowingly

Confirm i will talk to her through board that time i will tell about you all. I don’t know you will believe that board or not but it is 100% true bcoz now also i am talking to my grandpa. He also passed away

She loves you all.



  1. Siddhi

    |Registered Member

    What! How can it happen!I was a silent reader of her ff.But why did God did this with Suha did? 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

    • Maya

      |Registered Member

      Its not me Karthi srithi…and deeply saddend by this news…RIP Suha…will cherish the moments that u commented in my ff! This once again reminds me that life is very short….

    • Monesha


      No she is not maya. She is my TU tina di. For this confusion only i wrote her name with her ff. Author of vampire vs werewolf, phobia, Heart beat OS, love from sky, love from eternity. My di, plz don’t say i am lying. I already crying bitterly don’t make me to cry more. Sorry for hurting you

    • Cutie

      Srithi U misunderstood it…It isn’t Maya (Suga)di….. The person abt whom monesha is telling is Tina di (Suha).
      Hope you Understood and Sorry To tell this No one will lie in these matters! Really Sorry if I had told something Wrong or I had unknowingly hurt u!

  2. Saranya24

    |Registered Member

    Hey moni realy is tis true i cant believe still iam shattered wit tears hw can tus hapn my dii cant leave me like tis no i wnt believe tis tina dii cme back na dnt play wit us i cant bear tis dii…😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

    • Monesha


      No di i also asked another time but he told that no brother can play like this then i asked my mother to ask in board it came yes di. I am really crying bitterly

      • Minu

        Moni please don’t let yourself shattered completely. Be a supporter to her family and friends in this toughest time. Take it as a request from your unknown friend.

  3. di

    no,,,,,,,,,,, it will be false news as i wish it…………

    pls god save our tina don’t made me cry…………..

    miss u lot

    • Monesha


      It is happened really. She left us forever. She won’t come back to us hereafter. I am really crying bitterly. I just hate this world

      • di

        my asking y this happen repeat it………

        pls god give peace our tina………….

        we miss u badly dear n u always in our heart as love u lot…

    • Siddhi

      |Registered Member

      No she will come back it is to be believed that when a person dies then they take another birth and I have also taken another birth I remember my past life and I am sure she will come back soon please disregard come back

  4. Elinor

    Although I am a silent reader I can’t belive she passed away I love all her ffs I never missed to read any of her ffs may her soul rest in peace love u forever can’t belive this I am crying

  5. Loli

    |Registered Member

    Wat Monesha ???? Really so sad by this news ……i was thinking about her …yesterday too , why she didn’t post the epi….but i thought she’ll be busy with some work ….but this news 😭😭😭rip suha

    • Monesha


      Yes she left us. I don’t know how to console you but suha di says that she hate tears from her loved ones so don’t cry. My request

  6. divya

    oh my god she passed away i cant able to believe this i am literally crying why this accident and all happens i just hate this world………….


    |Registered Member

    I can’t believe this…… how can?.. oh god.. why did you….?…. as my mother always tell that god will call the one whom he loves a lot early… so she is most favorite to god… rip suha…. we Will miss you lot… but you still in our mind

    • Monesha


      Di i will also miss her she promised me that she will never leave me alone but she broke that promise. I can’t control my tears. Your mother was right so only he took my di with him. But I just hate God. Sorry

      • Siddhi

        |Registered Member

        Monesha I too hate God because he has took my three siblings away from me and I just don’t believe but I believe that to complete the promise the person comes back in second life and I am sure di will come back soon

  8. mokshi

    RIP SUHA and monesha sissy pls u shld be strength and support to her family and console them and don’t wry as always she will be with us only miss u suha ….

  9. sabeenia

    it camt b…she said she ll b busy with exams…rite….no no….how she cn leave us lik tis…it kills me to core….i dont no how ‘ong am going to miss my dear once….my frist sister in tis site…i losed my choti…even i dontseen her i can feel her affection….my sister…my wellwisher…my friend…oh god…how he can b such cruel…feeling heart broken pain…..lost my sweethert forever……oly tears falling from my eyes….no words to say….REST IN OUR HEARTS SWEETHEART…..pls dont go away frm us….

    • Monesha


      Yes she left us. I am really feeling bad. Confirm she will be with us. I don’t know what to say bcoz i am itself going through the pain so i can’t give you sweet words sorry. But she will be with us always

  10. sabeenia

    my brain failes to get this news….i cant b…..i can even digest it……god sak,y she left us…..

  11. Itsme_reji

    |Registered Member

    Oh my God !!..😱😱😱😱😱πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😰😣😣😣..Monesha is this true ??..No no it cant be. !!..How can this happen !???..Tina is my very good friend and a like a sister to me ..She cared me and supported me in every ff i wrote !!..I am a big fan Of her ff ..But ..I am just crying ..😭😭😭😭😭😭..Really i am feeling very sad abt her …No no !! .She didn’t left us ..Still her memories is living in my heart !!….I cant control my tears ..Sorry if i became more emotional but that’s the true ..Now also i cant believe …Suha you are always my best di best friend best ff writer ..And u r best person living in my heart !!..😩😩❀❀

    • Monesha


      I can’t give any words which will give peace to your mind bcoz i am crying bitterly from yesterday onwards. Her brother told that she said don’t tell to us. Really i am missing my di. I just hate this world but i want to say that she will always tell me that she hate tears from her loved ones so don’t cry. I don’t know what to say. Sorry

  12. Sandhya

    Wht?Tina di left us all alone?I can’t believe my eyes wht saw is that really true?Pls any1 say thats not true na.it can’t happen whn all our love is there.

    • Monesha


      No plz don’t ask this is prank really i am crying bitterly it makes me to cry more really she went from us. It is because of that hospital only. They didn’t cover her wound properly so germ entered into her body. She promised me that she will come back soon but she broke that promise

    • Monesha


      Don’t be sorry. Thank you so much for understanding me. You didn’t over react. I also want that Same but this should be done by her family. I don’t know what they all are thinking. I just broke my every stuffs like imagine as stuffs are that doctor.

  13. Astha

    |Registered Member

    moni….. no….it cant be happen……. i wont accept this. no …..it wont happen…… my hand is shivering…… tears r escaping from my eyes…… she told atleast this time she have to select in mbbs. how can she go without fulfilling her wishes…… i dont know what to say…….. she cant leave us….. πŸ™

    • Monesha


      Di i also don’t know what to say bcoz i am crying bitterly already. Yesterday night onwards i am crying. She promised me that she will never leave me but she broke that promise di. I am feeling very sad

      • Astha

        |Registered Member

        really i cant control my tears moni….. romba kastama iruku……. inda news poiya irunda nalla irukum. in very short period she bcame very close to me u know…… such a sweet person….. anyway we have to accept the truth…… rip. nalla vela…. ava keta os ah nan post panni ada avalum padichita illana lifelong….. nan oruthara wait panna vechiten ngra uruthal irundute irundirukum. romba kastama iruku moni.

    • Monesha


      Di really she went from us. She promised me that she will never leave me but she broke that promise. I just hate this world.

    • Monesha


      Akka don’t cry Akka. I don’t know what to say but she will not leave us confirm she will be back to us. I am truly believe in that so plz don’t cry. I will also try my best to not cry. Don’t feel bad Akka. You know she will always tell me that she hate tears from her loved ones so don’t cry

  14. Mukund Raj

    its so sad for me she is really good but how is this happens can any tell me the name of all his ff i want to read her all ff one again in her memory please any body help me please

  15. anu

    How tis happened i can’t believe tis i wish it should be a lie we will miss her very much no words to say god always do tis to good ones we hav to strong like her she is always with us she will see us and bless us we will pray for her soul to rest in peace.

    • Aishwarya

      I’m crying now because I’m fan of her ff… She is very good person…im silent reader… I can’t control my tears

  16. Siddhi

    |Registered Member

    Monesha please don’t cry because I have a believe that suha did will come back as that whoever God it is took my three siblings away from me but I think that my three siblings were reborn as my greetings birds but God was not able to see my happiness so he took away all the birds but suha did will come back soon and I am strongly having the feeling that she will come back

  17. maha :)

    I was a slient reader for all her ff.I can’t even take this .RIP SUHA.she s good soul many people r crying for her.tears r coming from my eyes .moni be strong dr .I know no one can take her position n ur life but I am sure u will get her n some other ways .god will not seperate our beloved ones.she must be happy by seeing us .don’t feel bad da if u will then suha will also feel.be strong dr.I am there for u .thank u for saying this bcoz I was excepting ff from her everyday.

  18. LakshmiSiva

    |Registered Member

    Monisha I can’t able accept this. how she can leave us like this. I love her so much… now I am going to miss her all my life… I can’t control my tears…. she always gone thorough pain in her life now she get ride from all pains… I miss u tina 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😭😭…. I need u tina… and like her support her family…. I am also there… ask me anything.

    And Monesha pls tell her brother to don’t delete her account…


    • Monesha


      I told bhai to not delete this account. Bhai didn’t eat. Bhai told that Her mother always fainting, and his father out of mind. I don’t know how to console bhai. His friends only made him to eat snacks forcibly. Bhai said that their home is like hell

      • LakshmiSiva

        |Registered Member

        Ya but u hav to support them Moni. U hav to there for them as tina. I am also there to support u Moni.. I am always there for u… I know i can’t replace tina even i dont want to do that but I will support u always…… if u want to share something I can if u wish.

  19. maha :)

    if u talk to her again n board just convey my sry to her for not commenting on her ff bcoz of dat I lost my friend today.she don’t dat she was my slient frnd.be strong moni dr

  20. kavi

    hy i’m also hr silent reader….
    i miss her a lot…..she will living in my heart for ever…..
    she was a very good writter….

  21. kavi

    really i’m miss her…avanga nala story elutharanga…i used to make my frnds also read her ff..
    enoda ella frnds um avnga ff reader…

  22. Trisha

    |Registered Member

    I am so shocked and saddened to hear of her passing….
    A great and gifted writer…
    R.I.P. Tina….you will be missed dearly.

  23. Sugan

    I con’t believe it…. I don’t accept for tina no more… I really crying con’t control myself…. I really really love u tina… I badly miss u lottt… This word con’t wrote because i con’t accept…. Pls any one tell this wrong news…

  24. ....

    monesha dont say like that tina di can never leave us na then what is this?.you are pranking with us na.plz say na you r lieying.. im shattered,dumbstruck and tears are falling from my eyes. .she cant leave her lovedone”s like this.i have been a silent reader merely i hve 2 or 3 episode of her ff and i like her all ff.I know it cant happen….it just cant happen.. How can god be so cruel…she said she is busy with her exams na then how can she leave us..monesha tell tina di to not to play with us we are scared and feared plz tell her to come back we are missing her to the core..

  25. Elinor

    No this can’t happen she told us a few days back she will continue writing phobia I was waiting for it and then this years r not stopping can’t control someone whom we never are soo close to us rip Tina dii elwill never forget her love u tin dii u r too good

  26. Suhani123

    |Registered Member

    What??N no suha di cant leave us..she said she will back soon 😨😨😨😭😭😭😭she was my favourite di.God why did u do this to her??You make like her so much but we love her how can you take her from us😭😭😭😭.I want to kill that doctor. for not dressing her wound properly.Rip suha di.take care of yourself monisha di

  27. maha :)

    I was silent reader for all her ff.I am really feeling bad for this.RIP SUHA.be strong dr.god will not seperate our beloved ones.u will definitely get her n some other way da.she will be happy for our love.she s good soul don’t make her feel da.if u feel she will feel bad.I am there for u da.be strong da for suha akka.if u talk to her n board na convey my sorry to her for not commenting her ff.

  28. Prathi

    |Registered Member

    What!??? Really!? I still can’t believe this she said she will be back and will continue her vampire and Phobia ff’s.. She said she will be back! Can’t believe such a thing happened to her.. She is so sweet I will miss her a lot.. Guys a request can any one of you continue her ff’s and finish it? Just for the sake of her memory please any one!???? PLEASE REPLY TO THIS COMMENT!! RIP SUHA WILL MISS YOU!

  29. krish

    Wat nooo tis can’t hapn she Told tat she ll be back nd u also told us rit thn wat hpnd u r lyng nthng wil hpn to hr I can’t nooo I won’t believe tis s u r lyng she hate tears rit now she oly makng us cry…….. No seriously I can’t bear tis……. Plssss tell me nothng hpn to hr plsssplsss………..

  30. durga

    Ohhhh god I want tat tz news shd not b true… Bt v shd accept the fact… RIP suha really u r the best she has a excellent imagination power… One of my fav writer… really she make me to c a different world through her ff…

  31. krish

    When u told she s comng bck I was happy nd whn I saw hr stry nam n tge pg i got hpy tat she cam i didnt read te title whn i saw ur nam i thgt she may be busy nd askd u to cont te stry but…………… Wat i read…….I can’t bear tis……….

  32. Mr. s

    I am missing her badly.
    Ask her family mem to be strong, am feeling emptyness in my heart…feeling very very sad as why she is not updating but for that I am feeling really devasted . Sis I am sry for thinking you wrong. And monesha can u communicate through board, I also feel that one is TRUE so plz say what she is saying …we are waiting foe her reply….

  33. krish

    Realllyyyyyyyy loveeee u a lottt diiii srrrryyy I didn’t mention it but now..
    …… let hr soul rest n peace now also I’m not able to believe I’m cryng but nooo u must cme bck diiiiiiii s………

  34. Adhya

    OMG.. suha!!! May her soul rest in peace..and MoneshI know ur going through most painful pain.but plz try to be strong..my dear..becoz now her family needs u.and Suha will always lives in our memories …!!

  35. Maahi

    |Registered Member

    dr dizzzz is so heartbreaking she called me sweeetheart thn how can she do diz fr us but i knw she too loves us a alot butu did crrct by nt deleting her accnt dizzz is her sweet memories given to us may her soul rest in peace suha dii whre evr u r v love uu soooo much nd one day i shall meet uu thn v cam relish our memories there

  36. pavithra

    Oh my!!! I cant believe this. Really I was waiting for her ff. May her soul rest in peace. She deserves more than this life. May she have a second birth and fulfill her dreams. at least that life must be happy for her. A good friend never dies. She will rest in our hearts forever………

  37. Angita

    |Registered Member

    Yeah kaab hua…..she’s one of my favorite person writer and everything…I can’t take …why didn’t the hospital check her for infection..

  38. tharu

    feel very bad ma..
    now only i read this msg…..
    i realy miss suha badly………
    my lovely frnd left me….
    i pray for him…….
    god please keep my frnd happy in heaven……….
    ennaku enna solratune theriyala……
    eppadi ettalam nadantutu pa..please ennku explain pannunga pa………

  39. Abhigya

    What! Suha left us! But how did this happen!! I really can’t believe this! It’s so heartbreaking!!😣 May her soul rest in peace! Will miss her a lot!

  40. Nirmal

    Omg… It’s really heart breaking… I was missing her badly all these days… But I expected this bad news…. Will pray for her… May her soul rest in peace… She will live… In our memories… 😒😒😒😒

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