Abhigya-Unnatural love (epi 2)

Hello guys suhani here!!
Happy Diwali.So here is the second episode
The episode starts with Pragya coming to college with new hopes and aspirations and smile on face.
Purakhil were about to speak but Pragya stopped them.
Pragya:My loving bro’s,I know what will you speak.All the best and all the stuff.We will talk about this stuff in the home.But come let’s leave now
Purab smiled.;hmm ok bye.We will meet in the cafeteria.I need to leave now.Meetu is waiting for me(imaginary friend)
Nikhil:Purab don’t you feel bad to talk with your sister like this.What will she think about you?
Purab:Bhai chill na!!Chotu will think that I am not khadoos like you.And chotu is not my sister she is my best fiend.Pragya smiles
Pragya:Bhai we will talk later.Nikki bhai show me my class.And one more thing if you want to meet a girl like poo Bhai I will always support you(winks at Nikhil)
Nikhil:(hits her slightly on face)even you are talking nonsense like Purab
Chotu I have an important lecture
Pragya;ok I will manage you leave.
Nikhil kissed her forehead and leaves from there.

Screen shifts:
Abhi is walking listening to music towards his class.Pragya was searching for her class(from opposite direction)Pragya bumps into Abhi.She was about to fall but Abhi caught her.She opens her eyes and sees two attractive eyes staring at her.They did not pay attention to anyone present there.They were lost in their eyes(allah waariyan playing in bg)The sound of bell brought them back to sense.
Abhi:can’t you see?
Pragya:even I can ask you that?
Abhi:hello ms whatever.You are having 4 eyes still you are unable to see.Do a thing buy 2 more eyes so that you will see.
Pragya:hey mr!Both of us made a mistake so don’t talk nonsense.
Abhi:You know what I thought girls are not safe but even boys are not safe,If a girl sees a good looking boy she tries to flirt with me.
Pragya:Good looking boy(laughs slightly)who said you are good looking.Even a monkey looks better than you.
Abhi(thinks for a while);do you look better than me?Now don’t start talking just answer yes or no
Abhi:that means you are a monkey.
Pragya:how dare you!.,
Abhi walks away saying bye bandariya chashmish.pragya curses him and starts walking.

Pranu class:
Pragya walks into the class and sees only one seat is vacant near Tanu.She goes and sits there.
Tanu:Hi I am Tanu mehra(hope this name never comes in kkb serial)
Pragya:Pragya arora…
They start talking about random stuffs and become friends(not about Abhi)
Tanu;You’re late to the class on the first day of college.Did you face any problem
Pragya:ya I met an irritating idiot?He was annoying(thinks)he looks cute and smiles slightly.
Tanu smiles and asks:Why did you change your college
Pragya:ahh!!thats a big story I will tell you later.Why did you change?
Tanu:my bhai gave me some reasons and persisted us to change the college.
Pragya:oh even you have a bhai.Tanu was about to speak but the lecturer walked in,introduced herself and started teaching.

Screen shifts:
Nikhil:What is this Abhi,you are late to the college once again?
Abhi:No buddy I came to the college before you but I met a Dracula on the way.I argued with her purposely as she looked really cute when she is angry.
Nikhil:Abhi is that you??I know many girls try to talk with you not you talked with a girl and found her cute.I want to meet her bro.
Abhi smiles.The lecturer started teaching and Abhi was doing his job(sleeping)

Screen shifts:
Bulbul:Stop crying Aliya,Did Neil scold you?
Aliya:I know he doesn’t like me but why does he behave like that.Bulbul if your brother talks with you like this every day will you be happy?
Bulbul was silent.Aliya:You don’t have an answer right,That is my situation
Bulbul:Why Neil behaves with you like that.
By that Aliya could reply the lecturer started teaching.Bulbul was listening to the class while Aliya is weeping.
In cafeteria:
Nikhil:What is this yaar? You again slept in the class.If you sleep tomorrow I will definitely complain to your dadi
Abhi:Shut up khadoos.See the thing is I don’t feel sleepy during night so I sleep here.And a person needs 7-8hrs of sleep.I am just doing that
Nikhil:Stop your nonsense!!
Abhi:You know you are like Tanu!Both are khadoos
Nikhil:Now who is she?
Abhi:My sister come I will introduce her
Nikhil nods and start walking(thinks)I will surprise Abhi showing Chotu as he don’t know my sister is studying in this college,

Screen shifts:
Pragya:You we’re speaking something in the class?
Tanu:Ya I wanted to ask do you have a brother
Pragya:ya his name is Nikhil arora.He is studying engineering 2yr.
Tanu(thinks)Bhai told his friend name is also Nikhil.If both are the same.I can’t miss meeting him.
Pragya:hello where are you lost?
Tanu:Nothing I want to meet him come(walking faster)
Pragya:Wait(running as Tanu was running)

Screen shifts:
Abhkhil were sitting and having juice waiting for pranu.
Nikhil:Where is she buddy,We are waiting from past 10mim
Abhi:Patience yaar.Abhi sees Tanu walking toward them.
Abhi:She is coming.Taliya share an eye lock(random song playing.Not an energetic one lol).
Nikhil:hey Tanu!So what are you studying?
Tanu:Bhai you didn’t tell him.I am studying medicine 1st yr,I have heard about you.Bhai told me.
Nikhil smiles and asks do you know Pragya arora?
Tanu:Indeed she is coming.

Pragya comes there.She was facing abhi’s back as he was talking to riya
Nikhil:Abhi this is Pragya arora,my sister and Chotu this is Abhi the interesting person you wanted to meet.
Pragya smiles and Abhi turns back.Both of them are shocked to see each other and shout yyyooouuu.
Pragya:You called me a monkey right but you are creepy animal I have ever seen.
Abhi:Oh please!!chashmish you were the one who said that.Remember
Pragya:If I give you an example. you will speak like this irritating idiot.Tanu I said na I met an irritating idiot.He is The one
Abhi:Nikhil I said na I met a Dracula on the way she is the one
Pragya:Dracula(shocked)you mean the fictional character
Abhi:yes it suits you.If Dracula has specks then you both would look like sisters
Pragya gets irked and was about to speak but Nikhil interrupted them.
Nikhil:Chotu have you gone mad.We are in college and you are speaking like this.And don’t forget one thing Abhi is bigger than you.You are calling him an idiot.Did you forget your manners.Pragya was listening to him while Abhi was giggling
Screen freezes on abhigya face.

Precap:Someone grabs Pragya’s arm and pins her to the wall holding her shoulders tightly.Pragya sees the person’s face and is shocked.
Hello!!Sorry for the late update.
May be this episode is little boring….fingers crossed
Please comment
Silent readers…hi
Take care

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  2. It’s good suhani keep it going as its getting interesting. I missed your first episode so il go and read that first but continue with your story plz

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    Really nice episode suha… not all boring.. I like abhigyas fight… and crying aliya too as in real kkb we can’t see her like that.. keep going.. love you lot.. ???

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