abhigya tied by destiny (epi-1)


Soory guys I will make tanu positive but their will be no betray for her in this story so enjot the story
The episode start with a big mansion is shown and name plate shown is mehra house as we move in a lady is doing pooja and singning aarti as she completed pooja she called robin robin comes
Lady: is abhi wake up or not
Robin: no man he is sleeping
Lady: ok you make arrangements for breakfast ok
Robin: yes mam
And goes from their and that lady thinks what I do of abhi don’t know when he will mature
And goes towards a room the room is completely filled with abhi photo with that lady and some photo of tanu with him
That lady goes towards the bed and see a boy sleeping covering him from blanket and that lady goes and uncover him from blanket
Lady: abhi beta wake up you have a meeting today you forget
Abhi: my jann my dadi just give me 5 min I want to sleep more na
Yes the lady is abhi dadi
Dadi thinks something
Dadi:abhi wake there is a cocroch on your bed
Hearing this abhi wake and jump from bed and stand on the side tablt and seeing this dadi started laughing and abhi see this
Abhi: dadi
Dadi laughing: my brave abhi scared of cocroch
Abhi fumbles: no I only did this to make you laugh I don’t get sacred ok
Dadi: really my bacha look cute when he tell lies
Abhi: no I am not lying
Dadi: ok now go and freshnup
As abhi is going dadi shout cocroch and abhi hurriedly enter in wash room and close the door and dadi smiles and goes from their
As abhi get ready and comes down he see a girl with dadi at dinning table and goes sliently and cover her eyes
Girl: abhi I know this is you so come
Abhi remove his hands
Abhi: today also you reconise
Girl: you dio same thing daliy now I am haboutal of this and I love the way you are my abhi
Abhi: I love you to tanu my chipkali
The girl is tanu
Tanu: see dadi he is telling me chipkali
Dadi: abhi don’t you dare to tell anything to my bahu ok
Abhi: I will tell chipkali
Dadi: so I will tell moring incident
Abhi: no dadi
Tanu: dadi please tell na
And dadi tell her the whole incident and both laughs aloud
Tanu: you scared of cocroch
Abhi: hehe now do your breakfast
Tanu: ok abhi before going we will go mandir I know this deal is important for u
Abhi nodes and they take breakfast and take dadi blessing
They are seeing happy family but a incident change all of their life and abhi meet his love which destiny tied to him

Credit to: queen

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