Abhigya-Unnatural love (epi 3)


Hello!!Suhani here
I want to say something…the lines I write about brothers in this story are my feelings..If I had a brother I would say these lines….Ps:I am not like Pragya(naughty)

The episode starts with Nikhil scolding Pragya and Abhi laughing at her.Tanu sees this and gets irked.
Tanu:Bhai….My loving brother.Why are you looking at them?
Abhi:See how Nikhil is scolding Dracula.It is so much fun(laughing)
Tanu:Just shut up bhai,Nikhil is scolding her and you are laughing.And Nikhil why are you scolding her?Bhai was the one who started the fight.
Abhi:I don’t understand are you my enemy or sister?
Pragya:She is my best friend.(hugs Tanu from back)(Tanu smiles)
Tanu:Are you mad bhai?You are calling Pragya with all weird names.What will everyone think?She was continuously scolding Abhi and now Pragya was laughing.
Abhi:Stop your Bhak bhak and tell me what do you want?(He sees Pragya laughing)Stop laughing like a zombie.You know what your name should have been Chatterer.You look like him.Just see yourself in the mirror and then chatterer.
Pragya:Just shut your mouth irritating idiot.They started their nok jhok again.
Tanu:Stop it bhai!!!You are trying to pacify me.Besides you started arguing with her.Enough of your talk,Apologize her.
Abhi:Are you mad??Did you see anyone saying sorry to Dracula(laughing)
Tanu:Do it bhai or else you know what will I do?Pragya smirks and looks at him.
Nikhil:Chotu even you apologize him.
Pragya:But bhai…
Nikhil:No more arguments..do as I say

Both apologized each other.By the time Purab and others arrived.They started chatting and become friends.
Pragya:Chashmish what is your name?
Purab:Chashmish??Who is chashmish abhi?
Abhi:Purab the one sitting besides you with big eyes.
Purab giggles.Pragya gets irked and shouts my name is Pragya arora.Nikhil interrupts and starts speaking.
Nikhil:Guys let’s leave.The lecturer may arrive and start teaching.All of them leave to their respective class.While going Abhi comes near Pragya and starts walking with her as taliya were walking together.
Abhi:Chashmish choose a name:chacula,drashmish or chashmish
Pragya:For what?
Abhi:I will call you by that name.
Pragya(confused)I know the meaning of the name chashmish,but what is the meaning of the other two names.
Abhi:Oh dumb chashmish!Dracula+chashmish=chacula,drashmish(giggling)
Pragya stares him and starts walking.
Pragya:Tanu you go to the class.I will go to the library and come to the class.Tanu nods and starts walking.Pragya goes to the library collects books.She starts walking towards her class thinking about Abhi .
Pragya(thinking)He is the only one who is calling me with all the weird names?But he is so cute.Her thoughts were interrupted when someone pulled her hand and holds her by her shoulder.Pragya sees the person’s face and is shocked.
Pragya:You… what are you doing here?
Person:What did you think,if you try to change your college and stay away from me I can’t search you.You are wrong ms Pragya arora.
Pragya:What do you want?Neil try to understand I don’t like you.
Neil:You love someone else?
Pragya:I don’t love anyone.She pushed him and tries to leave from there.He holds her wrist and shouts wherever you go I will never leave you.He leaves.
Pragya(thinks)How did he come here?He was the reason I changed my college!

If bhai come to know about him.Oh god!!Why are you playing with me.Her thoughts were interrupted when she bumped into Abhi.
Abhi:I knew it!Chashmish open your eyes and walk.Are you sleeping with your eyes open?
Pragya:I am sorry Abhi.She starts leaving
Abhi:(thinks)What happened to her?She did not argue with me and called me by Abhi.Something is wrong,I should talk with Nikhil.
In abhkhil class:
Nikhil:You know Abhi I guess your name should be in Guinness book of records for always coming late to the class.What were you doing?Hanging out with riya or arguing with Pragya.He was continuously speaking without allowing Abhi to speak.Abhi gets irritated and shouts.
Abhi:Bro give me a chance to speak.Always Bhak bhak you know I will get you married to Tanu. Both are Non stop chatter box!!
Nikhil blushes slightly.Abhi sees this.
Abhi:Enough of your blushing!Listen to me.When I was coming towards the class I saw chashmish worried.Something is wrong with her go and check.
Nikhil:Why are you worried for her?(teasing tone)
Abhi:This is not a joke nik.Lets go
Nikhil:Where is she?
They both search for her and sees her sitting in the cafeteria staring at something lost in thoughts.Nikhil comes and holds her shoulder.She comes back to sense.
Nikhil:What happened?Why are you sitting here.Pragya hugs him and starts crying.Nikhil gets worried leaving Abhi shocked.
Nikhil:Chotu say something,I am getting worried.Pragya sees Abhi with him and hesitates.Nikhil notices this.
Nikhil:Don’t worry he is my best friend.Now say what has happened?
Pragya:Bhai I saw Neil today in college.
Nikhil:Neil(shocked)What is he doing here?Where did you see him?
Pragya narrates the incident.Nikhil was very angry.
Abhi:But who is Neil?

Screen shifts:
Purab was busy talking with meetu.The lecturer walked into the class.
Lecturer:There is a new member in our class.He is joining in our college.He calls the student.Purab sees him and gets shocked.(you ppl may know him!)
Lecturer;He is Neil thakur.
Purab stares at Neil.He winks at him.The lecturer started teaching while Purab was lost in thoughts.After the class Purab searched for Nikhil and sees him sitting with Pragya.
Purab:Bhai I saw Neil today.
Pragya:Where did you see him bhai?
Purab:Chotu he is a new student in college.
Nikhil:He has played the game very well!
Abhi:But who is Neil?
Nikhil:Explain to him guys or else he will never keep quiet.

Pragya was studying in abc college.Neil was also in the same college.He likes Pragya and used to bother her everywhere.Nikhil saw this and gave him a second chance.Neil never changed,he used to do stupid stuff in the college and insult her.Pragya shared this with her bro’s.
Pragya:Bhai he is not allowing me to study.
Purab:Bhai we gave him many chances,he is not changing.So what should we do?if chotu continues to study in the same college,he may start arguing with her.
Nikhil:There is only way…
Nikhil:Change your college,you study in our college.All the three of us will be in the same college.
Pragya nodes.
*flashback ends*
Abhi:hmm..But if you change pragya’s college again he may come there also
Purab:He is right bhai
Abhi:Don’t change her college!All of us will be in the same college.Before he does something with Pragya,he has to face rockstar Abhi.
Pragya stares at him lovingly.They both share an eye lock.
Purab:Ok let’s leave to house.
Nikhil:Hmm come..Chotu let’s leave.All started leaving.
Abhi:For what(confused)
Pragya:For supporting me
Abhi:Friends support each other..oops we are not friends right
Pragya smiles and asks friends.Abhigya shake their hands
Abhi:But I will continue to call you as chashmish.They both start walking together.
Screen freezes.

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