Hlo guys tq for ur comments…
Letz go to our story…

Abhi thought that it seems that this guy(purab)is in love with that girl (as he doesn’t lnow bulbul’s name) bulbul and purab left their hands after seeing abhi and pragya…..pragya came near bulbul and said shall we go (as ordering her) bulbul was abt to say something while abhi cuts off and said come with us pragya i will drop u….pragya says no need…..v will go by walk or bus auto anything bulbul said plzz di come letz go see its too hot letz go….pragya kept on saying no while bulbul was convincing her with more hestitation pragya kk….now pragya is in frent seat that means purab and bulbul is abhi and pragya is in frent…they went to machine shop…the man said that the inner parts are not working properly one week needs to make it work properly said the man while abhi purab and bulbul was on cloud nine while was on the peak of the anger…..and starred abhi..abhi said sry…pragya directs abhi the way to her home..abhi said see the third house is mine only so i will help u to go the collage daily……..pragya was abt to say no need bulbul cuts off and said kk..u can and drags pragya inside the house..

pragya shouts leave me bulbul……bulbul asked what happen??pragya asks r u love with that guy….bulbul puts her head down and says yes….pragya says do u know what happened in my life..i doesn’t want my sisy to feel the same bulbul cups pragya’s face and said see di i had spend one day with him and daily i Will watch him if their anything i feel messy i leave that but after knowing abt him only i will propose him…kk…pragya with half heart said..ok…bulbul till that plzz..excuse di we will go with them…
Days passed purab proposes bulbul accepts it even pragya all four becomes best frnds…..abhi thought to propose pragya…

Lets see what happens..
I know itz boring..but wait till these collage epis over
Sry if there any mistakes…and thanks for those who have commented…..sry if u feel
itz boring…..

Credit to: Cutie

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  1. Nice yaar thn now pragya accepted rabul love ah

  2. Nice yaar. Need next episode ya. It’s somewhat short.

  3. Long episode yaaa but really impressing

  4. Its not Boringggggggg yaar……….Its Superbbbbbbbb………….

  5. awesome nice..

  6. Rabul (:!!!!!!!

  7. Amazing

  8. Nice yarr suparbbb episod

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