abhigya: u r my love (episode 2)

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abhi is blabbering to pragya y u can’t accept me fuggi?y can’t u feel my love fuggi .pragya was in tears after hearing this…..While she place abhi in the bed and she was abt to move but abhi pulled her and she fall on abhi….they share an eyelock……sanam re plays…….pragya was lost in abhi’s eyes and love she wasn’t having interest to move but she control herself and abt to get up but abhi rolled on ( that now pragya is on the bed abhi is upon her ) pragya tried to move but was’nt abhi came closer to her…..pragya was lost in abhi’s love……

abhi came closer and abt to kiss but pragya pushed him and ran out of the room with tears…….on the way to home she was thinking abt the incidents…….and came to home and she lyied on bed she wasn’t able to sleep…..she got up and took their marriage photo and holed it with chest and started to cry vigoursly……..and slept by holding the photo……
In early morning….
Abhi got up he was feeling a high head ache and slowly he remember the incidients happen in last night………he was on the cloud nine that pragya still loves him…and started to jump…in the bed….
At pragya’s house..

(Actually guyz itz early mrng when abhi get up i know he won’t get up soon as per my story today alone he got up soon and reached pragya’s house) while abhi entered sarla ma greeted him and had some talks while talking his eyes was searching pragya only..sarla ma understood that and she said that pragya hasn’t get up till now of u want u go to the room..abhi said kk..aunty and moved on while he entered his eyes fallon on pragya on the floor sleeping holding their marriage pic tightly…abhi came near her and sat beside her and started to care her hairs amd said i know fuggy u can’t hide ur love from me and y r u acting and kissed her on her forehead which made pragya to get up from sleep…

So i am ending here guyz…i can 1y upload when my mom allows me to take phone or computer…i will give one epi daily…and tq for those who have commented and i can’t reply to them sry….sry if u feel itz boring or dragging…i am also updating another ff which is unfeelable feeling of love which can i update and tq guyzz…

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