Abhigya TS forgiveness – Episode 2

“You blo*dy idiot how could you do something cheap like this” Purab blasted Abhi in anger

“Purab I accept I initially had only revenge on Pragya but now I really do love her ” Abhi tried to convince Purab

“You think is this the way to take revenge, If her father cheated your father what will she do yaar. How could she be responsible for her father’s betrayal” Purab shouted at him.

“Abhi I really feel ashamed for being your friend, did you ever think how would she feel after knowing the real intentions behind your so called love”

“Purab I love her truly and deeply, yes I accept initially all I wanted was revenge but my heart it started to love Pragya, so please don’t doubt my love” Abhi said with tears

“Abhi just answer me was that baby she is carrying was really out of your love or is it also your part of revenge”

“Purab………” Abhi slapped him hardly

“I accept that my intentions were wrong but not my love or my baby, I loved her and I feel guilty for my sins. My baby growing in her is my true love’s symbol”

“stop ur talks Abhi, you think she will accept you after you reveal the truth”

“Purab I can’t live with this guilt, I can bear her anger but not this guilt. I will tell her the truth and will wait for her forgiveness till my last breath”

“If she forgives I am the one who is really happy about it, But trust me Abhi you dont deserve anything from her” 


” Abhi you came” Pragya hugged Abhi but Abhi was tensed and was guilty

“Pragya I need to tell you a truth ” Abhi said and made Pragya sit in the sofa and he too sat near her.

“Abhi our marriage” Pragya started thinking he is going to tell her about their marriage.

“Pragya we will get married whenever we want today, tomorrow or the next but just listen to me once ” Abhi said and held her hands

“Pragya, Woh…..your fa…..father” Abhi stumbled to start and pragya stood up from the sofa in anger

“Abhi don’t talk about that man, he is a cheat. Me and my mom left him as he was a cheat ” Pragya said and Abhi was a like a lifeless body hearing this about.

“Pragya your father cheated my father in his business” Abhi said and pragya turned to him with tears

“Abhi I am really sorry for it, He has cheated many people. I felt ashamed of him and I left him and broke all the relationship with him”

“Pragya woh…nahi” Abhi was struck as he felt guilty even more for playing with her feelings who indeed was no responsible for her father’s deed but he can’t hide the truth from her.

“Pragya I thought to take revenge of your father using you”

“Abhi I couldn’t understand what you are telling” Pragya was confused

“Pragya I initially thought to cheat you by faking my love” Abhi said and Pragya stood numb she was left with no answers.She had tears in her eyes, she was like a lifeless body

” Pragya but believe me I accept my intentions were wrong but my love for you was true and I did love each and everything of you” He held her cheeks but she was numb and had tears in her eyes.

“Pragya please speak something your silence is killing me” Abhi said and pragya was still standing numb

“Pragya I know I don’t deserve forgiveness but please forgive me, I love you a lot truly and don’t think my love was a lust. Our baby its our love’s symbol ” Abhi said placing his hand over her tummy.

“Pragya I am really really sorry” Abhi fell over her feet suddenly he felt someone holding him and he looked up. He slowly got up and saw her eyes which had a lot of emotions.

Pragya hugged him tightly and with guilt tears were flowing from his eyes. She broke the hug and kissed him all over his face. Abhi stood numb, he never expected something like this would happen, Tears were continuously following from his eyes.

“Stop this, My Abhi is a hero he will never like this” Pragya wiped his tears, he would have felt relieved if she expressed her anger but instead she did something which was just unbelievable.

“I am really sorry Pragya, I did a sin which is unforgettable and unforgivable. please scold me,hate me or do something to me what I deserve” Abhi said hugging her and she broke the hug.

“I can scold you,leave you, hate you but the ultimate loser is me. I can’t stay happy scolding you or hating you because I love you Abhi. I love you so so much” She said and kissed him.

“I Love you pragya, I love you so so much” He once said wholeheartedly with love, Passion and respect. It pained terribly seeing Pragya who forgave him though he did a biggest sin. Her love was like a mother’s love you loves her kid unconditionally though the child commits mistake. He hugged her and cried till he let his pain out

Abhi and Pragya got married soon, They lived happily. She was almost 9 months pregnant. They had a bundle of joy and happiness with them. Pragya was Abhi’s wife, child, mother and his everything. He always had a guilt but Pragya cleared all his guilt with her love.


“Abhi how many times I told don’t call me fuggy” Pragya said holding her large belly

“When you look like a ballon what else I can do” Abhi said and kissed her forehead

“For baby??” Abhi kissed her huge tummy carrying there child. suddenly she felt pain in her tummy.


“Sir its a baby girl, you can go and see her” the nurse said and Abhi ran inside the ward and saw the most beautiful thing in his life his wife, his baby, his love.

“Mera bachoo see daddy is coming” He heard pragya whispering to his little angel

“Abhi come soon” Pragya said and Abhi had joyful tears and sat in the bed. he hugged Pragya and kissed her forehead and looked at their princess in her hand. 

“Abhi hold her” Pragya handed their daughter to him, initially he hesitated but later he took her in his arms. She was perfect fitting in his strong arms.after a while the little baby started to cry.

“Fuggy she is crying”

“Give her to me, she must be hungry” Abhi gave the baby to pragya

“My dear princess are u Hungry, mumma will feed you” pragya said and Abhi was seeing everything with amazement

“Abhi help me to remove my gown” She said

“What, fuggy you want this now”

“Abhi….baby is hungry” Abhi understood and helped her to remove her gown. The baby took few minutes to latch on. she kissed the baby’s head, Abhi saw the beautiful scene which was a respective scene. His fuggy was feeding her princess with her own body. he kissed pragya’s Forehead

“Fuggy I love you”

“love you too” she kissed him back and they both kissed their princess

Forgiveness is something people forget to do, Forgiveness brings you back your love and your life. Forgive people and stay happy with them.

Hello frnds I have many incomplete ffs here and I am really sorry about it but I will try to update in wattpad and also here

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  1. Sowji

    Too romantic…it’s really nice…keep writing…I think pragya is pregnant now…looking forward to see your next ff…

  2. Sowji

    It’s really nice…..nice story….I really liked it…nice end..looking forward to see your other ff…

  3. great shot akshaya !
    purab’s words are indeed so amazing !
    glad that pragya forgive him !
    your last quote was indeed true !
    do write more !

  4. Romantic and feeling and touching love story…… Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Too touching and soo sorry abhi but now I am happy with your character lovely character love you abhi and akshaya soo lovely story and in first shot don’t consider my comment but this comment is true from my heart and I think you can understand my love towards abhi soo that I commented like that.

  6. Saranya24

    Wow so soo cute i told na u ll gve abhi nice character oly i knew abt my darling loved it da pls pls update ur ffs cant wait pls da my humble request fr u i really misss it badly love u muuaahh???????

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