Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-12)


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Pragya had left the place without even telling to Purab. By then Purab had reached the vanity van and asked Abhi to open the door but it was not locked so he opened and saw the whole place was in mess. Abhi was sitting on the bed just staring down the floor.

Purab ‘ Abhi! What happened and where is Pragya di?’ Abhi ‘ She is gone! I think she wont meet me anymore too!’ Purab ‘ What?? What really happened? Wait i call her and ask’ Abhi ‘ No Purab! Dont disturb her she is already hurt becoz of me so pls leave her alone’ Purab ‘ At least u tell me what happened just now’. Abhi explained everything to Purab and he was shocked. Purab ‘ Pragya di love u so much thats y she want u to accept your love for her. And not only that she want u to believe that being in love will only make ur life better and beautiful. But why u have to be so stubborn!’ Abhi ‘ Purab u wont understand the pain of not maintaining ur success and i dont want to face the same situation as my dad. But at the same time i dont want Pragya to hate me. I know i love her a lot but i dont want to hurt her in anyway thats y i have been avoiding her all this while!’ Purab ‘ Does avoiding her has lessen ur love for her? No right? Then y u give the pain to her and to yourself too? I think u are confused Abhi. Think carefully before u make any haste decision. I leave now’. Abhi ‘ I think u are right! Give me some time so that I can think carefully’.

Abhi was in deep thoughts and kept on thinking abt Purab’s words, yes he was right why should i give pain to myself and Pragya when both of us love each other. May be he should accept his love for her and think about the future later. At least for now I can be in love with her and think about marriage and all later…

Abhi went to Pragya’s college next day during the lunch break. Pragya avoided him by going out of the college with a group of students. He tried looking for her everywhere but he cannot find her. He even called her phone but she never picked up. He was very hurt and realised that Pragya was very much hurt by his words….

Pragya received a call from Purab and she picked up the call.’ Pragya just listen to me and dont cut the call! Its Abhi here’ Pragya ‘ Yes i know its u!’ Abhi ‘ Sorry Pragya but i really didnt meant what i said yesterday, it was all told in anger. Pls forgive me and i promise u that i will never talk like that again!’ Pragya ‘ Its not about ur promise but its about ur understanding towards me! Ur words had broken my heart into pieces and now its very difficult to fix it back!’ Abhi ‘ Sorry Pragya! Give me whatever punishment u want to give and I am ready to accept whatever u say to get forgiveness from u!’ Pragya ‘ Punishment? Who am I to punish u? Just end the call I am in no mood to talk to u now!’ Abhi ‘ Dont say like that! U are my love and u can do anything to me!’ Pragya ‘ Love? Really? Ok if u think i am your love then i challenge u. Are u ready to accept the challenge?’ Abhi ‘ Yes i am ready to accept anything that u say!’ Pragya ‘ Ok the challenge is u should love me!’ Abhi ‘ Huh? But I am already loving u! I dont understand what u mean!’ Pragya ‘ Now ur love towards me is due to the regret that u had hurt me and this is not i want. I will wait until when u are really in love with me’ Abhi ‘ How will u know when I really love u?’ Pragya ‘ I dont have the answer for this question and bye!’ With that she ended the call.

Abhi was totally puzzled with Pragya’s challenge . When he is ready to accept his love but she is not ready to accept it! He thought why is this happening to him! Pragya on the other hand was thinking how harsh she had spoke to Abhi and was hoping that her harshness will make him think more. Purab now called Pragya and ‘ Di! What have u done? I mean why u have given such a challenge to Abhi now? I advised him yesterday a lot and somehow cleard his confusion and now u have again made him confused!’ Pragya ‘ I know u are the one who made him to apologise to me but his love for me is now is due to his guilt that he had hurt me. I dont want this kind of love! I want the same love that he had showered when i was admitted in hospital. I had no choice thats y i told like that!’ Purab ‘ I understand Di but why challenge and all? Now its even more complicated’. Pragya ‘ Purab just listen to me and everything will be fine’.

Later in the night….
Purab ‘ Abhi i knew everything that happened btw u and Pragya di and i have come up with a plan to pacify Pragya di’ Abhi ‘ What is it? Tell me quickly!’ Purab ‘ Thats a great idea! Thank god or whatever superior power! i have a PA and
friend like u! This one will definitely work and I can make her fall for me!’ He was filled with so much of happiness that he kissed Purab on his cheek and hugged him.

Pragya ‘ U are here? Can u pls leave from here and leave me alone!’

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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