Abhigya-Unnatural love (epi 6)


Hello guys!Suhani here
Here is the episode

Pragya stood in front of him and he was taken aback by her beauty.She was beautifully dressed in a black gown.Her hair was long,wavy and black,falling brilliantly over her shoulders.A hand band on her wrist completed her stunning look.
Pragya:”sorry tanu..shall we leave now?”
Tanu:let’s go
Pragya turns
Abhi:you look gorgeous..
Pragya blushes and says thank you.
Tanu:Bhai even we are here i guess even we are looking good but you are complimenting only Pragya..what is the reason??(tease)
Abhi(grins):Because I see you guys everyday and I know you will good because you are the sister of abhi the rock star but Pragya is the sister of Nikkil(faking sadness)
Pragya:abhi!!!(shriek)you are praising me and insulting my bro..
Tanu:You know what!!It is waste of time talking to you…c’mon let’s go…bye bhai
They left.Abhi calls Nikhil as soon as they left
Abhi:are you ready?
Nikhil:Yes!We are coming to your house in 10 minutes.

Screen shifts:
In the party,everyone were dressed elegantly,some were looking good,some scary,some creepy and some hot.
Bulbul:is this a Halloween party?
Bulbul:everyone is looking scary and I am not able to identify them.
Tanu:stupid…come lets have fun
Abhi’s gang enters the party looking at everyone’s faces.
Nikhil:I never,even in my wildest dreams have imagined that I would attend a party like this..(piping tone)
Abhi:we are getting worried and you are speaking loudly..please speak slowly.
Nikhil sighs

Purab:But at midnight everyone has to unmask themselves what will we do at that time?
Abhi:Don’t worry we will leave the party before 12..now let’s have fun.
Everyone present there were enjoying dancing to the tune of classical music.Suddenly the host started speaking.
Host:Hello beautiful girls and good looking boys!I think everyone is having fun and we are really glad..time for some more fun.All the couples will be dancing to a song and when the song changes the couple will get exchanged..Does this sound good?
Everyone shout yes.
Pragya:I don’t want to play this.
Tanu:Pragya don’t start drama..we are just sitting and listening to the boring music..let’s go and dance..pls
She started pleading and Pragya agrees seeing her cute face.
Host:the game staRts now
Everyone is seen dancing.Pragya dancing with a random guy and abhi with some other girl.

Song changes.
Now abhigya are dancing together on the song “ishq walla love”lost in each other’s eyes.
Abhi(mind thoughts):oh my god!!!i have seen these captivating eyes somewhere..but where?? Abhi forget about that..just look at her eyes man..i will fall in love with her because of these eyes..wait a second is it chash..
The song changes but they don’t realize it and continue to dance.After a few minutes a girl hits abhi bringing him back from thoughts,he senses that the song is changed and leaves Pragya.
Now Pragya is dancing with NEIL.He starts dancing closely with her,she started feeling uncomfortable.She looks at his eyes and sees them with evil glint and a smirk on his face.She leaves the dance floor.They continue to dance for a while.

Purab:Bhai the time is 11:45..lets leave
Nikhil:what?we are having so much fun we will leave after a while.
Abhi:Did you listen carefully Purab..i think there is a problem in hearing..the great Nikhil is telling that he is having fun.A few minutes ago someone was saying something else..right Purab.
Purab giggles and tells:bhai I can’t take risk I am leaving..are you coming with me
Nikhil:buddy are you leaving?
Abhi:you guys go..we will. Come after a while
Host:Thank you so much guys for attending and making a boring party a fun filled place..15 minutes are left for unmasking ourselves..woohoo excited right!Now we are going to announce the best costume in the party(girl).
The girl standing there(points towards Pragya)simple yet elegant look
She was lost in thoughts and didn’t realize it.A pat on her shoulder broke her reverie.
Tanu:Pragya..go they are calling you.

Pragya:huh..why did I do any mistakes?
Bulbul:oh my innocent pragya Di!You are selected as the best costume in the party.go..
She started going towards them.They make her wear a slash and crown.
Host:now time for best costume in the party(boy)The good looking boy standing there(abhi).Abhi comes there and they make him wear a slash.
Abhi:Thank you for selecting “us”.Now my beautiful lady,may I have a dance with you..(telling to Pragya)
Little did he knew that the doors are closed and there is no way to escape.
Screen freezes

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments.I am really sorry for not replying to comment in previous episodes..I promise from this wow I will reply to everyone..though it may take while but I will reply.
If this is the reason you are angry with me i am really sorry..if there is some other reason tell me.
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Classical music is not sa re Ga ma…it is kind of music
Trisha Di:ready for punishment
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