abhigya true love remains till the end 2 shots-2

As pragya accepted eric as her boyfriend the news was spreaded to whole college.Abhi heared this he thought,why I m feeling like someone stabbed into my heart with knife when I heard this news why pragya didn’t told me about this?.abhi went to pragya who was in canteen with eric.abhi was fuming in anger.He told,pragya I wanna talk to you it important..Pragya,haa abhi tell what u wanna tell..Abhi,it cannot be tell here. Come with me.pragya,ok im coming in a few minutes eric.abhi,fuggie from when did u started to hide things from me.Pragya,I didn’t started first you only started you didn’t told that ur in love with tanu

(while saying this tears were rolling down from her eyes).abhi,listen to me fuggie I m not in luv with that tanu.who told you such a crab.pragya,tanu told me even she showed me ur message in which it was written I love you..abhi,trust me pragya…(before he could complete she went).eric came clapping.Eric says,hahaha abhi ur bonding has been broken u have beaten my bhai na now u look how I will make ur and pragya life miserable.abhi was angry even tanu came there and she told,abhi I proposed u but u didn’t accepted it and now I have broken ur relationship I have showed ur message she such a bewakoof she believed me.Abhi,and what about that message?.Eric,do you remember abhi I asked your mob for a phone call and you gaye at that time I did this.haha abhi now ur so called love ur pragya ur best I will make her mine u just wait and watch.Abhi was angry he just given a punch in his face.Eric says,because of u my bhai is in dilemma,my bhai is in depression.u just wait and watch mr abhishek prem mehra how I will make ur love pragya as my slave infront of ur eyes.it has became 2 days abhi”s fuggie didn’t talk to her.whenever tanu was with abhi she felt jealous abhi too felt.

abhi tried to tell her about eric but pragya told that eric helped her when she was in need he cant do this.one day eric kidnapped pragya ..abhi knewed about pragya missing he started to search every where and suddenly eric word came echoing in his ear..he looked tanu.he blocked her way,abhi threatened tanu and she gave the address in other side pragya was tied in rope there was mandab.pragya had wore bridal chundri.eric told her that he will marry her.abhi didn’t believed tanu so he told her to ask eric where he is?she asked him he tells xyz place,before abhi could say anything tanu informed eric about abhi.abhi was fuming in anger.Eric called abhi and told if he will bring police along with him then i will without any hesitation killed your so called pragya.Eric told that,now first I will make u mine infront of ur abhi and he couldn’t do anything. abhi came there he entered inside there.

Abhi called,pragya,pragya where r u.?welcome mr abhisek prem meher to hell said eric.i still remember the day when my bhai was is in dilemma..abhi saw pragya crying.he fumed in anger.before abhi could do anything eric aimed gun at abhi.eric told I will not killed abhi so easily.eric gave gun to pragya.eric asked pragya to shot the gun otherwise he will kill abhi.but took that gun aimed it at Eric and the gun hitted eric shoulder..immediately abhi called police.police arrested eric.pragya hugged abhi and abhi too hugged her.after that pragya was broken tears were rollowing down from her eyes.she said soory abhi.

Abhi,no sorry no thanku in friendship and they share a hug..slowly abhi cared for pragya as pragya had small injury in her right hand he slowly started caring for her .abhi too had injury in his hand pragya applied medicines.abhi realized that he was in love with pragya but pragya didn’t realize it..one day abhi was coming he saw pragya in liberary she was in stair she was trying to take out a book..suddenly she slipped but at the moment abhi came and saved her life there was eyelock between them until bulbul came and broke it. abhi saved her and due to liberary incident there was some feeling towards abhi. After two days it was abhi”s birthday he thought of proposing pragya on that day.. purab assured him to do that..even pragya thought of proposing him as she too realized his love after eric and liberary incident..bulbul helped her in doing that day.

Thanks all of u guys for ur support without ur support I could not have reached here I think this epi was boring but next epi will better I hope u people liked it.. there is more one part

A phone call….ur not mine….broke down into tears…..something unsual that will make everybody hell shock and will make everybody life miserable

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  1. It was super but precap is little bit confusing

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