abhigya true love remains till the end 2 shots-1


Hi guys I m a silent reader.i am sry if any mistake if u liked this part then only I will update another.. I great fan of tisha,emmy and surbhi ff fan..
Its morning a park is shown in that two kids are playing actually they are not playing there they are fighting.the kids are revealed to be our abhigya.pragya,Abhi plz give my teddy plz.abhi,I will give u teddy only if u will play with me.pragya,but abhi I have to do homework plz give me my teddy back otherwise I will complain to ma..ABHI,chashmish I wont give u teddy until you don’t play with me and until u don’t be my friend..pragya becomes irritated and angry and she calls her maa.pragya’s maa and abhi’s maa are very close and are best friends..pragya,ma look na abhi is not giving me my teddy plz tell him na.plz..abhi,no aunty It fell down and I took it aunty I wont give her until she becomes friend with me,tell her na aunty to be my friend..Abhi pouts and looks cute by looking abhi.Sarla,pragya beta give him to play with ur doll na and he is a good boy just shake ur hands with abhi and become his friend..pragya and abhi shakes their and become friend and sarla leaves.abhi winks to pragya.soon abhi started to go to pragya house to play even they used to study in same school..slowly slowly their friendship became stronger and stronger and they became best friends. Abhi was ladla of sarla and Kishore and pragya was ladli of ragini and neil..Leap of 7 yrs..
Abhi,Abhi says neil.neil goes to abhi room he sees his room messed up and he searches for abhi.He went to abhi bathroom he found our hero abhi sleeping in bath tube.neil says,look at him.he is asleep.when is he Going to be Responsible?neil pats abhi head by calling him abhi hey abhi. He goes inside bathtube.abhi jerks.neil says your friend purab has called you.Abhi says oh shit!dad you keep going I will come.Neil,ok make it quick and come fast u r getting late for ur college.Abhi comes down stairs and his phone ring its of purab.Abhi says yes purab my brother from another mother. Purab,where are u buddy?its too late come fast.Abhi,I m coming man.why are u shouting?ok see ya.abhi cuts the calls and wents to hall.in hall abhis mom dad and other r doing breakfast.Abhi,bye mom bye dad.ragini,no abhi not without breakfast.abhi,im getting late mom.ragini,shut up have breakfast first.if my pragya was there then she could have done break fast..abhi,yah yah she is ur ladli na she is ur daughter and u have found me na, anyways where is chashmish.ragini,she told pick her at her home..abhi,okay mom dad bye.here screen shift to arora mansion..our heroine pragya comes out of her room in full getup she wore a short black and pink knee length one piece with light makeup she is not wearing chasma now.so she looks dam hot.she comes out of home and sees abhi.abhi,without u looking says chasmish how much time will u take take as much time u want but u will look good only.pragya fumes in anger.dont call me chasmish.abhi,chashmis ko chashmis nahi toh andhi bulau..abhi looks at her and he is mesmerized to see her beauty.he just stares at her,she calls abhi but no response and she shakes abhi.abhi came back to senses.he says pragya ur looking dam hot.pragya had never listen him complimenting her a small smile come in her face she says thanks.Abhi starts to drive.abhi,picks purab and abhi is just looking at pragya time to time then purab notices it.purab,stop wating at someone abhi accident will happen abhi came to senses.he drove car to their college.they enter the college.Abhi was popular in the college and pragya too was popular in the college.it was break time abhi was with purab and pragya was with bulbul. Pragya and bulbul were discussing about purab as bulbul loved him and they were couple.suddenly suresh came and proposed pragya.pragya said I don’t like u. Suresh,blocked her way and caught her hand.pargya says too leave her hand.pragya becomes angry and she slaps her abhi hears it and fumes in anger,he starts to beat him blue and black.one day suresh brother Eric for revenge started to become good friend of pragya.Abhi was jealous of that.Eric made tanu to propose abhi and tanu told pragya that she and abhi loves eachother.Pragya didn’t believe tanu word but she shows the message from abhi no in which it is written I love you..She feld bad and taking advantage of the situation eric proposed pragya and pragya too accepted it..
Something unusual gonna happen that will make every one life miserable..

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