Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-19)


Thank u all for the support again. Actually my name is Sugashini and everyone calls me Suga! Maya is just the name that i kept for myself during my German class as te teacher wanted all of us to have a German name so that she could rmbr us better. Since the name Maya have a Indian touch and its also an German name i chose that name… haha thats abt backstory of the name Maya where no body calls me by that except for u all…

Ok here we go with the nxt one and its a short one….

Pragya called Abhi up, ‘ Pragya here and i want to tell u that i will not be able to accompany Harsha anymore to sessions’ Abhi was shockedd to hear that and asked ‘ Why Pragya? Is everything ok?’ Pragya ‘ Yes everything is ok, it just that i have to attend a conference in overseas in replacement of my colleague and its a for 2 weeks and thats y i am unable to accompany Harsha anymore’ Abhi ‘ Pragya u scared me to the core! U no need to keep on say u are unable to accompany him ANYMORE! Pls dont keep on repeat the word anymore! Ur work there is only for 2 wks and after that i know that u will accompany him again!’ Pragya ‘ Sorry i didnt mean to scare u and u dont have to worry as still my mom will accompany him to the studio’. Abhi ‘ There is no need for u to disturb ur mum and he is not a small kid to have someone accompany him!’ Pragya ‘ But u said that the producers want either of the family member to be with him right?’ Abhi ‘ Arrey ignore all that yaar. No need to worry abt that and i can handle them. Btw they are not here for every session to observe us!’ Pragya ‘ Ok then and thanks for the understanding!’ Abhi ‘ Ok bye Pragya and take care!’ Pragya felt that it feels so nice when he said take care. And also felt that he is so caring about not bothering my mum. Abhi on the other hand, what! She is going overseas for 2 wks! I am gg to miss her badly! And what abt my plan?? So now i have to think of smthing else!!!Think Abhi put on ur thinking cap before its too late!

Pragya was busy that wk as she had to prepare herself for the conference and was also thinking of Abhi and reminisce the moments that they spent together whenever she was free. As for Purab he was still figuring out what was Abhi up to!! As for Abhi he came up with an idea but was not sure how far will it work! He felt at times of sharing his plan with Purab but when the thought that Purab was in Pragya’s team came into his mind he told himself that he will not tell abt it to Purab. Now he felt after all One Man show is not that easy as he thought. It was indeed a very big challenge!

Ok guys i know its vry short as compared to my usual ones but i will try to make it longer nxt time.

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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