Abhigya – Unnatural love ❤️

Hi guys suhani here..(suhani123)I don’t know how many of you are sad that I came back to torture you guys.I know most of them are sad about my comeback.So how are you?hope all are fine.I got a new idea.Just thought to give an intro


Daljeet mehra:Abhi’s dadi.She has taken care of the whole mehra family after the death of abhi’s parents.
Abhishek mehra:Elder son,Completing his engineering(2nd yr of eng) ( for his dadi),want to become a rockstar,loves his dadi so much,does’nt believe in god as he thinks that god snatched his happiness and made them poor by killing his parents.
Tanu mehra:Abhi’s first sister(everyone would love this line)studying medicine 3rdyear,her aim is to become a doctor and open a hospital for the poor so that no would die like their parents died.
Bulbul mehra:Cutest and bubbly girl of mehra family.Abhi’s second sister.Talkative,doing journalism.Want to become a famous journalist

Sarala arora:Pragya’s mom
Nikhil arora:Elder son of arora family,completing his engineering(2nd year of eng) and want to become a(software engineer of a well reputed company.
Purab arora:Brother of nikhil,Somewhat naughty,studying engineering 1st year considers his brother as his role model,loves pragya
Pragya arora:youngest of all,studying medicine with tanu,wants to open a hospital with tanu,naughty talkative girl,best friend of tanu.

Aliya takur:studying journalism with bulbul,best friend of bulbul.
Neil;Aliya brother,hates Aliya(reason will be revealed later)loves pragya and goes to any extent to gain her.
Vijay:best friend of Aliya
Riya:(assume any actress who would look better with shabbir remember better)girlfriend of abhi,(thinks she is the girlfriend of abhi)wants to become a model,money minded.
How was it?worst na I know.Ok I was seriously bored of seeing taliya in negative role.So they are positive in this.If you want any changes inform me I would think of it.Please comment.Positive and negative both are welcome.Suggestions most welcome.And ya one small, request if there any mistakes in study patterns pls don’t ask me about them.

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  1. Welcome back dear…how dare you say its worst…tanu is abhi’s sister?…its super dear..pls continue soon

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you for the sweet comment ❤️❤️Very happy to see your comment ??

  2. Aditiroy

    Hey hey…it’s super…continue. .I am waiting..

    1. Suhani11

      ?!!!i am dreaming.You commented on this.Thank you so much for the lovely comment??love you dear❤️❤️

  3. PrincessesMadhu


    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the sweet comment cute little sister??love you❤️❤️

  4. Hello my cute little doll u r fabulous ur story line are extra ordinary awesome luv u pls continue its not at all boring and ur thinking and creativity is fatrouus luvuuuu?????????????????????

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the lovely lovely comment akka.??Love you loads❤️❤️

  5. Super intro…..

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the sweet comment dear❤️❤️Happy to see your comment ??

  6. Trisha

    Superb intro choti….cant wait to read it!????

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the sweet comment di❤️❤️Love you loads ??where is your ff?waiting?

  7. Reshma_Pradeep

    Nice Intro!!!

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the lovely comment dear??happy to see your comment ??

  8. Hi yr…its really nice thought, but i ve one doubt tat s abhi n nikil dng 2nd yr engg.,but pragya n tanu dng 3rd yr medicine hw its possible

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the comment dear??regarding your doubt I will clarify in the next update.Actually I was confused between them and made a mistake.Aorry about that??happy to see your comment ??

  9. TANU Abhi’s sister…hahaha superb continue

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the sweet comment dear??I know everyone would love that line.That is my personal favorite line?

  10. Saranya24

    U r seriously making me very amgry hw dare u say tat we all dnt like ur comeback go dnt talk to me tus time i wnt frgve u so easily idiot but still nice start loved it?i hate u fr tis talk but love u???

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the lovely comment di??Di I didn’t say that you would be unhappy about my comeback I said about the ones who hate me.There is a difference na.So no angry.Love you loads??❤️️

      1. Saranya24

        Who s tat so dare to hate my darlus comeback anyway u dnt wry abt those who dnt care fr u ok we r thr to love u loads ok love u darlu?????

  11. Sethidisha002

    nice accept that riya

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the sweet comment dear???happy to see your comment ❤️

  12. Nice n different one plzzzz continue…

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the sweet comment Durga di?Love you?❤️️

  13. Sam

    Nice intro

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the lovely comment dear??happy to see your comment❤️️❤️

  14. good start dear………….

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the seeet comment dhivya di??happy to see your comment??love you so much❤️️❤️️

  15. Nice intro!

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the cute comment dear❤️❤️

  16. Shriti

    ya it’s boring I not say
    u r saying u think it’s boring writing u only deciding u only if u want to decided your self then y u r giving ff if u think it’s boring ………. ….. ….. …

    but…… .. .. . … ….. ……….. .. .


    but u think it’s boring but..

    it’s very interesting u know your previous ff was too super hitt
    nd I know this will aslo super hit more than previous ff
    remember tat nd don’t decided yourself only. plzzzz
    I request u










    soory if I hurt u with my talk but it’s fact


    1. Suhani11

      Hello??Thanks for the lovely comment??thanks for reading and appreciating my previous ff?And you did not hurt me dear even I know this is the fact.That I talk mostly bad things about myself.I have no confidence in me literally .So whatever I write or do a negative thought comes in my brain.Ok I won’t say that it is boring and all those stuff.By the way how old are you?If you want to say you can

  17. Superrrb intro suhani di…l can’t believe that tanu is abhi’s sister….what a wonderful idea…pls continue writing di…l love ur ffs…it is not at all boring…but a very interesting story…waiting for ur ff..take care…love u..

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the sweet comment choti??Thanks for the sweet words??Love you❤️️❤️️

  18. Rithu

    Welcome back dear superb intro

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the sweet comment dear??happy to see your comment??

  19. B_Ani

    this is so nice. i was smiling seeing tanu is abhi’s sister. loved the characters intro. let it be a good start to you dear. happy writing 😀 😀 😀
    do continue

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the lovely comment BABA?Confused right (beauty and beast ani)this is a compliment.I love your writing.And do you know Telugu ??

      1. B_Ani

        yeah, i am telugu. my mother tongue is telugu

      2. Suhani11

        Even I am Telugu.

  20. Asmithaa

    Omg!! Omg!!! Can anyone tell me is this Suhani Di??? Really Di is that u??? I think so I am dreaming!!! Wait Nono yeah I am in reality… But my eyes don’t believe me… Such a awesome, beautiful and wonderful update??????????.. I am very very very very very infinity times happy that u are back…. Hmm and I feel vet much relieved.. And I have a ff from u.. It is really very interesting diii… And yes I am ur old choti only… Don’t need to worry for that.. And I wish that u keep writing the ff.. As I would feel much happy with that… And u have created the account to.. It is the eighth world wonder!!!!! Love u sooo much??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????

    1. Suhani11

      Yes I am suhani?You are not at all dreaming.I can see you’re really happy.Glad to see you happy.Thanks for the sweet cute words chotu❤️️❤️️I know you’re old chotu only?Eighth world wonder??So a new wonder need to be added to seven wonders of the world??Love you so much ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️????????


    hello dear..you came back that too with rocking story…as you decided its first na..its boring,,,you are going to torture us..who gave you that freedom…uhh..its we all decided its god or bad…ohh my pyaaari suha..its really awesome to the core..thanks alot for this come back

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the lovely lovely comment di??Di I am going to promise you guys one thing that I am not going to say anything as boring??everyone is scolding me??hehe but I can see the love they have for me in their scoldings.Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Awesome suhani dii……….. My elder bro is also doing engineering 2nd yr……. Continue it…… Felt very happy after knowing that TANU is abhi’s sister…… Lots of love n kisses….. ???

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the sweet comment sweet choti???Actually tanu is abhi’s sis.That is my personal favorite line??love you❤️️❤️️Lots of hugs and kisses to you????

  23. Awesome suhani dii……….. My elder bro is also doing engineering 2nd yr……. Continue it…… Felt very happy after knowing that TANU is abhi’s sister….

  24. Princesskrisha

    Awesome n welcome back di di today intro WS nice waiting eagerly di seeing you after a long the di n Iread just now n commented my di can’t write boring things understood

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the lovely comment honey???very happy to see your comment????

  25. Prathi

    Suhani!! You are back!! Don’t know what brought you back I am so happy!!

    1. Suhani11

      Glad I made you happy ?.The reason I came back is many people were asking me to come back so had to come?Don’t know for how many days I will be present in TU

  26. remember me?suha u came with other ff..its really interesting yaar..tanu is abhi’s sister its sounds good and don’t say it boring ok.if u say it next time i definetely scold u i don’t know whether i have rights on u?i really really happy that u came back.waiting for next.love u alot

    1. Suhani11

      How can I forget my best friend.I thought you don’t remember me.And definitely you have rights on me.You should scold me if I do a wrong thing.Thanks for the lovely comment ❤️️❤️️Suggest me some nick name..I want to call you by that.Hope you don’t mind.love you????

  27. Mukundraj

    tanu abhi’s sister sounds good and nice intro upload next soon and pls be regular

    1. Suhani11

      Thanks for the sweet comment Bhai ??I will try to be regular??

  28. Guys I have posted the first episode…You can read it ??

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