abhigya: u r my love (episode 3)


Hlo guys tq for ur comments….and also sry for the late update becoz i am out of station but i will try to update it for u guys and also pls comments ur comments make me feel better……both positeve and negative comments…pls don’t think that negative comments make me feel bad it is not like i can repend my mistake….so pls comment guys…..sry if there is any mistake…so lets move on to the story…..

Pragya got up from sleep and shocked see abhi near her…..he came much closer to her and asked u r still loving me then y r u acting..pragya nothing like that i…….abhi cut off and said then y did u came to guest and take care of me……pragya wasn’t able to answer and got up and abt to go but abhi dragged to one side of the room which is out of the sight of bulbul ( this place is just imagination but not in real kkb )
Abhi came closer to her …..and asked y r u feeling nervous i am ur husband…..he made pragya to look him and she lost in his eyes…..abhi came to kiss her but bad luck bulbul came there and said oops!!!!sry jiju u continue ur kiss pragya was abt to move but abhi hold her tightly and he didn’t leave her…..she whispered plss…..leave me….so abhi left her….bulbul said finished ??? Abhi said i didn’t came to see this boring face i came to see u bulbul…pragya is this boring face for u…then y did u pro……..but cut off becoz bulbul is there and bulbul asked what happened di….pragya said nothing…..abhi kk…..bulbul i got the ans for which i came here so i am leaving….bye..and abhi was aby to leave but bulbul said what is this jiju u r leaving ur pyarri wife here and gng….this is not fair jiju pragya said let him go i will be here…and he knows when to call me kk…..but bulbul didn’t listen to pragya and pushed her into the car….abhi said thank u bulbul….and they left…while driving abhi thought to tease her and increase the speed pragya asked him to slow down ( as she is talking to an stranger ) abhi said i am ur husband not an stranger so pragya said in hestitation slow down abhi said don’t hesitate to say…..pragya said in anger slow down abhi asked her to say clamly…pragya controled her anger and said slow down…abhi said ok…but say with similing pragya with core of hestitation similed for sake and said slow down….abhi understood and abt to slow down but opposite to them a vehicle is abt to hit…….

So what will abhi do now….
So i am ending here …..hope u all loved it…..sry guys if u feel bored…and pls comment…..both positeve and negative….sry of there is any mistake i tried my best to give a long epi if u feel its short pls comment that i will try to make it longer…tq

Credit to: Cutie

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  2. Awesome I laughed when bulbul came inside the room

  3. its not borng..very intstng twist..wat hapnd nxt ??.pls update fast…

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  6. nice cutie……pls contiune….

  7. its really nice cutie…..

  8. Awesome not at all boring pa pls continue and update soon

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