It was 7 am in the morning when Neil and ragini woke up with the sound of alarm. Neil wore his jogging suit and shoes while ragini went in kitchen to get bottle of water. Neil came downstairs where ragini waiting for him.Neil asked where is pragya. Ragini says She hasn’t come yet, from the time she has come to know that abhi is returning she has started maintaining distance from us.

Neil says I know but we have taken her responsibility for lifetime and I have full faith that abhi will also understand this and will accept my decision then even pragya won’t do this.ragini says Hope so and you take pragya for jogging and cheer her up.

Neil agreed and moved towards pragya’s room.

Neil entered her room and founds her sitting on bed with her parents photo in hand caressing it.

Neil sat besides her and kept his hand on her shoulder. Pragya saw him with teary eyes and hugged him.

Pragya says ,Please let me go home, why are you taking so much trouble because of me, at night abhi will also come back, he…

Before pragya could say further neil broke the hug.neil asked And why do you think he would have any problem? PRAGYA beta stop worrying about him and think about me today my jogling will remain pending. Come on get up lets go.
Neil dragged her out of the room, waved bye to ragini and took pragya for jogging. After jogging they returned and got ready for office. Neil got ready in a black suit and pragya wore a white shirt and black pants. They both had breakfast and left for office while ragini made arrangements for abhi’s arrival.
At Office…
Neil and pragya were working in the office. Pragya had completed her training and studies and was now working as an employee but neil insisted her to sit in ranveer’s place in their cabin for which she happily agreed. It had been a year now that pragya was working in the office and gave her 100% accuracy in her work not letting anyone doubt her skills. Neil saw ranveer in pragya’s work as she had the same way of working which ranveer had.
At 8 pm they left from office. Neil dropped pragya at home and left to airport to pick abhi.
At the Airport….
Neil was waiting for abhi at the Airport. As soon as abhi arrived Neil hugged him and happiness to meet after 3 years was clearly seen from their moist eyes. Abhi says arey dad you have became fat
Neil says it’s because of your mom.she is making the food tasty n.a…I could not resist..you too will become fatty as you reached na. They headed towards their car and drove home. But at the midway neil stopped the car.abhi aakedWhat happen dad why did you stop the car in the middle?.
Neil says abhi I want to talk to you about pragya .Abhi asked pragya.

Neil says ha….you must be knowing pragya ‘s training and studies got over last year only and immediately after that she has started working with our company but after ranveer and shradha’s death, she was shattered so I had decided that she would stay with us in Mehra’s Mansion.abhi smiled, Yes I know that and I highly appreciate your decision that you didn’t leave her alone, took her responsibility and today she is an independent working lady, personally I feel proud of her.
Neil smiled at his last statement.
Neil continued, abhi I have taken a decision which I don’t know how you will react because it is going to be partial for you.abhi says,Dad as far as its your decision it can never be partial to me whatever it is I will be happy, I promise.Neil takes a deep breath …After ranveer’s death, pragya got the rights over his shares and power in our company but only if I give the consent to her in writing. But I didn’t give it to her yet because then she will have the position of a co-owner in our company like me but you will be an employee under her.
Abhi says Dad you really think all this will bother to me, all I know is when you are there no one can take my advantage and as far as pragya is concerned if you think she deserves this and can handle this responsibility I don’t have any problem even in working under her, dad relax I have no problem with this decision.neil hugs him ,i am proud of you beta and I have one more request.Abhi says Anything dad. Neil says ,abhi , from the time pragya has come to know that you are returning she is adamant on moving back to kapoor Mansion and today she wasn’t even willing to come with me for jogging, I had to force her for that. Abhi till date she misses her parents a lot, ragini and I tried a lot but the feelings that she has for ranveer and shradha, we are unable to fulfil that and even though she is normal today but from inside she is upset and completely broken and that’s why I can’t let her go back otherwise by staying alone she can do something inappropriate to herself. That is why I want pragya to stay here with us.abhi smiles, Dad I have no problem and please don’t be so formal with me. I know even after being neighbours and family friends we were never able to be friends but I don’t have anything against her neither personally nor professionally, so relax now can we leave I am very hungry and Mom would be irritating pragya while waiting for me.They both laughed and drove to Mehra Mansion. At mehra Mansion ragini was eagerly waiting for abhi to come whereas pragya was preparing dinning table for dinner. The moment bell rang ragini rushed to the door and opened it. Abhi hugged her, lifted her in his arms and twirled her around. Neil and pragya smiled seeing the mother and son love. Ragini says Enough abhi I m feeling dizzy. Abhi made her stand on her feet and ragini kissed his forehead. Ragini called everyone on the dinning table. Abhi turned towards dinning table and saw pragya standing there in a white coloured kurti leggings and she was holding a jug of water in hand. Abhi smiled and moved towards her. Abhi forwarded his hand: Hi pragya. Pragya smiled and shook hands with him: Hi.They all settled down on the dining table. Neil was sitting on the head of the family chair and left side ragini, abhi next to ragini and right side pragya. Pragya and ragini were serving food in plates while abhi was observing pragya’s sad eyes, faint smile, pale face and hair tied in a ponytail.abhi thought: Dad was right she is normal from outside but really sad within .There was silence on the dining table then abhi broke the silence….Wow Mom the food is soo yummy.ragini smiled saying, I didn’t made it, pragya made it.Everyone looked at pragya. RAGINI continued saying From morning I was busy in cleaning and decorating your room that I was dead tired that’s why I was resting in the evening that is when pragya came from office, saw me like this and said she would make the food so I took some rest

Neil says Good but beta why did you make the food you should have ordered it,you already worked a lot in the office today.pragya says ,Uncle I wasn’t tired and I didn’t had anything to do and even aunty was taking rest so I made it.neil says but take care of yourself too..abhi interrupted ,But I am happy I never ate such yummy food before, thanks pragya. Pragya smiled and they finished their dinner and moved towards abhi’s room.
Abhi saw the room was decorated with his choice of things and he hugged ragini thanking her and neil informed him that pragya’s room is next to his room. They were sitting on the bed and talking when pragya came with ice cream. She offered everyone and said she is tired and wants to sleep but abhi stops her.Abhi says pragya come sit I want to talk with you also and I have also got gift for everyone so sit please.pragya says Abhi I am really tired can we talk tomorrow abhi smiled at her and she left closing the door. Neil says Beta she does like this only, when you used to call or your Skype call come she used to go away like this only so that she doesn’t come between the three of us.RAGINI says I don’t understand how to make her smile like before and son have you got gift for her also…Abhi says Ha mom and don’t worry you two I know she is sad can see it in her eyes but I am with you both so help me in the mission to make her smile like before.both smiled at abhi and he slept on ragini ‘s lap and neil sat next to them. They talked for sometime and slept in their respective rooms….

Precap: abhi gives a gift to pragya…

Hope you all liked it…..

Credit to: anisha

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