Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-13)


Hey guys! In advance Happy Tamil New Year! Puthandu Vazhthukal! to all Tamil friends. May not be able to update tmrw so i update one more today itself.

Abhi was eager to see Pragya again with the awesome idea that Purab had given. So the nxt day he went to Pragya’s college with so much of enthusiasm. He checked with one of the staff there on the working schedule of Pragya. He didnt want to disturb her during her lecture. He was so impatient to see her.

It was around 11 am and it was a free period for Pragya and knowing that she would be in the staff lounge, he dashed there and waited for her to come.

Pragya came there and was surprised to see Abhi… Pragya ‘ U are here? Can u leave from here and dont disturb me if u are here to talk to me!’ Abhi ‘ I am not here to talk to u about personal matters. Its regarding official issue!’ Pragya ‘ What official issue are u talking about?’ Abhi ‘ Ms Pragya i think u have forgotten! Few months ago, i came here to audition to find new talent for my next album. And its now time to launch the album and the new talent that i found here! I am here to talk to Harsha’s lecturer Pragya now’. Pragya in her thoughts so now he is here for this, i thought he was here for me! How stupid of me to think that he is here to convince me! Abhi realise that Pragya was in deep thoughts and he talked again to get back to her senses….

Abhi ‘ So Ms Pragya, Can i meet Harsha I need to talk to him about the training schedules and practice sessions to groom him up. Its going to be intensive one for about 3 months!’ Pragya ‘ What 3 months? Then how will he manage his studies? Already his exams are around the corner. Cant u reduce the duration? ‘ Abhi ‘ So u think I can groom in 3 weeks? Its music not some lame topics that u are teaching that can be memorized and do in exam. I said i will talk to him and why are u bothered so much as if i am asking u to do it?’ Pragya ‘ What! U mean i am teaching lame topics. For your information, all the topics taught by me are interesting and no student has complained to me about memorizing it and all! Fine there is no point in explaining all this to u! On top of that, I am his lecturer and also like a sister to him thats y i am concerned about him’ Abhi ‘ Whatever it is… Can i talk to him now?’ Pragya with irritation brought him to Harsha who was in library.

Abhi ‘ So Harsha how are u? ‘ Harsha ‘ Fine sir and glad to meet u again!’ Abhi explained everything to Harsha and Harsha was on cloud nine that his dream was going to be true… Seeing the joy in her student’s face Pragya was equally happy for him. Abhi noticed the happiness in Pragya’s face and thought ‘ Her face always shows a genuine happiness expressed for others! Just like my Dadi!’ She noticed that Abhi was admiring him and talked to stop his thoughts… Pragya ‘ Sorry for being rude just now but since Harsha is having high hopes for this oppurtunity, I will also support him to the fullest and hope to see him successful in this venture!’ Abhi ‘ Thanks for the understanding! There is one obligation from my producers side, it is i need to get the consent of his parents or family member and either one of them need to accompany him to all the training sessions!’ Harsha is shocked hearing these as his parents had died recently and looked very worried. Pragya ‘ Harsha i know what u are
thinking about… I am your like your sister right? So I will be with u to support u!’ Harsha was touched by those words he always treated Pragya more like a elder sister rather than a lecturer, but now when she herself told that she is like a sister to him, he was very emotional and hugged Pragya to thank her.

Abhi saw all these and thought how Pragya is able to understand other’s feelings so well! She knows how to make others better when they are in worry. She always never fail to amaze me. I just thought of using an excuse to meet Harsha
to meet Pragya often but now she will also accompany him. What else do i need more to convince her more!!! Pragya I promise this time I won’t hurt u, I will give u only happiness and joy that u cant even imagine in ur dreams!

With that thoughts in mind Abhi left the college saying to Pragya that he notify her the details of the practice sessions soon. Pragya in her mind was just hoping to talk to him as before, it felt very weird when he keep on called her Ms Pragya.

In studio…
Pragya accidentally falls on top of Abhi!

Filled with new thoughts, new hopes and new beginnings for a new year! wishing all the Tamil friends a very ?Happy Tamil new year? again in advance. Will update on Friday again?

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. HAPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR INIA PUTHANDU NALVALGHUKAL Im also a tamil girl and awesome pls unite abhigya soooooon

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  3. Very interesting episode.

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  9. Amazing ….. I loved this episode, i loved when abhi called pragya as Miss Pragya! Awesome….. Happy tamil new year to all ….. And maya i m waiting for ur next update…..

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  10. Happy new year maya and today’s episode was Amazing yaar very interesting . Eagerly waiting for next episode and all the best for the exam do well?

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