Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-11)


Thanks for the support and here we go with the nxt episode…

Abhi, So all are planning something! Even Purab is in this drama. How i wish what they were talking about!! Its ok now I shall act together with them and find out their motive.

Purab called Abhi to the set again and told him to come for the shot. Abhi went there and saw Meethu there but he now know that Pragya was hiding somewhere there. Abhi, ” Sorry for the commotion that i created just now. So shall we start again?” With that they started to act again. Again Pragya ran behind Abhi and came infront of her. Abhi started to tell the dialogue and Pragya was starting to feel uncomfortable as he was very close to her… She was now lost as how Abhi is being normal…

The shot ended and everyone over there clapped for the performance but all were also panicking whether Abhi knew the truth as he didnt make any commotion even when he saw Pragya for so long. Abhi was still holding onto Pragya’s hands when the director came to them. Director ” Abhi sir it was such an awesome shot! Thank u so much for the fantastic performance!” Abhi said by looking at Pragya ” Don’t thank me, my co-star was superb! Meethu u acted so well!’ He said that by hugging her and she was taken aback by the sudden twist. Pragya was too stunned to talk and was just speechless.

Abhi smiled wittingly at Pragya and was now in the mood to tease her more. Abhi ” Meethu! Come with me now! We havent talk for so long!”
Pragya ” Huh? No i need to change first and we
can talk later” Abhi ” Arrey yaar what is this? U dont want to talk to ur friend? No way just come with me!” With that Abhi just pulled Pragya with
by holding her hands and went to his vanity van.
Everyone including Purab and Meethu were shocked and thought now they are trapped.

In vanity van…
Abhi ” Meethu so u have changed so much that ur face had also changed huh?” Pragya really
dont know what to reply. Abhi ” Meethu actually
i wanna tell u something, its been so long that i
talked to ur mum and can u call her? I wanna talk to her” Pragya, Oh no Pragya! U are badly trapped now! Now what do? Pragya still dont know what to say and was just staring at him in shock. Abhi ” Why Meethu u forgot the phone number or what? Why are u speechless?” He came near her and said ” Pragya! I know its u, how long u want to continue this drama? Open ur eyes Pragya and tell me the truth y u are here!” Pragya was closing her eyes as she can’t stand at his gaze in such a close proximity.

Abhi ” Pragya if u never tell the truth now then i dont know what i will do! I didn’t expect u to be like this! Why are u playing with my emotions by doing this kind of drama?” Pragya with shivering tone ” Are u sure I am playing with ur emotions? It’s u yourself playing with ur emotions”Abhi ” What are u saying? I dont understand!” Pragya ” I am talking about ur understanding towards love! I know everything about ur thoughts towards love and the fact that u don’t want to accept the love towards me as u feel that love will hinder ur progress!” Abhi ” So thats y u are all doing this drama! U could have talked to me about this right? Why this kind of cheap act?” Pragya ” Cheap act? In what way is this all cheap? U think whatever i do is cheap? And one more think

How can i talk to u when u have been avoiding
me all the time?” She was in tears while telling all these and Abhi was emotional seeing Pragya in tears. Abhi ” Sorry Pragya! I told all that in anger and pls don’t cry! It really hurts me” Pragya” Hurts u? No i was at fault of thinking about u all the while. From now onwards i won’t come in front of u!” She moved from there with tears and just slammed the door of vanity van.

Abhi was now angry on himself for making Pragya in tears and throw the things around him to vent out his anger.

Pragya is now avoiding Abhi but is also coming up with a plan again

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  5. Thank u all for the comments! ??And i have alrdy updated the nxt one! Hope u all enjoy it too! All ur comments give a wide smile on my face although i am very tired now. Haha??

  6. Superb yaar.. It’s really superhit episode i really loved it to the core

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