Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-17)


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Abhi called Pragya and apologised for the inconvenience he had caused that day by leaving abruptly. Pragya understood that he was genuinely apologetic for that day. Pragya said that Harsha was the one who was worrying too much and explained to him about Harsha’s insecurities. Abhi assured Pragya that he will talk to Harsha and make him feel better. Pragya was glad that he took the initiative to talk to Harsha.

Abhi called Harsha ‘ Hello Harsha! Abhi here!’ Harsha ‘ Sir? I cant believe that u had called me and is everything ok at your house? Sorry if it is inappropriate to ask u abt ur personal matters’. Abhi ‘ No yaar no need to be sorry for this and ya it was a misunderstanding and that’s all. I must say sorry to u to disappoint ur first training session. I know how bad u would have felt that
day!’ Harsha ‘ Sir dont be sorry for this. U never did that purposely. And just forget abt the bad days and expect for the gd days to come!’ Both of them talked for quite some time as Abhi was sharing his experience in his initial stages to motivate Harsha. Harsha really enjoyed talking to Abhi.

Nxt day in college….
Harsha ‘ Di yesterday Abhi sir called me and it ws so nice of him to apologise to me and encourage me by sharing his experiences! Ok di i am alrdy late for te nxt lecture. I will tell u the rest later!’ Pragya was impressed on how Abhi had changed Harsha’s mood.

Abhi texted Pragya…
A: Ms Pragya the next training session will be on coming Saturday, at same place and same time.
P: Ok sure and noted ?
A: Ms Pragya pls be formal and don’t use smiley faces. Thank u.
Pragya thought how rude is he? Its just one smiley face and he is telling as if i have sent hundreds of them. She never replied him back after that. Abhi on the other hand was laughing as he knew Pragya would be angry with his reply and told himself the taunting starts babe!

On Saturday…
Pragya and Harsha had reached the studio again and was waiting for Abhi to come as the staff there informed that he was stuck in traffic jam and will be late. Harsha had a call to his phone and he picked up to speak ‘ Sir! Ok can sir no prob and no worries!’ Pragya asked who was that? It was Abhi sir he said he is still on the way and will be late by 10 mins. Pragya said ok fine to Harsha and wondered why he never called her and inform this. Usually he notifies to her first before informing to Harsha. She thought may be he want build a good rapport with Harsha thats y he informed him first.

Abhi reached and spoke to Harsha first avoiding a eye contact with Pragya but she was keep on looking at him with the thought that at least one time that he would look at her. But he didnt and asked Harsha to come inside the recording room and told Pragya to stay outside as today’s session will be long one, so he told her either to stay outside and read the books there or can leave first and pick up Harsha later after the session ended. Pragya was shocked by this, she came here not only to give support to Harsha but also meet Abhi but now he was like avoiding her presence. No Pragya u are thinking too much may be he feel that i may get bored thats y he suggested me to do like that. But y he never look at me at all. He was literally avoiding eye contact with me. Was he ignoring me? A lot of questions were rushing inside her mind which was only making her stressed!

Pragya decided to just stay outside and read books to pass her time but she was unable to read not even a page properly due to the sudden changes in Abhi’s behavior. Not able to stand it, she called Purab. Pragya ‘ Purab what really happened that day? U said u will inform me but never even called me after that!’. Purab ‘Sorry Di i was so busy that i forgot to inform u! Actually Di that day it was just a prank call to make Abhi reach hse as Dadi had chosen a alliance for him’. Pragya ‘ What marriage alliance? Did he agree to it? Is it thats y he is behaving like that to me?’ Purab ‘ No di he never accepted it and told everyone that he loves someone else’. Pragya ‘ He never mention the name? ‘ Purab ‘ No di but after that both Abhi and Dadi were speaking to each other personally and i dont know whether he got informed abt it to her’. Pragya ‘ He wouldnt have informed Purab! But why is here behaving like this to me today?’ Purab ‘ Di U are keep on telling that y is he behaving like this to me but can u tell me what did really do?’ Pragya explained to him and Purab was surprised as well. Purab said that may be he just want to have his full concentration on the training session may be tats y he beahving like that. And asked Pragya not to worry as he will keep an eye on him on what he is up to.

Purab ask Abhi are u hiding anything from me?

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Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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