Abhigya-Unnatural love (epi 4)


Hello!Suhani here
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The episode starts with abhigya walking together.Everyone see them and look at each other.(shocked)
Nikhil:I think I am dreaming..He pinches Purab.
Purab:What the hell is this bhai?It is hurting…If you wanted to check whether you are dreaming or not,you can do it with your hand.(outraged)
Nikhil:My hand would start hurting na that’s why.I wanted to show all of us that we are not dreaming.
Purab:You are such a…I can’t even scold you as you are elder than me.
Bulbul:Guys Enough! let’s go check.
Abhi:Why are you looking at us like this?Is something wrong with me?Chashmish is something there on my face?
Pragya nods no.
Tanu:ya Bhai something is wrong,But that something is not the something you think that something is something else we are just seeing that something..
Abhi:How many something will you use in a sentence?Tell us what is that something?Now why am I using something…argh tell me.

Nikhil: We are shocked that you both are not arguing or fighting with each other.
Pragya:Oh!.We are friends now(smiles)No fighting or no arguing.Correct Abhi
Abhi: Correct!Guys let’s leave now.Everyone will be worried.We are wasting time.
Purab:Wait a second,if you both are friends then why are you calling her as Chashmish?
Pragya:He said that he will call me by that name,I have no problem with that name.
Tanu:She will make us mad,few minutes ago she was fighting with him for that name.Now she is smiling.
Nikhil:Let’s leave
Everyone start leaving towards their houses.

In Abhi’s house:
Abhi:(talking to himself)What is this Abhi?You didn’t take Chashmish phone number.How will you contact her?Stupid .He paced up and down.
Tanu comes there and sees Abhi.
Tanu:Bhai is everything okay?
Abhi:No nothing is okay.(thinks for a while)Choti do you have Chashmish phone number?
Tanu:ya,but why do you want?
Abhi:Can you give me.I want to talk to her
Tanu:no I won’t.
He starts pleading her.Finally she accepts
Tanu:I will give her number,but I will only tell 9 digits(evil grin)The no is 998324156_
Abhi:What is this choti?How will I call her?
Tanu: That is the task bhai.Find it by yourself?Bye
Abhi stares her and starts dialing random numbers.

Abhi(to himself)This is the last try Abhi.If this number is wrong get ready to receive scolding for the tenth time.
Abhi(thinks)this is a lady’s voice.
Person:who is this?
Abhi:I am Abhi
Person:Abhi..What Abhi?
Abhi:(accepting defeat)sorry to disturb you,I thought it is my friends number.He was about to disconnect the call.
Person:Stupid!You are not recognizing my voice.I am Pragya
Abhi:(happily)Oh my god!!From now 8 is my favorite number
Abhi explains the incident with Tanu
Pragya(smiles):That was so much fun!
Abhi:hmm ya fun,i am getting scoldings and you are laughing.
They start talking about random stuffs.
Pragya:Ok bye abhishek
Pragya:Oh sorry Abhi
Abhi:Chashmish there is no need to apologize,You can call me with whatever name you like.
Pragya:Then I am comfortable with Abhishek.Bye
Abhi thinks about her and starts smiling.He sees his diary there and starts writing on it.
Date,day and time(assume any day)

After many years I am writing again. Did you forget your boyfriend?I would kill you if you do that.I missed you so much,I know it is very bad that I am talking with my girlfriend after a very long time.I think the last time I talked with you was when I passed my tenth grade.We both were really excited and partying hard.Don’t think I am behaving like a crazy person.Today I am really happy after a long time.I write diary when I am happy and sad.You are the only one whom I share my feelings with,my father,friend and wife.A diary is my wife lol.Today I am happy because I met her.Dont get confused I met Chashmish my Chashmish.Her name is Pragya but when I call her chashmish she pouts cutely and looks adorable.I thought not to go to college today as I was missing my parents a lot.You know na baby yesterday was my birthday and my parents death day,you will get bored I won’t say the same things again.I am very glad that I went to college or else I would miss meeting chashmish.She is Nikhil,my best friend’s sister.I know Nikhil has a sister but never tried to meet her.Oh my god!When she bumped into me i was lost in her eyes.She was lovely with eyes that captivated my heart,a smile that drew my mind,and a presence that captured my soul.Dont get jealous she is just my special friend,no one replace your presence baby.

I argued with her purposely as she looked really cute but I got the biggest shock when I got to know she is Nikhil’s sister.I called her Dracula so that she will start to argue with me but my bad talking tom and wild cat interrupted and started their bhak bhak.She stopped arguing and apologized me.You may guess who is talking tom and wild cat(lol).After lunch she again bumped into me,but she did not argue she said sorry and walked away.I came to know a person named Neil was bothering her I don’t know why but I started hating the person whom I didn’t even see once.I supported her as Nikhil was thinking to change her college,if they do so I can’t argue with her,fight with her,most importantly see her.Hehe you know the most important part of the day is we both are friends now.”She is mortal danger to men.She is beautiful without knowing it and possesses charms she is not aware of.She is like a trap set of nature-a sweet perfumed rose.Anyone who has seen her smile has shown perfection”.Ok baby time to sleep.Talk with you later,love you.
Abhi closes his diary with a wide smile and sleeps.

As the morning rays entered the room through the gap in the curtains and kissed him.He woke up as the alarm sound was irritating him.
Abhi:Oh my god!How is this possible????I saw my dream girl.
Screen freezes

Sorry for late update!
I thought to show abhi’s feelings in this episode.
Please comment!Eggs,tomatoes,shoes everything is ok.
Thank you:
Elinor,chechi(haritha),ani(cutie),maha,princess(madhu),chotu(asmithaa)I’m his chashmish,dhivya di,sangi,lucky,myna,reshma_pradeep,Minu,priyanka,creative di(prathi),angel di(Trisha)sugan di,saranya di,mukund bhai,abhigyash.
Lokha:You can call me choco pie!No problem.Dont ask me you can call me with whatever name you like.I am going to call us as cutie pie.
Take care

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