Abhigya-Unnatural love (epi 1)

Hello!!So here is the first episode
there is a small change in introduction Abhi and nikhil in 3rdyear engineering,pranu in 1st year medicine.,purab in 2nd year engineering That was actually a mistake I wrote 1st yr and then changed to 3rd yr medicine.Extremely sorry.Hope everything is clarified now.
Love is an unnatural attachment to other living thing and it is the root cause of the personal problems most people have.(this is just a quote don’t misunderstand me)
A man was walking on the road looking at the clear blue sky.He is our abhi
Hi I am abhishek prem mehra the rockstar .India has many singers,musicians,engineers and doctors but there is no rockstar.I am very proud and privileged to be the first rockstar.You know I have already prepared my speech when I won my first award..Don’t think I am going to disclose my speech.even you people should listen to it when I receive my first award. You guys may be thinking I am overacting but I am not that is the confidence I have in my talent.On the way back to my house I didn’t look at the city lights any longer.I looked into the sky and felt as if the moon was following me.When I was a child,my dadi told me that the sky speaks to those who look and listen to it.My dadi said,In the sky there are answers and explanations for everything:every pain,every suffering,joy and confusion.That night I wanted the sky to go and talk to me as this was the day I was termed as an orphan by the world.And the worst part is today is my birthday.A son takes care of his parents but I am the disgusting son who killed his own parents.I always remember this day if I did not force my parents to buy a cake for me,they would not go out and died In an accident.I will never forgive myself for this and this is the reason I hate myself .My father used to always say some lines,Abhi a lot of people will come and go in your life as you grow older.But no matterwhat I will be always with you holding your hand and always have you in my heart till my last breath.He did not fulfill his promise.Whenever I think of these lines tears brimmed in my eyes..everyday when I look at the sky it mocks at me and smiles widely seeing me suffering.My birthday used to be celebrated in a grand way before my parents death,but after they left me I never celebrated my birthday.According to me my birthday is the unlucky day for our family.I am scared that if I celebrate my birthday my loved ones would leave me.My chain of thoughts were ended when my sister bulbul called me
Bulbul:Bhai where are you?It is 12 and you did not reach still.Dadi is really worried come soon.

I am living my life only because of my 2 angel sisters and my dadi.I am working hard on my passion so that we would again become rich.I remember each and every day when my dadi used to work hard to educate us and to feed us.(He reached home)It is good that everyone slept if they see me crying they would feel bad.Whenever someone asks if I am crying the answer that I tell them is that my eyes started answering the questions which are not answered by anyone.This would confuse them..Common Abhi let’s sleep, tomorrow is the first day of my college.My angels are going to study with me.I persisted them to change their college giving them some lame reasons as I want to see them everyday.

Next day morning:
It was drizzling,and the birds were dancing to the tune of the rain. 2 girls came into the room and opened the window.The bright light was disturbing his sleep.
Girl1:I think he is not our bhai but junior version of kumbkaran.See how is he sleeping
Giel2:I know.Today is the first day of college.And he is still sleeping.Do something choti?Or else bhai would be out of the class on the first day of college
Girl1:ok let’s do something in bulbul style
Girl2:bulbul style??Now what are you going to do?
Girl1:mein bolti nahi hu karke dikhati hu(I won’t say I will do it and show)(in attitude)
Bubul went and bought a bucket of water and told something to tanu in her ear.
Tanu;Are u mad?Bhai will kill us.No I am not going to do this.
Bulbul:It is completely your wish di.If you won’t do that Bhai would be out of the class today and you know what dadi will do if she comes to know that bhai didn’t attend his first lecture.
Tanu gives a disappointed sigh and agrees to bubul’s plan,
Bubul:Ready di

According to the plan.Tanu went near abhi and started shouting cockroach.Abhi woke up immediately and bubul splashed water on him.Bulanu(bulbul and tanu)shared a hifi.
Abhi:What the hell is this guys?I was about to see my dream girl face but you people woke me up
Bulbul:Again started!!You and your dream girl drama.Bhai I have a doubt are you really our brother?(dream will be revealed later)
Tanu:No bhai actually you look like a brother to kumbkaran not us.(giggling,shared hifi with bubul)
Abhi:Choti(in anger tone)
Tanu:ok bhai we need to get ready for college.As today is the first day of our new college.Dont forget bhai you only told us to change to your college as your college is big and has well qualified teacher.Now all the three of us are in the same college
Bubul:Exactly if anything goes wrong.We would tell your dream to everyone.Before Abhi could say bulanu ranaway and Abhi smiled seeing them.

Screen shifts
A girl was sleeping and alarm was ringing.She did not pay heed to it.2 boys came into room with coffee cups and turned off alarm.
Boy 1:She will drink my coffee
Boy 2:No chotu will drink this
They were arguing continuously and Pragya woke up.
Pragya:Bhai what is this?Nikhil Bhai what is this you too started behaving like Purab Bhai
Nikhil:See chotu purab is saying that you will drink tea.But I know my chotu will drink my coffee.(with a pout)
Purab:Chotu we both are best friends so you should drink this tea.
They started arguing again and Pragya was irritated
Pragya:Nikki bhai(Pragya calls Nikhil Nikki)I will drink coffee.
Nikhil was happy and made fun of Purab
Purab:But chotu
Pragya:Wait let me complete my words I will have tea also
Now purakhil(Purab and Nikhil)were confused(even I am confused let’s see what she does)She took the coffee cup from Nikhil and drank a sip from it.She did the same thing with Purab cup.She gave tea cup to Nikhil and coffee cup to Purab.
Purab:what is this?What are you doing chotu?
Pragya:Shut up and drink it.
Purakhil drank it and looked at Pragya.
Pragya:See I drank coffee and tea

Pragya:Bhai if you and Purab Bhai have it that will fill my stomach(uff senti dialogue)
Purakhil smiled and kissed Pragya forehead
Purab:Love you chotu(hugged her tightly)
Pragya:Aww me too if you don’t leave me I will die
Nikhil:Shut up don’t talk rubbish (in a stern voice)
Purab:Exactly if you speak ,Like that no ice cream for a month.
Pragya:Sorry na khadoos,Purab Bhai don’t blackmail me
Pragya/Bhai today I am joining your college.Everything would be fine na
Purab:Common chotu it is a very big college.It has engineering,medicine ,journalism ,arts etc and teachers are well qualified.You would be having great time.
Pragya smiled
Nikhil:ok enough of our talks lets go get ready.Today is the first day
Purab:chotu we must bear this khadoos talks there also
Purgya shared a hifi and went to dress up.

Screen shifts
Abhi was completely dressed for college in rockstar style(hope you understand).Tanu was wearing white and black Kurti with jeans,bulbul red and blue color Kurti.They were looking good in their outfits.
Dadi:Common let’s have breakfast.
All started eating but Tanu was eating hurriedly
Dadi:Areey eat slowly
Tanu:No dadi I am already late.Today is the first day and I am late .Bhai because of you I am late.
Abhi:+oh madam what did I do?
Tanu:You were sleeping like a sleeping monster and we almost spent 45mins in waking you up.Bhai you said that your friend is also studying there?What is his name?
Abhi:Ya his name is Nikhil .He is just like you study monster.Always torture me.And who asked you to wake me.That was your mistake
Tanu:Does he look good?i will argue with you later
Abhi:ya he looks good.Wait a second why are you asking?
Tanu:vo vo mein..nothing just like that
Bulbul:Bhai you said na he is just like di so she wants to try him(with a wink)
Tanu blushes and says choti in stern voice.Abhi was about to say something when bulbul interrupted
Bulbul:My kumbkaran and study beauty.If your fight is over shall we leave.College is during day time not night.
All started leaving.Dadi stopped them and applied tikka on their forehead.She was about to apply to Abhi.At that time Abhi caught her wrist
Abhi:How many times I should tell you dadi?
Dadi feels bad.Tanu tried to divert their mind
Tanu:Bhai let’s leave we’re getting late.
Abhi nodded and started leaving.While dadi smiled at them
(Guys Abhi knows that Nikhil has a sister but he didn’t see her nor he knows she is studying in their college)

Screen shifts
Pragya was dressed up in black kurti(I hope no one believes the superstitious thing that black shouldn’t be preferred for any good thing.If you do pls assume any other color)Purakhil were dressed up in normal jeans and shirt .
Pragya:Bhai looking hot(winked at them)
Nikhil:chotu(in stern voice)
Pragya:acha ok sorry let’s leave
Sarala:Areey have breakfast
Purab:no ma we are already late because of our morning drama we will have something in college.Sarala smiles seeing them.

In the car:
Pragya:Bhai you said that your friend is also in the same clg?What is his name?
Nikhil:his name is Abhi.He wants to become a rockstar and dresses like that only
Pragya:rockstar?But you said he is doing engineering
Nikhil:Ya he is doing engineering for his dadi but wants to become a rockstar
Purab:What is so interesting about him chotu.By the way Abhi Bhai looks good so you can try him
Nikhil:What do you mean?
Purab:Nothing Bhai chotu understood
Pragya smiles
Nikhil:Chotu if you have any problem just come to my class don’t go to this idiot class.He will be busy flirting with all the girls
Purab:Bhai don’t feel jealous.Flirting is good for health just like yoga.But I am always free for you chotu
Pragya smiles:Uff if you are using this type of cheesy lines I would be getting100 bhabhi’s
Purab:Lets see
All the 3 people smile.

Screen shifts
A boy was talking rudely with a girl
Neil:cook everything and then leave to college
Aliya:But Bhai today is first day I have to leave early.There is an important lecture on journalism.I can’t miss it.
Neil:Shut up and do as I say.And ya don’t call me bhai.aliya feels hurt and starts crying.
How was it??
Please give me feedback
The next episode will be the first meeting of abhigya.
Silent readers…….Hi

I miss moni di so much.Where are you di?Missing you

Take care

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