Hlo guys! I am a silent reader I thought of an idea so I am here to upload it my first ff. I am not a fantastic writer as others they are absolute writers and I am not that much I think mine will be an average one .So pls support me guys.
ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA- studying in a music collage who wants to become an famous musician and also a rock star

PRAGYA ARORA- studying in a music collage who wants to become an famous singer
BULBUL ARORA- studying in music collage cousin of pragya and also stays with her
PURAB KHANA- studying in music collage a best friend of abhi from childhood
SARLA ARORA- mother of pragya and bulbul
Dadi as dadi
So letz have a small intro…
(pragya, bulbul, abhi, purab stays in a house but not their house and away from their home due to their collage )
( guyz bulbul and pragya are of same age)

On a fine mrng,
Bulbul and pragya was getting ready for their collage…on the way bulbul says stop di I want get something here..pragya says kk..and stops .
On the oppsite direction two boys were talking abt their collage in the car thatz none other our abhi and purab. They were seriously talking so abhi didn’t noticed the scotty parked there and he hitted it.. Seeing this Pragya was on the peak of anger as loved it soo much and asked him to get down. While abhi came out of his car he was mesmerized by her beauty and even purab also ..
So I am stopping here guys. Sorry if it is boring and pls say whether I can continue it or not.

PRECAP- pragya and bulbul get into abhi’s car…and they together reached their collage….

Sorry if it is boring guyz…and pls say whether I can continue it or not

Credit to: cutie

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  1. nice intro cutie ….but one thing i can’t understand……u said pragya and bulbul are of same age ..then y bulbul is calling Pragya as Pragya di ??……and i like this concept….. keep going…….

    1. No yaar i like it when bulbul call pragya as di so 1y..and thank uu sooooo much reji…

  2. Superb cutie

    1. Thank u surbhi

  3. Noo u can continue its gud I enjoyed it but it is too short u make little long OK if u vet hurt I m sorry story is gud?????

    1. Thank u ammu i will try to give a long one and again tq

  4. Its Superbbbbbbbb……….. Nice Start………..Plzzzz Continue………

    1. Tq reshma..

    1. Tq rithu

  5. Sry guys there r some mistakes i will correct it and post it on next episode

  6. Sry guyz there r some mistakes i will correct it and post it on next episode if u wish i will continue it

  7. its nyc nd itseems they form a bang together

    1. Yes dr but after 1 or 2 episodes.tq dr

  8. superbbb awesome

    1. Tq shriti

  9. Nice yaar plzzzz continue

    1. Tq durga..

  10. Nice… But have some confusions….. If bulbul and pragya’s age r same then y bulbul is calling her di?????? Do Abhi, purab, pragya and bulbul live in same house right now or they will stay in a same house after some episodes????? U said that bulbul and pragya r cousins so how is that possible that sarla is mother of both of them????

    1. I like when bulbul is calling pragya as di so i made it like tat.No pragya and bulbul is in one house whereas abhi and purab is in another house but their houses r little bit distance. Bulbul mom died so sarla ma is taking care of bulbul as her daughter..and tq zari

  11. No its not boring but its awesome pls continue this ff

    1. tq sharanya

  12. plz update next episode soon. & who mesmerized beauty see purab
    bulbul or pragya oh bulbul went to buy something I think its pragya only

    1. no yaar purab is mesmerized by bubul not pragya i have said there some mistakes na …tq shriti

  13. Nice yaar? Interesting ?

    1. tq kutty

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