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hy guys missed you so much I will update my current ff soon but I can’t update daily yaar really sorry for it and thank you for all good hearts to care about me

how could you tell my wife as his ex-girlfriend and how dare you are, abhi beats champak brutally who said that pragya is his ex-girlfriend.
abhi stop it yaar everybody is seeing you, said purab and tried to stop abhi as all the people in the party was seeing him. sir please leave Nikil and tanu only told me to do this, Champak begged him to leave and abhi’s anger turned towards Nikil and tanu he turned to find them but they were missing. abhi first console pragya di, purab told and abhi ran to his room and he saw pragya sitting in the corner of the bed thinking deeply he went near her and touched her shoulder immediately she pushed his hand again he touched her shoulder and she moved from there but abhi held her hands tightly and she was struggling to free her hands

pragya I am sorry, said abhi and pragya didn’t turn to even see him and abhi turned her to face him but still she didn’t see his eyes which he loved the most. pragya I am really sorry, abhi said again and pragya didn’t see his eyes yet. pragya I know you are angry on me but believe me i really didn’t doubt you it was my possiveness towards you I felt jealous when you danced with him so only I…,abhi tried to explain but pragya was not in a mood to hear it. so only you doubted me, pragya said with tears she broke his grip and cluctched his collar. mistake is mine I believed you blindly I loved you limitlessly but you doubted me because that tanu told you na she is your love na she is your life she is your everything but I…I am a ugly looking, abhi kept his hand over her mouth and pragya pushed him leaving his collar and cried badly and abhi couldn’t bear it. pragya please don’t cry Its killing my heart. what my tears are killing your heart please Don’t lie I know you are very happy, cried pragya. Please forgive me pragya I can’t handle seeing you in others arms I will be the only one to protect you with my arms you are only mine, said abhi and pragya cries abhi sits near her. pragya I never felt like this I feel like breaking that man’s bone in the most painful way please forgive me, abhi said and pragya stood up and started moving from there and abhi pulled her arms with his strong arms. stop it pragya when tanu is near me you feel anger on her na it’s the same when you are not comfortable with tanu then I am also a human being I can’t see my wife my love with others rather than me. Please stop your dramas your tanu will be there please go talk,romance what ever you want do with her but leave me alone, pragya cried. what I love tanu see my eyes you will find whom do I love, abhi pulled pragya to meet his eyes. pragya l love you I love you so much,abhi said and she was looking into is eyes he cupped his face and kissed her eyes.
pragya share your pain with me i know you have been hurt by other just pour it to me, abhi said and pragya hugged him tightly crying vigorously and he was caressing her hair.

Abhi cupped her face and wiped her tears and took her infront of the small mandhir in their room he inserted his hand in his pocket and took a mangalsutra and tied over pragya’s neck and he took the sindoor in the mandhir and applied it in her maang. today is your birthday I planned to marry you again and confess my love and I did it now i want your answer pragya and I need my fuggy i can’t live without you anymore please return to me as my fuggy i will count till 10 and you have to tell your feelings otherwise I will consider that you don’t love me, abhi asked and pragya was standing like a statue. 1….,2…..,3…..,4…..,5……,6….. abhi quite fastly and pragya was still standing like a statue and abhi started to count slowly and he reached 9……he can’t go to the last count but it has to come and he said 10 then also pragya was standing like a statue abhi started moving and he just turned his face to see her once and she came running and hugged him she kissed all over his face l love you I love you too, finally she said.

abhi took pragya to their bed and he removed the dori of the saree and made her lay on the bed and he too followed her he kissed her crook of neck and she was running her hand in his hair finally the he clicked the last piece of her dress and covered them with a blanket both worshiped each others body.they entwined their fingers and abhi kissed her lips they hugged and pragya slowly kissed is shoulder and she kissed his forehead he nuzzled her crook of neck with his nose and his warm breath made to dug her nails into his arms and his hands were roaming in her bare waist in pleasure pragya clutched the bed finally they made their love on the beautiful night


abhi came to the breakfast and everybody were very seriously eating and abhi entered whistling everybody saw abhi awkwardly and tanu was smiling abhi was in a peck of anger but waited for a correct time to show it by that time akash enquired about the red mark in his hand. I don’t why girls are crazy about growing nails and this fuggy as nailed me what will in tell this mark I should tell it has our love bite then what will the think about me, abhi thought to himself. nothing bro, abhi said. how it can be nothing, tanu asked
Where is pragya beta?, Dadi asked. she must be with her boy friend , tanu said and abhi shouted at her and told her not to interfere with him and his wife and everybody felt happy except tanu by that Time robin climed the stairs with a coffee mug and abhi saw him then his mind got clicked how pragya will be now…..”robin” abhi shouted and robin came down “what sir” he asked “for whom” abhi pointed the coffee “pragya mam” robin replied. “I will give her coffee” abhi took the coffee mug and all the family member smiled and tanu was fuming in anger and she shouted holding her stomach seeing this abhi kept the coffee and went to call the doctor taking her to her room after everybody left tanu got up and moved to abhigya’s room


“abhi must be angry with pragya but he is showering his love” tanu said to herself and she slightly opened the door to stepped in to know what pragya was doing and she was tremendously shocked to see pragya in that state, she was covered with a blanket till her chest and their dress were scattered here and there and finally pragya was wearing mangalsutra and her maang was filled with sindoor tanu ran to her room with tears.


abhi came to his room and pragya was still sleeping he thinks about yesterday night and he sits beside her and kisses her forehead “fuggy get up its 10:00 am” abhi said and pragya slightly stirred her body and she slowly opened her eyes and she came to her sense and pulled her blanket and abhi laughed at her “please leave from here I will come within 10 min” pragya said and abhi left.she weared her night Salwar to hide her love bites by abhi and went down.


pragya gets pregnant and tanu delivers her child.abhi comes to know about the truth about tanu but pragya and others allows tanu to stay in the house as abhi is emotionally attached with that child.

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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    pls AK clear this..
    and hatts off to you.i’ll read this insted of reading real kkb wu.thanx for this

    1. Akshaya kannan

      Abhi is actually angry on tanu for screeching on pragya

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