I know its late …. i thought my ff is boring i stopped after seeing your comments I am continuing. ….. Abhi woke up and took bath. He moved towards hall but suddenly stopped and entered pragya’s room. He saw her room which wias neat and clean and everything perfectly placed at their right place and in proper manner. His eyes went to her study table there her files and note pad was kept systematically arranged height wise.Then he saw her bed where pillows and cushions were placed and bedsheet didn’t had a single wrinkle.abhi smiled: She is still the same

Ragini had viral infection and fever from 3 days and Shradha was taking care of her. She used to take care of her medicines and food for all. One day pragya was coming to meet ragini after her college when she saw abhi’s room messed up. She stepped in.
Pragya saw abhi’s room messed up and she thinks that this abhi na…always keeps his room like this…She started cleaning the room and placed everything at right place and at right way. She was placing his book in the book shelf when abhi entered the room but pragya didn’t notice it. Abhi saw his room was perfect and then his eyes fell on pragya who was placing his books on the shelf. He cleared his throat to get her attention but she got scared and books fell from her hand. He laughed at her but she ignored him and picked the books and placed them at right place.pragya looking down: Aunty is not well so I did it taki unko iss halat mein stress na lena pade she is very weak. Abhi smiled: Thanks…She left ignoring him.

Abhi was smiling and thinking how he and her could never become friends. There was something between them but what they didn’t knew and now she is way too far from her own self to atleast become like before which was like being STRANGERS to each others. Brushing all the thoughts he moved towards dining table for breakfast, he wished his parents “Good Morning” and started eating his breakfast.ragini says to Neil that pragya had matured more that now she can handle anything easily.Neil says  Ha meri jhansi ki rani de dunga par kya woh 2 din ghar par rahegi aur waise bhi aaj toh sirf ad ka presentation hai, asli kaam toh aane ke baad hoga. Neil says and she had proved that she is ranveer’s daughter and also she had fulfilled his dreams. Abhi smiled: Of course dad she is really talented, she will bring it on.ragini says Par meri bachi ko help karna aap dono warna woh thak jayegi. Neil and Abhi says together Yes jhansi ki rani…..ragini made angry face and they both laughed. After the breakfast they left for office.
At Office As usual abhi  burried himself in work. His intelligence and ideas were praised by all and neil was feeling proud of his son. Abhi was given his cabin which was designed by ragini for her son. He called her to thank her and switched back to work.

It was around 3 in the afternoon, neil was sitting in his cabin when pragya called him.pragya smiled saying  Uncle! They are very much impressed with the ideas and will start the work for it from next week onwards
Neil  smiled broadly saying Aaj mere dono bacho ne mujhe khush kar diya, beta come soon tonight we will celebrate, aaj abhi ko uske cabin mein shift kar diya and all are really impressed with him.pragya says  Congratulations uncle and wish abhi too…..Neil says why you itself wish him ,better call him. Pragya says actually I think I should wish him personally in night, I will be home by dinner time.Neil  teasingly: Ok beta be fast, WE ALL ARE MISSING you…He smiled and hung up the call and informed ragini about pragya’s success and arrival…

At Mehra Mansion
At 7, Neil and abhi  returned home but abhi was still unaware of pragya’s arrival. He tried asking but before he could ask he heard the door bell. RAGINI opened the door and saw pragya standing there with a broad smile. RAGINI  hugged her and she hugged back. Neil too hugged her and abhi was standing there happy to see her after two long days. He didn’t knew what made him so happy but he was.pragya sat on couch with neil and discussed about her trip, her success and how she will proceed further with this project. Neil and ragini saw a new confidence in her and old smile which was missing.Abhi  kept admiring her. RAGINI asked them to freshen up and she arranged the dining table for dinner.pragya quickly came back and helped ragini but she made her sit as she was tired from journey. Ragini started feeding her with her hands and pragya too did the same. Neil and abhi came and joined them for dinner.Neil asked pragya not for me..pragya  happily fed neil and ragini together. Abhi smiled seeing her playing with them like before. After dinner they retired to their room as everyone was tired.Abhi  was in his room when he heard a knock on his door. He opened and to his sweetest surprise he found pragya standing there.pragya asked Did I disturbed you?Abhi says  No no pragya come..pragya came inside and sat on the edge of the bed. Abhi sat next to her abhi asked  Kuch kehna tha?pragya says Congratulations for your cabin and happy to hear all are impressed with you in office .Abhi  smiled: Thanks but I could not impress a person.pragya asked who….abhi says woh…in my office there is a senior officer to me who is much talented and also achieved a big thing….her name is pragya.. pragya smiled: You don’t have to impress me I know you are talented.abhi smiled: Thank you…pragya handed him a bag. He was confused but then he took and saw a thank you card with chocolates.Abhi ….pragya yeh?pragya says Chocolates for your joining in our company and yeh car because of the bracelet. She got up and moved ahead: abhi you know after mom dad n main bahut restless ho gayi thi, i tried my best to distract but i failed, neil uncle and ragini aunty tried to divert me….. but there was some kind of emptiness in me but jab se you have given me this bracelet na I have felt complete, I have got my confidence back and I feel I can do anything now I can face the world and this is only possible because of you, your this bracelet made me feelmom dad are around me, my restlessness is gone I feel better, thanks alot abhi…abhi smiled: pragya, I am always there for you always..pragya smiled at him. Abhi took the chocolate and made her eat from his hand..Abhi says Congratulations for moving ahead in fulfilling ranveer uncle’s dream pragya took another piece of chocolate and fed him and he happily ate.pragya says Congratulations on your new journey in our company…

Precap: abhi makes pragya sign co-ownership papers….

Credit to: anisha

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