Hi guys I know itz boring but I am sure that after these collage scenes it will be interesting. Thank u for ur comment guyz….
The episode starts with abhi looking at them in a confused manner…abhi asked what happened y u three are laughing like this but he had no reply bcoz they were laughing continuously he was irked with their behaviour and shouted y u r laughing like this??purab with his laughter explained the situation…abhi was shocked and thought oh!!no what will I do now how will I face him ??abhi asked them to stop laughing….what I said was true only na… the y r u laughing …they were laughing continuously he was irked and left the classroom purab said oh!!no he may be angry letzz go and convince him…. And the three followed him and asked sorry….but abhi said u guyz were thinking that I came out of the class in angry oh definitely not I was hungry…. So only I came to canteen….come letz go and have something to eat the trio said ok and they left to the canteen and while eating abhi said guyzz I have important work I will come in two mins…with that he moved on…abhi cleared that he was out of their sight and stared to run….

Here there…and finally he came back to the canteen and stared to eat…pragya asked abhi escaped from the lecture?? bulbul and purab was shocked by her question…..while abhi spilt the water on purab and stared coughing…..abhi asked sry to purab and asked pragya how do she know that….. pragya said that I saw u running here and there and I also saw the lecture also…..purab asked abhi in a kidding manner so ur afraid of him right……with no other means he too agreed that
In evening ……
Abhi said purab I will wait outside come soon purab said kk….pragya and bulbul was coming outside while bulbul said di I kept my bottle in class even I will take it and come wait here even I will come and she moved on to the class….abhi saw here and came near and forwarded his hand and asked I think now there is time and I am abhi….Abhishek Prem Mehra..pragya with somewhat hesitation forwarded here hand and said pragya arora..
In class….

Bulbul came and took her bottle she saw purab there and asked what he is dng here purab said that he was searching his pen now only he got that…and purab asked what he is dng she is dng here and bulbul said she left water bottle and purab asked shall we go and they left the place…while abhi and pragya was shocked to see that bulbul and purab was joining their hands tightly and smiling each other…..pragya understood that bulbul was in love with purab…..she was scared that what happened to her should not happened to her sisy also…

So what will pragya do now she will reject bulbul’s love or accept it…
So I am ending my epi here..if any mistakes are there plzz forgive me…sry if it is boring…and I can’t give any bgm as I doesn’t know any Hindi songs.. and I am tamilan….

Credit to: cutie

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  1. Hey cutie dr its really nice & haan don’t worry tht u don’t know any hindi songs u can also give tamil sngs by the way i am also a tamilian

    1. Tq..sooo muuch…akka…nan akkanu kupidalama??

  2. Nice cutie. Me too tamilian only. Update regularly. Nice episode

    1. Tq…soo..much…akka..

  3. Nice cutie. Dnt wry tat u dnt knw Hindi u can mention Tamil songs. There r many tamilians here so dnt wry dr

  4. Nice cutie update regularly and dnt worry if you dnt no hindi songs

  5. Nice episode

  6. Wowwwwwww……… Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar……………..

  7. awesome awesome yaar really loved it

  8. hey cutie its nice me 2 tamizhan dr.plz add tamil songs dr….

  9. Nice yaar

  10. Superb

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