Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-21)


Hi guys! And to syya so sorry if u feel its dragging now and tks for liking it to the extent that u checked everyday whether that i got updated. But i will not drag like real kkb for sure, since u have bring up the point that they make play with each other to hurt each other later. My intention of tis ff is never based on that. My intention is to make them fall in love despite their with opposite characters. And tats y i kept the title as story of opposite attracts each other. Now they already attracted to each other and in a few episodes tey will be tgthr. So u all may wonder then what else is in the story when they are tgthr alrdy? I would like to continue it as how long they can maintain their relation with their opposite characters and what are the issues that they will have to face and how will they adjust to each other and in the end how all these make their love stronger and unbreakable.

This is what i kept in my mind before starting this ff for the vry first time. I personally wonder y everytime ppl say opposite attract each other and i have seen some of my friends being like tat too. My friend once told me its easy to get attracted to a person who is opposite of u. It will be fun and u will enjoy their accompany a lot in the beginning as the experience is new but as time goes by it will be difficult to understand them and thats when love gets suffocating. Her words made me to write tis ff in the beginning and when i started this in the vry beginning i was making sure in each epi i was establishing both of their characters slowly, Pragya being the more softspoken type and Abhi being the bold and daring. The only thing that binds them tgther is the caring nature that they have but the rest is all different. So hope all this help u all to get a clear picture of where my ff is gg towards. Pls feel free to comment whether u all want me to continue in my way of thoughts or in just a track with twist and turns in their lives?

I will update my nxt episode after seeing the response for this as this ff is the vry first story that i have wrote with so much of thoughts in my mind and just to share with u all personally o feel my imagination skills have only improved after writing this ff. I am always a person who choose to write argumentative essays in school. I cant rmbr writing a proper story and teachers used to say that u should try to make an effort in making ur situational esaays a bit interesting. They used to say its just mundane. So tats y whenever u all comment as interesting, amazing and awesome it really meant a lot to me.

Hope to get feedback from u all and sorry if i have disappointed any of u all again.

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. I like ur thinking suga. It’s good to keep some concept and write. I m an archi student. I deal with concepts. So I speak like this . whether its design or writing, it always good to have a concept. It ties u to the route without going out of track. The concept u have taken is also very good. Even I accept to the fact that opposite attracts. Whenever I see someone who is opposite of my character, sometimes I feel irritated, I wonder how they r like this. It may create hate feeling within u. Hate and love has a very close relationship. The line between is fragile. Both can turn into other anytime . l like ur concept. Its unique and fragile . it gives meaning to ur ff. So please continue. I m a silent reader. I don’t comment not bcoz I don’t like it, I m stuck with my schedules and I m little bit lazy. Don’t take me wrong. Sorry to bore u with my lectures.

  2. Maya! Continue it the way u want to! They are freaking awesome! I don’t have words to define yiur creativity! And words are not enough to define someone’s creativity dear! And yes, the main reason i like your ff is Opposite things do attract eachother! Like opposite poles! Opposite people! It’s fun being with them who are completely different from you! Opposite to you! Like you! I m also a person that choses to write argumentative essay! Well i wasn’t good at that! But slowly and gradually i become good! So i appreciate your thoughts, the way u present the story! That’s amazing! It’s worth praising you and dear i m saying these words by true definition, i do praise the one who is worthy of it! And you are! Sorry if this comment made you bore! Haha! I met a girl completely different than me! Like almost opposite, My cousin! We used to fight, at minor things, but as time passed we became sisters! Or more than that! I loved her to the core of my heart, but I lost her year ago! Today i miss her, i miss her most! I’m sure she might me shinning somewhere from heaven! Okay sorry i didn’t meant to share it with you, even i havn’t shared this with anyone but i don’t know why? I just shared!… Sorry if it made u bore or something but…. You are amazing…

    1. Some mistakes are there

      *might be

  3. U r awesome

  4. hi maya ..i am reji …i am a silent reader of ur ff…….first of all sorry for not commenting……really at first i was stucked with exams….so properly i can’t read ur ff…….and sorry ..sry sry sry sry sry…………………………. and maya the title opposite attracts each other attracted me ……..i love this title…..and ur imagination skill was good …i like it …….. and u continue in ur way of thoughts…….as a friend i am saying i don’t know whether u will accept me as ur friend ……??……maya …this is ur ff……ur imagination…ur creativty ….. if u bring out ur imagination by this ff….defintely …after writing that u will get a satisfied feeling …and more creative ideas………finally i am saying ……i love ur ff…..i love ur ff……i love ur ff…..

  5. Hey Maya pls don’t stop writing write the way what you want we all will support you

  6. No yaar really I dint get disappoint with Ur ff really I too want to continue with Ur ff by Ur thoughts according to me whenever any relationship struggles a lot thn their relationship vl get more stronger it’s my point anyway my opinion is ur story carry on with Ur imagination

  7. Hy Maya,Its Really a Different plot…..Continue it with the way u want to………..U r Really talented………I love this ff…………I am saying this all from my bottom of Heart……Trust me,Its toooooooooo good……………..

  8. Maya your ff is just awesome… Even I always get happy when I see that u uploaded next episode… U can continue it in ur way

  9. grt continue it heart felt story different story all together

  10. Hai Maya.. Sugashini❤❤❤
    I loved ur thoughts?
    Ur concept is superb superb superb???
    Em chepalo ardam kavatledu.. Ninnu ela praise cheyalo thelitle
    Nu naku chala nachav..❤❤❤ in the way u think???

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