Abhigya – TS (First Part)

Hi everyone this shanu thanks for commenting my last os and iam writing ts about abhigya
Let’s start our story……

After know that Abhi will not break his promise given to tanu Pragya went to her home by taking promise from purab and dadi

Pragya is crying by holding abhigya marriage pic by locking herself in her room
Purab came there sarala and biji are worried he told wt happen in mm and told them that she need some time to recover so leave her alone
Purab :I have only one way to make them together
Sarala and biji:what’s that
Purab:getting Abhi’s memory back
They ask how purab says I have told about my friend who is doctor and neurologist

Abhi is drinking and thinking about Pragya and disturbes by one lady who came there while talking in phone and ask him may I sit here
Abhi : u can sit , this is not reserved
(Lady is talking in phone)
Abhi is seeing her
Lady : oh ur rockstar Abhi right ,iam shivanya glad to meet u
Abhi: ohh nice to meet u
Shivanya:how is ur health now
Abhi:health what happen to me iam perfectly alright
Shivanya:u meet with accident and lost ur memory of two years
Abhi:how do u know …my family and friends only know about my memory loss but u
S: purab and me are friends from childhood and I am Neruospecialist so he consulted me to cure u so I came here to meet him but he didn’t came till now, instead of him u came here,please will u call him here I will came here in 5 min by saying this she went out to attend a call
Abhi called purab and ask him to come to pub

After some time
Purab enter to pub and saw shivanya talking in phone after finishing call she turned and saw purab they both hug friendly and walk to abhi while talking about the present situation
Shivanya :go get Abhi’s medical reports
Purab went to get Abhi’s reports to home
Shivanya and Abhi are talking about some random things at that time purab came and handed Abhi’s report they talked some time and went to their home
Abhi is thinking about Pragya and crying for hurting her

Pragya to herself (i have to move on and that tanu she distoryed my life and aaliya and tanu took my bulbul life too I will never leave them she is thinking to get her modeling life to be best I will destroy her modeling life too so I have to become Mogambooo again to get my life back )
I have resign my job in mm

I have know what happen in last two years I want know he went to store room to check any thing in store room but it is locked so went back to room and slept by thinking about Pragya
Purab gets call from shivanya purab attends it and ask her wt the matter she tell him to meet her at Cafe now he went to cafe and ask her what happen any thing important she tell him important and serious too she tell that Abhi’s health is same when he meet accident he have recover till now but he didn’t recorved some one is giving tablets to not recover give this tablets to him he will recover in one day because this tablet is discovered in Russia and it is working well go and give him he will gain memory till tomorrow but he should sleep well at least 8 hours of he didn’t sleep give him sleeping pills by saying this she went to Pragya house because Pragya is like her sister so she went to ARORAS home here purab went to abhi and given tablet to him and also given sleeping pills to so he slept early

In Pragya house
Shivanya console Pragya and given her a hope that Abhi will gain his memory back and ask her wt will u do now
Pragya :i will not leave that tanu and Aaliya who is the reason for his memory loss so I will change my self


Please forgive me if there any mistakes

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