Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other


Pragya has been bored for her whole life that she is not able to find a right life partner. She had left the destiny of having a good partner to the hands of the god. It was regular day where she had gone to college to teach her students on a new topic. She heard from one of her colleagues (Geeta) that a celebrity is coming to the college as a chief guest for the cultural event that is happening in the college. Geeta also tells that “Pragya you have been chosen to welcome him as Pavitra who was supposed to welcome him is not feeling well”. Pragya gets tensed as she will now have to give a welcome speech about the guest. Pragya asks “Who is the chief guest?” Geeta says it’s Abhi the rock star. Pragya gets even more tensed as she does not even know him and some students passed by her talking about his arrival with a lot of excitement. She quickly takes her phone and googles about him and somehow wrote a welcome speech about him. The principal arrives and tell Pragya hopefully you have prepared a good welcome speech as you are one of the professors proficient in Hindi language. Pragya says thank you for your compliment and I will try my best.

The principal and some professors invite abhi to the college from the entrance with bouquet. A lot of students gather around the entrance and gave an overwhelming cheer to their favourite rock star. The girls were all cheering I love you abhi. Abhi waved his hands in response and he was quickly facilitated to the auditorium that the cultural event was to begin.
Meanwhile Pragya at the backstage is practising hard for the speech so that she won’t make any flaws. Suddenly pragya feels a very pleasant feeling and there is also a gush of wind touching her face. The same is experienced by abhi as he enters the auditorium and has a seat.
Abhi is checking at his phone is there any message sent by Purab, and at the same time Pragya comes to the podium to start her speech. She adjusts the mic and starts saying Music belongs to everyone, that is when Abhi looks up to listen to her. She continues that music is a feeling where it belongs to everyone.

It doesn’t matter in which form it comes it is all about how you experience it. And today on this happening day a person who makes this wonderful feeling have arrived to share about his thoughts and experience, which is none other than Abhi the rock star. Abhi gets impressed as he also always felt that music is a feeling which has to be experienced by everyone. He continues to listen to Pragya’s speech with utmost attention. Pragya continues, I may not be listening to Abhi sir’s music but his fan’s love for him tells that he is dedicated to his work and so that is why he have reached to great heights. Abhi gets little disappointed that Pragya is not a fan of him as she had not listened to his music. He thinks to himself may be she is a boring person who does not listen to modern music. Soon her speech finishes and its Abhi’s turn now to give a speech. He walks up to the stage and Pragya gives him the bouquet and both of them have eye to eye contact for a few seconds.

Abhi tells that the welcome speech was awesome and also tells in a funny way that the presenter mentioned that she has not listened to his music which is her great loss. Hearing this Pragya gets angry thinking how can it be a great loss if I never listen to his music!!

Credit to: Sugashini

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  1. Nice episode…

  2. gd strtng. nys epi

  3. Better but waiting for next part may still good think so..

  4. Nice intro and good start

  5. Superb episode… Good storyline…I loved the intro of abhi n pragya n abhi’s angry when pragya say that she didn’t hear his song n pragya’s angry too… I love it… Good going

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s good……Something new…….Have a different way ….when the story begins with…….

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