hlo guys thank you for ur comments… and sry for my mistakes i will clear it now. i like bulbul when she call pragya as di so i made it like that..and pragya and bulbul is in one house whereas abhi and purab is in another house..bulbul’s parents died by an accident so sarla ma is taking care of bulbul as her own daughter…and thanks for those who have comment and also silent readers..

so letz come to our story….

Bulbul and pragya was getting ready for their collage…on the way bulbul says stop di I want get something here..pragya says kk..and stops .

On the oppsite direction two boys were talking abt their collage in the car thatz none other our abhi and purab. They were seriously talking so abhi didn’t noticed the scotty parked there and he hitted it.. Seeing this Pragya was on the peak of anger as loved the scooty soo much and shouted him to get down. Meanwhile bulbul was on the confusion how to calm pragya and how to reach the collage . While abhi came out of his car he was mesmerized by her beauty and even purab and bulbul was attarced by each other…..pragya was scolding abhi but he didn’t care abt it …..pragya said now how will I reach my collage itz my first day and u spoiled it…. Abhi u can come with me I will drop u at ur collage…pragya asked r u playing with me first u hit my scooty and now u r calling me to come with u do u think am I mad i won’t come abhi asked then what should I do pragya said repair my scooty and give it to me….bulbul said di v r already late see the time…come letz go…somehow bulbul convinced pragya and they both get into the car…( they have given the scooty in the machine shop and they left to the collage)abhi asked which collage? Bulbul said xxx collage purab and abhi said in corus v r also same collage….purab and abhi forwarded their hand and introduced themselves. Bulbul was abt to forward her hand meanwhile pragya said that itz already late can u plz drive fast itz not the time to discuss( in a angry tone)….abhi got irked by her answer and thought how arrogant she is? On the way pragya received call from sarla she attened the call sarla asked is everything ok there? Pragya said yes ma..everything is ok here.. sarla said don’t think abt ur past and don’t worry pragya said hmm…bulbul understood what sarla said and she grab the 4n from pragya and said the ma..u don’t make her to think abt …and I will call u later…bulbul whispered that I need to convince di she is abt to cry kk.. bye ..ma and she kept the 4n..abhi and purab was listening these things but they acted as they didn’t listen anything….
They reached the collage….

They four rushed to their class becoz already they were late. While they entered they got relief that the lecture wasn’t arrived….and they looked for their places almost all places were filled except the last two benches…abhi waited let pragya go first and I will sit near her…purab also thought that he sit with bulbul…but when pragya moved abhi was also followed her and bulbul followed pragya and purab went back bulbul. First pragya entered the bench and went to the corner without wasting a second abhi rused inside and sat near herand then purab and then bulbul ..pragya asked abhi to move and told bulbul to sit with her(as she does not want abhi to sait with her) but abhi said he can’t as he sat already pragya was abt to argue meanwhile the lecture arrived so she left that matter. In the class pragya was seriously listening the classand taking notes while abhi was staring her..she didn’t noticed that as she was constantly listening it….here bulbul was staring purab but he didn’t see it as he was also bored to the lectures…he was writing something in the note…abhi thought how she can listen these boring lectures..and slept on pragya shoulders she got angry and slowly took his head placed it in purab’s shoulder purab was also disturbed by it and make him sleep on the desk..while abhi sleeping he placed his hand in pragya’s notes which make her irked.. while she was abt to move his hand the lecture noticed it and came near him and he shook him abhi was blabbering in sleep and said that purab plz don’t disturb me I can’t listen to bald headed man’s boring lectures….plzz let me sleep…pragya, bulbul, purab can’t control their laughter…the bell rang so the lecture was abt to go out of the class meanwhile abhi got up from sleep and he noticed that the lecture was staring him and went outside..as he move outside the trio can’t control and burst out their laughter…while abhi was looking at them in a confused manner..

So I am ending here guys..sry if it is boring…and also sry for my mistakes…

Credit to: cutie

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  1. so sweet cutie…really nice…..

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  2. Awesome fantastic yaar. I can’t control laugh in the last scene. Cute abhigya and rabul scenes.

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  3. Amazing even I was laughing when they three are laughing ??? awesome

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  4. very nice…keep going…

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  5. yaar fantastic me tooo cant control my laughter at last scene

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  6. Wow………….Its Superbbbbbbbb……Sooo Pragya have a Past………Its Really Interesting yaar……………

    1. Yes di pragya have a past….tqqqq sooo much for ur comment di…

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  7. Ohhhh sooooo cute episode yaar

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  8. Really nice…

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