Abhigya TS forgiveness – Episode 1

We Plan something but destiny does something to us, when he did everything to revenge her, destiny turned his revenge to love.Though he was thirty he didn’t have any interest in love but he need to love her to revenge her. let’s see Abhishek Mehra the business tycoon’s revenge story.

He lost his father only because of him, he betrayed his father and his father ended his life leaving his family alone. All Abhi wanted is to revenge his family and he found the way to revenge him through his daughter Pragya arora.

pragya was a 22 yrs old bubbly girl who recently got placement in the campus interview and she was eagerly waiting to join in her new job. All she didn’t knew was she is going to be the prey of Abhi’s revenge.

She worked in Mehra companies for 6 months and Abhi’s soft and gentle character made her fall in his trap called love. Abhi acted very well to be loving her soon the day came Pragya proposed Abhi.

“Abhi I love you” She said and hugged him tightly, tears were flowing from her cheeks.Abhi caressed her and kissed her hair, he broke the hug to face her and kissed all over her face.

“I love you too Pragya” He said and hugged her tightly.

It was Abhi’s birthday so Pragya and Abhi wanted to spend some quality with each other in his guest house. It rained heavily so Pragya decided to stay with Abhi in his guest house. There was a awkward Silence between them. Pragya was scared of the thunder sound and she hugged. Abhi held her in embrace. Abhi sightly broked his hug and kissed her nape. Their passion of love continued and they both ended up in the bed which was in the floor . Abhi kissed her lips with full passion. Breath parted their passion. He removed his shirt and Pragya ran her fingers in his well toned arms and muscles.
Abhi removed her pallu of her saree while she closed her eyes, her cleavage was visible he kissed her cleavage continuously.Pragya dug her nails into Abhi’s shoulder. He inserted his fingers in her stomach to remove her drape of her saree. Pragya was continuously moaning Abhi’s name. He made pragya to turn towards the bed and he kissed her bare back. He removed her dori and again kissed her back.

Abhi removed her blouse and petticoat and she was left with her bra and panties while Abhi was with his boxers. Pragya didn’t open her eyes feeling the pleasure and shy. Pragya opened her eyes to see Abhi who was very passionate with her cleavage. Pragya arched her body for Abhi to get more access over her br*ast. Abhi removed the bra and kissed her nipple while Pragya moaned with heavy breath.
he started sucking her nipples and kissed her br*ast with passion. Pragya ran her fingers through his hair.

Abhi took pragya’s lips in his and they both were lost in each others embrace.
Abhi reached Pragya’s panties and suddenly pragya gave a jerk and Abhi looked at her. Pragya closed her eyes giving him permission to make her his. Pragya lifted her right leg then her left to remove her panties. Abhi kissed her part and she shivered in pleasure soon Abhi removed his boxers and placed him in her entrance and pushed his hormones. Pragya had a unbearable pain yet it made her feel complete. Abhi kept kissing to make her feel better.

“Is it painful” Abhi asked Pragya with a caring look and pragya kissed his lips with passion again Abhi pushed his Hormones entering her feminity and pragya had tears in her eyes. Abhi kissed her Tears and covered them with the duvet.


They both lived together in Abhi’s flat and Abhi started to love Pragya in all the means forgetting his revenge over her. Abhi killed his heart and made up his mind to cheat Pragya soon giving her a unbearable pain.

“Abhi” pragya welcomed Abhi by hugging him and Abhi kissed her head

“Abhi I have to tell you a important thing” Pragya said and took him to there room

“Bolo Pragya ”

“Abhi let’s get married soon ” Abhi

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  1. wow my cutie update it love u lot dear……….

  2. Saranya24

    Ohh mine mindblowing epi darlu but feelng bad fr pragu of he cheat her but still i knw u ll make it bettr pls update nxt soon waiting eagerly love u loads da miss u too much so pps update always ma???????

  3. Sowji

    Too romantic…waiting for next part…keep going…I think pragya is pregnant…

  4. Hi akshaya glad you’re back with an TS !
    This one is so interesting !
    Feeling pity for our pragya !
    waiting for your next update !

  5. Di post even shadows of love ff…..

  6. Too no words to comment feeling too bad and pity for pragya abhi I hate you for this character he is gonna cheat her what’s this for taking revenge from her father soo that will he betray her soo sad and waiting to know whether its will turn to love or hate between them but one request di pls get them married please and after that hatred, revenge, love anything is OK for me please don’t feel sad for my comment because that much I love abhi but in this ff abhi’s character is soo bad so only I commented like that please forgive your sis.

  7. And please do update shadows of love please.

  8. Lopez

    awesome dear

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