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In abhi’s Room
After making each other eat chocolate abhi kept the bag on the bed again. Pragya: Its quite late I think you should sleep, you must be tired afterword.
Abhi smiled: Even you need sleep pragya you must be tired
PRAGYA  smiled and left after saying Good Night to each other. Abhi turned to see the THANK YOU card given by pragya. It was a big card which had stars on the cover. A small smiled appeared on his lips.He opened the card and saw a message written by pragya – “Thank You abhi for giving me the bracelet, I know this card is nothing to express the efforts you did for me to order this bracelet especially keeping in mind how attached I am with my parents and how I lost myself after them but I also know you too were equally attached with them but no one was there with you to console you when you got the newsof their death. Everyone just gave me importance and consoled me, neil uncle and ragini aunty but no one even called you, I know talking now about it won’t give any help to you but if anytime you want to talk I will listen…..”He placed the card on the table and wiped the tears which has started flowing from his eyes. He too loved ranver and Shradha and they treated him as his son. He missed ranveer’s advices on life and career and shradha’s parotta which she used to make for him whenever he demanded and made him eat from her hands. He missed how all 6 of them used to celebrate all occasions together like a happy family. Though pragya and abhi didn’t talk to each other but when it came to their parent’s happiness they didn’t let their differences come in between.
Abhi: She knows I am missing them……she knows He smiled to himself and slept after thinking about his old days with them.
Next Morning
PRAGYA and Neil  as usual left for jogging and ragini  prepared breakfast and abhi prepared juice for everyone. After breakfast and chit chat they left for office.
At  Office
PRAGYA and Neil were inside their joint cabin and abhi to his cabin which was next to pragya’s side. The cabin was of half glass from topso abhi could easily see pragya from his cabin. Pragya had resumed work after two days so she had a lot of things to catch up and also she didn’t want to be partial with the project she was handling with nikkil..It was afternoon when neil forced pragya to stop her work for lunch break. Abhi was out of office due to some work. Neil and pragya were having lunch in their cabin itself when neil decided to tell her about co-owner thing.PRAGYA says But uncle abhi ko bura lagega.Neil says i spoke to him  , he has no problem with it infact he said he will be happy to see you in ranveer’s place.pragya says Uncle can I talk to him about it personally before taking any decision? Neil: No problem pragya, this can wait but it is important to clear any doubts after all you both have to work together in one office.pragya smiled and resumed to workafter lunch. Neil left for a meeting and informed pragya that he will directly meet her at home. Pragya was busy in work and abhi returned in office and entered her cabin.abhi:pragya dad?
PRAGYA:actually he went for an important meeting.
Abhi: Ha I had been to the factory and mujhe laga ki there should be some improvements to increase the production and improve the quality of products

They discussed a few points, abhi was impressed with pragya’s advices keeping future trends in mind and pragya was impressed with abhi’s suggestions which can give them better outputs. After that they decided to talk with neil for his approval.
BHI: Its closing time chale ghar?
PRAGYA: Ha just give me 10 mins I will wind up .They left after winding up for the day.
At Mehra’s Mansion
RAGINI welcomed abhi and pragya in the house.abhi: Mom dad aaye nahi ab tak.
Ragini: Nahi beta and he will be late.ha informed me that he is going to attend the function after meeting.so let’s have dinner.
Pragya: Nahi aunty I will wait for him
Abhi: Yes mom and I am not hungry too
Ragini: Theek hai you two fresh up i will get coffee for both of you
They all settled in the hall with coffee and were watching a movie when neil returned and all had dinner and retired to their room.
Next Morning ,ragini were getting ready for the function. Pragya was helping her with saree and jewellery. Abhi in living room was discussing with neil the points which he discussed with pragya for production. He even discussed pragya’s inputs. Neil was happy to see theirs kids thinking for company’s betterment and gave his approval.Soon pragya and ragini came in the living room. Ragini was looking beautiful both neil and abhi smiled at her beauty.
Abhi: Wow mom you are looking beautiful
Neil flirting: ragini hume pakka function attend karna hai ya hum humara plan bana sakte hai
Ragini blushed and abhi and pragya smiled looking at them flirting like before.
RAGINI says all credits goes to pragya
PRAGYA : Aunty aap ho hi itni sundar ki aapko inn sab cheezo ki zarurat nahi to look pretty aapki smile hi kafi hai
Neil: Ha pragya you are right …abf your smile na …..i am back to my twenties
Ragini blushing: arey what are you saying….our kids are grown up..
Neil: Arre main toh inke bacho ke saamne bhi tumse aise hi flirt karunga
All of them laughed at his statement. Neil and ragini left bidding bye to abhi and pragya. As it was independence day so office was closed so they decided to rest at home.pragya came to her room where she found co-ownership agreement file on her bed and decided to talk to abhi.She headed towards abhi’s room but didn’t find him anywhere. She moved towards hall and found him seeing tv.
Abhi: Come pragya ,movie is going good
Pragya: abhi I wanted to talk to you
Abhi: Ya come sit

Abhi switched off the TV and pragya handed over him the file. She sat next to him but at some distance.
Pragya: Yeh neil uncle ne
Abhi: Dad only kept the file in your room.and he too says you are not signing it
Pragya: abhi are you ok with this?
Abhi smiled: pragya this is your right mujhe kyu problem hogi infact main dad se naraz hoon unhone yeh 3 saal pehle kyu nahi kar diya
Pragya: what will others think..
Abhi came a bit closer looking into her eyes: what you think is important to me, not what those set of people who don’t matter to me. Pragya this is your right and ranveer uncle’s dream can be easier if you take this step. Aur jaha tak baat meri hai I am always with you….hamesha
Pragya looking in his eyes: Hamesha?
Abhi nodded in yes: Chalo now signit.abhi gave pen to her and when shewas about to sign it he stopped her.
Abhi: Wait yaha nahi
Abhi took the file in one hand and holded her hand in another hand and took her to her room. He made her sit on the study table and kept the file in front of her. He also kept the photo of her parents in front of her and gave her the pen.
Abhi: Now sign…

Pragya had tears in her eyes seeing her parents photo. Abhi kept his hand on her shoulder and gestured her to sign. She signed with a smile on her face. Pragya was still looking at the photo frame and abhi made her stand.
Abhi: Lets celebrate
PRAGYA says But what about aunty and uncle. .
Abhi says ok fine we will but before that a small party from this junior , you get ready fast
Pragya: But hum ja kaha rahe hai?
Abhi: SURPRISE saying this he left the room.

Precap: abhi takes her out at a special place…..PRAGYA becomes happy……
nikkil becomes part of their dinner……._________________

Credit to: anisha

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