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BY seeing Neil ,ragini’s fear increased.she shakes Neil to say something and in state of shock he was only able to say ” ranveer ” .PRAGYA became more worried and she took the phone from him and called the last recieved number.
The call was answered by a lady ,on enquiry she informed that she is a nurse at a city hospital and she called Neil mehra to inform that his relative had met with an accident and their ID says their name RANVEER KAPOOR AND SHRADHA KAPOOR. this was all for pragya to collapse ,her world was shaken and she fell back on the couch.
RAGINI shouted at them to say something ,Neil somehow managed to say that ranveer and shradha met with an accident and are admitted in city hospital. RAGINI imediately hugged pragya who was completely collapsed.
At city hospital , all three reached and enquired about them. The doctor asked them to follow him.all three followed him but when they saw at which direction they are going, pragya stopped and nodded no ..it can’t happen..it can never happen no…RAGINI consoles her but in vain.the room was morgue room.RAGINI made pragya to sit on the bench outside the room and gestured Neil to go ahead.ragini hugged pragya but she was numb ,she didn’t even blink her lashes and she kept on looking down.ragini herself was crying to loose her friend.
Neil entered the morgue room where he saw 2 dead bodies covered with white cloth.the doctor went ahead and uncovers the dead body faces ,tears rolled down from his eyes he took small steps towards ranveer ‘s body and tried to touch his face but he couldnt and then saw shradha ‘a body.both had cuts and wounds on their faces .he couldn’t see more and he ran out of room.
The moment he came out ,ragini approached him and seeing his face ,she figured out that ranveer and shradha are no more.they both cried hugging each other.they saw pragya who was still numb sitting on the bench.ragini sat beside her and wrapped her hands around her shoulders for support and Neil kneeled before pragya.

He saw pragya ‘s condition and tried to break her trance by shaking her and talking to her. Neil says ,beta this is also a life ,you never know when what will happen but you don’t worry we are here with you.ragini who is still crying says ha…we will be with you always and please say something da.They kept trying their best but pragya didn’t react to anything.

Neil completed all the hospital formalities and claimed the bodies and reached to kapoor’s mansion.
Neil and ragini made all the preparations for the funeral and pragya Sat next to get parents dead bodies.she was just staring at them continuously and suddenly she got up and went near him.
PRAGYA says pappa wake up…mumma wake up..it’s almost 6 a.m. in morning.she shouted wake up…
RAGINI runs to her and hugged her ,pragya started crying her heart out.ragini cried with her and kept rubbing her back to support her.Neil too cried and soon pandit and all relatives came and they completed the funeral.
The day passed but pragya kept crying.Neil and ragini couldn’t see her so they decided to take pragya’s responsibility. And also to bring her to their home.first pragya denied but after many request from Neil she accepted
They closed kapoor mansion after ragini shifted pragya ‘s things to their mansion and handed over the keys to pragya.she started to stay with them but couldn’t come out of her trauma.

Tanu, nikil ,purab ,bulbul ,abhi ,pragya were college mates though abhi flied to london, nikil ,tanu ,bulbul, purab spends some time with pragya and to help her to come out of that incident .but they couldnt as pragya will ignore once she saw them.
Neil decides to make her book office to which ragini denied as she is small girl, but on neil’s explanation that it will make pragya to move on in her life ,she agreed.

First day in office
PRAGYA and Neil entered the cabin.Neil made pragya to sit on ranveer’s chair ,tears rolled from pragya ‘s eyes feeling her father’s presence on chair ,on laptop ,dairy and files.Neil made pragya to sit on ranveer’s chair ,tears rolled from pragya ‘s eyes feeling her father’s presence on chair ,on laptop ,dairy and files.Neil patted her head and stood next to her.

Neil asked pragya,”do you know why I got you here,because I want to fulfil your father’s wish” .PRAGYA asked what wish. Neil says ,pragya he wanted you to join in our company and to make it more successful, this company was his life ,he always wanted you to be a part of it.he had given more hard work and determination compared to me.so I want you to make his dream true and will you do it for you father .

PRAGYA nodded and hugged him.Neil broke the hug and wipped her tears and encouraged her to fulfil all wishes .

Neil himself started to train pragya and she managed her studies and office training together because she had only one ambition in life ro fulfil her dad ‘s wish.Neil and ragini encouraged her.

On the other hand,ragini informed abhi about ranveer and shradha’s death and pragya staying with them.he called Neil and asked whether he should come but Neil told that situation is under control ,so he need not take stress and asked him to concentrate on his studies.

Precap ….
Abhi returns to India…..

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