Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-14)

Maya here again! I am still sleepless and its normal for me during exam periods so i thought myself i update it while taking a break frm studies…Sorry if there is any mistakes as i am updating at very late at night!

Few days later, Pragya had accompanied Harsha to Abhi’s music studio for the training
sessions. Both of them were in awe of the
interior of the studio. The interior design was exquisite and its features are something that both Pragya and Harsha had never seen before!

Abhi welcomed them ‘Hi Ms Pragya and Harsha nice to meet u again! Welcome to my small studio!’ Pragya ‘ What small studio? It’s so big like a mini lecture hall and u called this small?’ Abhi ” Ms Pragya this is considered small compared to the bigger one that I am planning to built with all facilities and musical equipments imported from overseas. And I also find it funny how u can link this place with lecture hall! I am very amazed with your comparisons!’ Pragya don’t know how to reply to his quirky response and just asked when is the training session going to start to divert his mind. Abhi replied that just wait for a while and I will call u all again to come inside the recording room.

Harsha ‘ Di I am so nervous after seeing the
atmosphere over here! I am more like a amateur
but over here the stuff and all are damn
professional and what if i just messed up!’
Pragya ‘ Harsha its just a training session and its ur first time right? Thats y u are so scared.
There is nothing to worry about! First time only
happens once so u have to give ur best and stop being nervous! One more thing I am here to
support u and do just like how u had confidently
performed in the auditions’.

Harsha ‘ Thank u Di for the encouragement and I will do my best! I am feeling much better now!’

They both went inside the recording room once Abhi had signalled them to come inside.

Abhi ‘ So Harsha are u ready to be trained? ‘ Harsha confidently said ‘ Yes sir and its a great oppurtunity to be trained by the country’s best rockstar!’ Abhi smiled at him in response and was surprised at his confidence. He knew Pragya was the one who had motivated Harsha to this extent.

Abhi first started with vocal training for Harsha. Pragya was sitting down on a sofa there and was observing how patiently Abhi taught Harsha the nuances of singing. She had never seen Abhi teaching others before so she felt amazed by seeing the new aspect of him. Abhi while teaching did notice that Pragya was keep on looking at him. He really liked being observed by her but her gaze made him to go closer to her.

After a few hours,
Abhi ‘ Ok Harsha u are picking it up fast and now we need to take a break. We cant strain the vocal chords for too long by practising. So its break time now! Drink a lot of water and I see u in about one and half hours later’ Pragya came back to her sense once she heard him saying break time.

Pragya, I cant believe that all these hours i have been just admiring him! Oh god pls save me from this admiration towards him. This is too much for me to handle!

Harsha ‘ Di i am gg out to the washroom outside. After that we shall go to the shop outside to have some snacks! Ok Di?’ Pragya ‘ Haan ok. Actually wait i also come outside may be i go buy snacks first and wait for u…’

Just then Abhi interrupted ‘Harsha u go first. I need to talk to Ms Pragya about something regarding the album launch. She will wait for u outside later’. Harsha ‘ Ok sir! See u later Di’.

With that Harsha left the room and both Abhi and Pragya were alone in the room. Abhi ‘ Ms Pragya i cant talk to u if u are so far away from me. So can u come closer?’ Pragya felt jittery when he asked her to come closer. She didnt want to move from where she was but Abhi asked her again wittingly ‘ Are u scared of me or what? Y u look so nervous!’ Pragya ‘ No way i am not scared of u.’ With that she walked towards his direction but failed to notice that there was a cable on the floor that was connected to the studio mixer. She tripped on it and accidentally fall on top of Abhi! Both share an eyelock ( Saiyara Saiyara plays)

They were looking into each other eyes and suddenly someone knocked the door to come in and hearing that Pragya quickly managed to get up. It was one of Abhi’s staff and was there to pass an emergency call to him.

It was a call from his hse that Dadi had a sudden heart attack and he very shocked by the news. Not even informing to Pragya he left the place in a lightning speed.

Pragya was also shocked and had never seen Abhi to be that much tensed.

Harsha ‘Di i think i am unlucky thats y Abhi sir’s Dadi had a sudden attack on my first day of training! I didnt expect my jinx will continue here too!’

Ok guys very sorry if there a lot of mistakes as I am updating this like damn late at night! Actually while writing this i myself find it boring so sorry if its boring….will make it interesting in the upcoming updates!

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