abhigya tied by destiny (intro)


So guys this is my another ff hope you like it also
Abhishek mehra: a big business men and handsome but soft by heart and helping nature and loves his family and his dadi most and loves tanu
Tanu: she is girlfrnd of abhishek and loves him a model
Dadi: loves abhishek most and also likes tanu
abhishek mom and dad at his young age so he is living with his dadi and she is his life
Raj: big brother of tanu and loves her so much
A unknown person I will revel his name later he is a big enemy of abhishek and due to him his life get change
So guys tell me whether I am tanu negative and positive please vote and yeah abhishek and pragya will cross each other and fall in love as they are tied by destiny
If you like the concept please comment I will also write lmep don’t worry

Credit to: queen

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  1. U want con love make everything possible that is my favi, don’t end that pls….

  2. Nice… Continue and wher s ur i hate u to i lv u ff I’m eagerly waiting for that pls continue that one also…. Pls its a request

  3. nice one dr….sure it will be different ff …..plzzz update regular dr…

  4. Destiny plays in abhigyas life…awesome intro..update regularly sis..i am waiting..

  5. tanu…+ve or -ve its upto you…but if she is +ve then how could pragya enter his life…it would be a betrayal(for tanu) na…. so…..i think……
    anyway i know that you would have thought something intrsting..so go a head….do as ur wish….

  6. thanu… negative.
    continue this yaar.. waiting for next epi

  7. Very nice

  8. most of the FF’s she is negtive only… keep her positive this time… for a change

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice Intro yaar……But Plz don’t stop Ur other ffs……..That’s Really good…..

  10. Hey its nice and please upload I hate you to love you ff

  11. Nice intro yaar carry on…

  12. It’s very nice yaar go on with ur ff

  13. nice intro…

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