Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-18)


Hi friends! Thanks for the support And Maahi just few more days my other ff will be back and i have replied to u in the teaser update. So when u are free pls read my reply….

Still in studio….
Abhi had asked Harsha to go for a short break and both of them came out of the recording room talking like best buddies. Pragya who was all the while restless in thinking y Abhi was behaving like that was now surprised to see Abhi in a very jovial mood. Harsha ‘ Di shall we go to the restaurant near by to have a meal?’ Sir do u want to join us too?’ Pragya in her mind was thinking that he would surely agree as she remembered the time where he compelled her to have lunch with her. And both of them had a great time together.

Abhi ‘ Its ok guys! U all carry on as Dadi had given me food and I am gg to have it here in the pantry’. Pragya in her mind what now he dont want to have a meal with her too! Dont think like that Pragya as he said he got fd from Dadi and he loves his Dadi a lot, may be thats y he is not
joining us. Both Pragya and Harsha left the place but Abhi did notice the disappointment in Pragya’s face when he said he is not joining them for a meal. He also did recall the time that they had meal together before but he thought only if i do all this her love for me increases and i also get the chance to feel it. After all he was also in the mission of taunting Pragya’s team!

Pragya didnt utter a single word while having the meal with Harsha. She was so silent and was lost in deep thoughts. She ate the food with an unsatisfying look although the food looked delicious. Harsha noticed all this and was hesistant to ask what was bothering her. Although he considered her as his Di but he was still not sure whether is it appropriate for him to ask her personal questions. With a hesistant tone, Harsha ‘ Di can i ask u something? ‘ Pragya was still in her deep thoughts and didnt responded and Harsha raised his voice a bit, ‘ Di!!’ Pragya came back to her senses and asked ‘ Huh? What happened? The food not nice is it? ‘ Harsha ‘ The food is nice Di! I was asking u can i ask u something? It seems that u are lost in deep thoughts’. Pragya ‘ No Harsha i was just….. ok fine u said u want to ask me smthing? What is it?’ Harsha ‘ Di are u upset that Abhi sir didnt joined us? Sorry to ask u like that but the moment when he said he is not joining us, u seemed to be vry worried!’ Pragya didnt know how to response and was surprised by the fact that Harsha had managed to read her mind. Pragya ‘ No need to be Sorry and yes true that I am a bit worried but not for that reason though’. She didnt want to reveal about her and Abhi’ s relation. She did consider Harsha as her own brother but she dont want him to know the truth as now both Abhi and him are getting along well and she dont want that to be affected.

Harsha felt Pragya was hiding something but he dont want to ask her anything further to make her even more worried. After finishing their meal, they returned to the studio again. After a few hours the session ended Abhi talked to Pragya ‘ Ms Pragya glad to inform u that Harsha is a fast learner and i think he will learn the nuances in a short period of time! So i think 3 months is not necessary though!’ Pragya was glad at least he talked to him now but she really hated everytime when he called her Ms Pragya! Pragya ‘ Happy to hear that Sir and thanks for the guidance to Harsha and I am really expecting the day of his album launch!’ Abhi what she called me Sir? Its sounds as if i am vry old!! Abhi ‘ Sure he will rock it and Pragya no need to call me Sir it sounds like i am vry old!’ Pragya smiled at his response and was glad that finally he called me Pragya.

Abhi ‘ Shall i drop the two of u all?’ Harsha just came there and said that he got his bike and can drop Di at her home. Pragya too agreed with Harsha and left the place.

Abhi thought he missed the chance to talk to her by dropping her home. And after that he also left the place and went to his hse.

At Abhi’s room…
Purab came into his room and wanted to ask him abt his strange behavior towards Pragya but don know how to ask him…. if he asked directly then he would know that Pragya had informed her. So he thought of smthing else. Purab ‘ Abhi i need a advice from u on a love matter?’ Abhi ‘ Purab u are in love? And u asking me advice ? U have to be kidding me!’ Purab ‘ No yaar its not me and i dont have time for all that! Its for my friend and i just thought of asking ur suggestion!’ Abhi ‘ Oh i see ok ask me! ‘ Purab ‘ What does it mean when a guy who loves a girl keeps on avoiding her by not talking to her properly?’ Abhi ‘ Hmm it depends on how long the person is doing like that. If he is doing that for quite sometime it means he is not interested in her but if its for just one day then may be he is just teasing her!’ Purab ‘ Wow Abhi i didnt know that u would give such a analysis like this… Thank u so much!’ Abhi ‘ Who is the friend that u are asking for? U seem to be so excited to help him!’ Purab ‘ Nothing like that by the way can i ask u smthing? Are u hiding anything from me becoz i feel nowadays u are not even free to talk. U usually like this whenever u are in trouble’
Abhi ‘ Nothing like that just busy with work! Ok i need to rest now. See u tmrw!’ With that Purab left his room and Abhi said to himself that he should be very careful with Purab alrdy he have some doubts on me and wait the scenario that he told juat now is vry familair too. Its ok Abhi think all abt tis tmrw and just go and sleep now.

Pragya calls Abhi and informs that she wont be able to accompany Harsha anymore to the studio

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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