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Next Morning
Neil and ragini woke up at 7 as usual routine neil got ready for jogging. The moment he opened his door he was stunned to see pragya already standing there ready for jogging. Ragini and Neil smiled and wished her good morning and hugged her. They left for jogging and ragini went to wake up abhi as it was his first day in his company .ragini went to make breakfast while abhi freshened up and joined her at dining table. Abhi saw there was no juice so he went to make juice. Ragini smiled seeing abhi’s care for pragya. Soon neil and pragya returned from jogging and abhi handed over them juice and ragini served breakfast.neil says pragya i want to tell an important thing to you.pragya says uncle me too.Neil says ok fine say.pragya says Uncle i am going with nikku to pune for 2 days .Abhi asked why.pragya says actually I am going to do a presentation regarding safety measures of the manufacturers in oberoi company and nikku will pick me tomorrow. Abhi shouted asking who is nikku.pragya looks him shocked.pragya asked you dont remember him….nikkil.abhi says ha i do and why you want to go with him. You are going on behalf of our company n.a..neil and ragini had tough time controlling their laugh.pragya says arey nahi baba I have to do a presentation with him and we have a joint venture for this advertisement jaha idea and creativity is of our company and marketing and promotions of nikkil Industries.pragya at the moment got a call from nikkil and she excused herself to talk to him.Abhi asked But Dad, our company doesn’t need any joint venture we are capable enough.Neil says Right beta but nikkil father na he asked me a favour and moreover nikkil is your friend and he too helped in pragya’s training so how could I say no. Abhi didn’t knew what to say and his restlessness was clearly visible on his face and this was enjoyed by Neil and Ragini.pragya returned after 5 mins.pragya happily says Uncle nikkil ne meri presentation apne dad ko dikhayi and he is very impressed with it.Neil proudly says kyu impress nahi hote meri pragya hai hi itni talented, I am proud of you, ok let’s leave abhi come with me to office .abhi shouts: NOOO…..everyone looks at him and he tried to find an excuse of his out sudden out burst.abhi says Woh….aaj toh mera first day hai so jab aap busy honge I need someone to guide na so agar pragya hogi I will get help.pragya says Ha woh toh hai but nikkil bhi aa raha hai to talk regarding the presentation so main aaungi.pragya excused herself to get ready and abhi was upset to see pragya going with nikkil for two days alone. He knew nikkil but the gap of three years where he helped pragya and pragya was now calling him nikku was pinching his heart, he didn’t had any idea how close pragya is with nikkil. He sadly went to his room and got ready. Soon all three left for office.

In office
Pragya entered the office to gear up for meeting with  nikkil and neil introduced abhi with the important staff members like his PA, manager and etc. Meanwhile nikkil entered the office but abhi and  neil didn’t notice.nikkil  entered the cabin and pragya  welcomed him with a hug. The time when they were hugging each other abhi and neil enteredthe cabin. Abhi fumed in anger seeing pragya in nikkil’s arms. Theybroke hug when the heard neil’s voice.Neil says Hey nikkil and nikkil smiled and shook hands with neil and then he saw abhi and hugged him. Abhi responded but if given a chance would have killed nikkil for touching pragya. Neil sensed his anger and called him for some work which could distract him. Nikkil sat with pragya on her table to discuss their presentation. Nikkil and pragya were working on project and abhi kept an eye on them through his laptop. Nikkil used to crack jokes in between which made pragya smile and everytime when she called him nikku, abhi could feel something has hit his heart. He couldn’t bear more but he also couldn’t do anything which can hurt pragya. He informed neil he is going to check the accounts and left. Neil smiled to see his son being jealous.nikkil and pragya winded up with the meeting then discussed how they will be travelling. Later nikkil bid bye to neil with handshake and   pragya with again a hug. This was watched by abhi as he just entered the cabin with some files in hand. He was again fuming in anger to see pragya in his arms but couldn’t do anything.The day passed with lots of work as pragya would not attend office for 2 days. Abhi tried to stop pragya but when he realised its an important project for her career he didn’t said anything further.pragya helped abhi in work and he worked with 100% dedication. They left early as pragya had to prepare for her Pune trip.

At Mehra’s Mansion
After dinner PRAGYA was packing her bags and ragini helped her with clothes and neil with files, laptop and guided her with some tips. Soon they left her room as pragya to sleep early as she had to start her journey at 6 in the morning.Next Morning pragya woke up at 5 and got ready to leave. Ragini packed some food for her and nikkil. Neil also woke up early to wish pragya good luck. But abhi was still sleeping and pragya left with nikkil.At 6.30  abhi woke up with a jerk and ran to pragya’s room and saw her room empty and luggage missing which indicated that she left. He became upset and went back to his room and sat on bed. Neil came and saw him and smiled.Neil says  Good Morning beta today you woke up so early. Abhi says Ha woh aakh khul gayi.Neil says ok today we both can go for jogging.abhi smiled and they both left for jogging. While jogging abhi was upset And neil thought to ask abhi about pragya.neil says Thanks beta I know tumne  pragya se baat ki isliye woh Sunday se khush rehne ki aur pehle jaise banne ki koshish kar rahi hai.abhi saysYa i dont know dad when i am seeing her upset i am feeling bad.I have always seen her happy, joyful and that day her face had a faint smile, dull eyes which always shined like a star I just…….I just……….neil sensed his confusion and decided to end the topic saying Jo bhi hai tumne acha kiya, well done beta.They returned back home. After having breakfast they got ready and left for office.

In Office
The whole day passed in work and abhi missed pragya but himself inwork. Pragya time to time called neil to update about the work, abhi wanted to talk but can’t express his desire. They returned back after a hectic day.At Mehra’s Mansion ragini welcomed them and served them dinner. Abhi was all the time quite. He peeped in pragya’s room before going to his room and slept

.Precap: pragya returned

Credit to: anisha

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