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Morning at Mehra’s Mansion
Neil and ragini woke up at 7 am and neil like routine got ready for jogging. He headed towards pragya’s room but before that he peeped in abhi’s room and found him sleeping peacefully. Then he knocked on pragya ‘s room door and she was sitting with some files which neil understood was an excuse to avoid jogging. Neil says Good Morning beta, chalo jogging ka time ho gaya hai(Good Morning beta let’s go it’s time for jogging)pragya says Good Morning uncle and I can’t come actually I have a project for which I need to make a presentation so you go with abhi.neil smiled at her Beta woh he is still sleeping and he loves to go to the gym not for jogging so leave this files and let’s go .pragya says But uncle this is important. Neil says Ha Ok then do it tomorrow not today because today is Sunday and it’s supposed to be a holiday today nobody will work. Neil took files from her hands, he kept it on bed and dragged her outside for jogging. Pragya accepting defeat went for jogging.After sometime abhi woke up and took bath. While he was moving towards dining table his eyes fell on pragya’s room. He stepped in and saw files on bed. He looked around and found the entire room walls were filled with ranveer and Shradha’s photos with her and a large picture of all 6 of them which was of the last diwali he attended and probably last diwali of ranveer and Shradha.A lone tear escaped from his eyes, he was sad as he too was really close to ranveer and Shradha and couldn’t see them for the last time. He came out the room brushing awayall the thoughts and moved towards dining table where ragini was arranging breakfast. He came and hugged her and wished Good Morning.Abhi asked Mom ,Dad took pragya for jogging with him?.ragini says Ha today also she was sitting with a new excuse.abhi smiled: Files right?ragini asked How do you know.abhi says I was coming and passed by the room that time I saw files on the bed and uncle aunty’s photos everywhere
Ragini looked down saying I don’t understand what to do to make her happy and your dad wants to make her co-owner, my baby is already suffering so much and your dad wants to give her so big responsibility. Abhi says Don’t worry she is really strong, just a little motivation and love is needed you both keep giving her, shewill be fine.

Ragini nodded and was going to make coffee but abhi stopped her saying he will make. The moment he went inside the kitchen, pragya and neil retured from jogging. Neil sitting on dining chair says Today I am tired .pragya says i will get juice for you.Neil noded and pragya moved towards kitchen. In the Kitchen pragya entered and found abhi making coffee. She came near him.pragya asked Can I help?abhi turned Good Morning pragya, and no I can make coffee don’t worry pragya smiled and started making fruit juice when abhi stopped her,pragya I am making coffee for everyone so no need for juice .pragya immediately left the juicer and was about to leave but abhi held her hand to stop. Pragya was shocked with his sudden act and looked at his hand which was holding her. Abhi realised it and immediately left .abhi says If you want to drink juice then you can say it, you can say your wishes in front of me I will be happy to fulfil it.pragya looked in his eyes which were showering concern and care for her.pragya in a low voice, Actually I was making this for uncle and not me, after jogging his energy level is low so fruit juice will help him gain energy, he diabetic patient so its good for his health .Abhi smirked and says Then where are you going? Do what is right and you wish to do pragya this is your family as well so stop being formal, please make the juice for everyone today will drink juice and not coffee .pragya says But you wanted.abhi interrupted her Please Pragya nodded and went back to make juice. Abhi smiled and stood next to her. He handed over her four glasses in a tray. She poured the juice and took the tray towards dining table followed by abhi.In the Dining Area neil sat on his chair while pragya served juice and breakfast to everyone. After having breakfast pragya went to her room saying she has to make a presentation.Abhi asked What presentation Dad?Neil says That one which is already completed 4 days ago but still she opens laptop and files and pretends that the presentation is still remaining.Abhi asked If you know that the presentation is complete then why this pretending and all.neil says Beta since you have come then she says that we should give our time to you.abhi asked Really?abhi thought ,I think she needs to remember how was the time 3 years before abhi to them…Dad Mom go to your room I will just come…

Abhi rushed towards his room and neil and ragini headed towards their room.

After sometime abhi entered their room with some shopping bags. He had bought some perfumes and a couple watch for both with whisky bottles. Neil and ragini were happy to see all the gifts. Then abhi informed he is going to give pragya her gifts. They smiled and nodded.In pragya’s Room abhi came to her room and saw pragya sitting on bed holding a file as if reading it but was continously staring at something. Coming closer, he saw she was holding a photo of ranveer and Shradha’s inside the file. He cleared his throat which brought pragya back in her senses. When she looked up, abhi saw her eyes were red and tears were flowing which was hurting him. She immediately wiped them.abhi asked Did I disturbed you?pragya hiding the photo says No I was just preparing for a presentation abhi smiled asking That presentation only right in which a girl with her parents used to stay happily in her home.pragya looked down and abhi sat on bed infront of her. He offered her a gift. Pragya gave him a questioning look.Abhi says woh I got a gift for you from London.pragya says Iski koi zarurat nahi hai(This was not needed. Abhi says Ek baar kholke dekhlo agar zarurat na lage toh wapas kar dena, main kaha bhage ja raha hoon(First open and see it if you feel that it is not needed then return it back to me, I m not running away.abhi smiled at her and she started unwrapping the gift. It was a small square box. She opened the box and saw there was a bracelet, she took it in her hand and tears started rolling from her eyes again with a big smile on her lips.

It was a silver bracelet which had three letters hanging in the order ‘R’, ‘P’ and ‘S’. Abhi moved a bit closer to her and took the bracelet from her hand and made her wear it on her right hand. Pragya’s eyes were fixed on the bracelet. Abhi was just admiring her.Abhi asked So did you like it?pragya smiling to the fullest says I loved it .abhi says Now ranveer uncle and shradha aunty will be always around you.pragya was still staring at the bracelet with a smile on her face caressing the letters with her fingers and abhi was still sitting there infront of her looking at her real smile which returned after three years.All this was observed by Neil and ragini who were happy to see pragya’s smile returning after three years but neil also noticed pragya’s eyes which were shining to see pragya happy. He gestured ragini to come with him in their room.

In neil and ragini’s Room
Ragini says You saw my baby was so happy today.Neil says ,Ya I saw but you saw the reason behind her happiness. Ragini asked What do you want to say, say it clearly. Neil says ragini , from the time abhi has returned he is giving more attention to pragya and that bracelet needs deep thinking but 3 years ago they never even used to talk only formal hi hello, they were like strangers and on top of all abhi is ready to work under pragya.ragini asked What is going on in your brain, say it clearly.Neil says I think abhi likes pragya.ragini smiled.. Sach agar aisa hai toh mujhse jyada khushi kisiko nahihogi(Really if this it then I will be the most happy) Neil says ragini, before getting excited understand pragya’s condition till date she is upset she trying all possible ways to run away from here and on top of that if we ask something like this then she will feel bad and this is just my observation first let me ask abhi and confirm it.ragini asked it Means you will ask him?.neil says No lets observe for a few days because pragya is happy today only because of abhi so I don’t want that any kind awkwardness to arise between the two.ragini placed her hand on him, you don’t worry whatever will happen we will always be with pragyaand abhi…neil smiled at her.

Precap: pragya plans movie and dinner for everyone…

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