Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-10)

Hi guys! Maya here again and I was really touched with the response for the recap that i have updated today. So thought of updating the episode as i am taking a break from my revision. If u all have free time, pls see the previous update as I had replied to each of u all. This is gg to be a short update, so sorry guys! Hope u all like it!

In the promo shoot….
Meethu ‘ Abhi are u alright? Why are u looking so tensed?’ Abhi ‘ Nothing Meethu! I think its too hot here. May be that’s why i look tensed!’ Abhi was really tensed after seeing Pragya instead of Meethu during the press meet. He thought to
himself that he was turning crazy. Abhi, I mean
how can I be imagining her? She is a professor and she should be in the college now and why do i keep thinking of her. Meethu was smiling to
herself on looking at her confused childhood
friend. She knew very well about him and hoped that he will realise and accept his love.

The director, ‘ Abhi sir so shall we start?’ Abhi ‘ Sure ok what’s the shot?’ Director ‘ Sir u just have to sit on the bench there and Meethu will come by running towards u from the back. She will ask u for help and from there u just have to tell the dialogues’. Abhi as usual in his quirky way said ‘ That’s all! I thought is a lengthy shot but this is so easy pc for a rockstar like me! First i have to seat like a rock in the bench and then respond once she comes! Ok just start it man!’

Director and the crew smiled at his response and the director signalled to start the shoot and it begined…

Once again instead of Meethu, Pragya ran towards him from the back. Abhi realised it was not Meethu as he could feel Pragya’s presence. She came infront of Abhi and hugged him and Abhi was stumbled on what to say! Was it really Pragya or was it his imagination. Abhi thought no its her! I know its her. Abhi ‘ Pragya u are here! How come u are here?’ Pragya ‘ Abhi, I am not Pragya i am Meethu look at me properly!’ Abhi looked at her again and was mesmerised by the beauty of her eyes. Pragya felt shy at the moment but she didnt want her plan to fail so she shook Abhi and called the director who was infront of them. By this time Abhi had came into his senses and sat down on the benched again perplexed on his imaginations. Pragya at this time quickly switched place with Meethu again who was hiding behind the tree set up. All this while Abhi was looking down and fail to notice
the switch over of Pragya and Meethu.

Director came and asked Abhi ‘ Sir are u alright? I mean u never told the dialogues and u told some weird name called Pragya! Are u ok?’ Abhi ‘ How dare u say the name is weird!!! What u know about her that u have the rights to comment on her name? Just becoz I am here for the shoot don’t ever think that u can say anything that comes to your mind!’ Abhi was at his peak of his anger and Purab ran over there to calm him down as he was already holding the collar of the director. Purab ‘ Abhi why are u so angry for such a small matter? He is the director of the shoot and he was just concerned about why u never act well?’ Abhi ‘ Purab! U never hear what he say? How can he say Pragya’s name is weird?’ Purab ‘ Abhi calm down and u go to vanity van first we will talk about this later’. Abhi
walked in anger to his vanity van. As for Pragya
who was hearing all these got emotional and came out from the tree set up. Purab ‘ Sorry sir he loves Pragya that much that he can’t bear
anyone saying bad about her. Hope u will
understand!’ Director ‘ No problem Purab! I mean its our plan right? So no worries!’ Meethu was there too and she came near Pragya ‘
Pragya I am so happy for u! After his Dadi i think
its u who have gained so much love from him! The last time i saw him angry was when someone talked bad about his Dadi and now its
u! And some more for such a small matter he
got so angry it means he have that much of immense love for u!’

Pragya in tears ‘ I know he loves me a lot but not
to this extent! He loves me this much and i will surely make him accept it. Hopefully it happens
soon!’ Purab ‘ Di dont worry it will happen soon
and u know right that so many of us here just
want it to happen!’

Abhi had observed all these as he had tried
calling Purab but he didn’t picked up and he also
felt that he had to apologise to the director for his misbehavior and that’s when he decided to go to the set and he saw Pragya crying from
distant and Meethu talking to Pragya. He then
realised it was for real that he saw Pragya and not his imagination….

Abhi decided to pretend that he doesn’t realise that Pragya was really there and wanted find out what was the motive of this drama that all were doing!

Little info: Pragya is wearing the same dress and is with same hairstyle as Meethu so that’s why the exchanging of places occurs and it had made Abhi confused.

Thank u for the support! I didn’t know that a lot of u all had liked this ff a lot and if i had known it before i wouldn’t have discontinued it despite the bad phase i was going through. Sorry again and hope u all will enjoy this ff as before. This is the small thing that i can do for now, once my exams are over i try my best to update regularly.
As for the other ff i will continue frm April 19 as said before. Hope u all understand and keep supporting me!

Just a suggestion from u all : Do u all want me to change the profile pic for this ff? Pls don’t say up to me as i really dont know whether to change or not! ?

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  1. Hey dear i wanna say u something pls dear don’t take this much stress abt ur studies & i am sure to say tht u will definitely suceed in ur life i am saying this just like a frnd &tdays epi is really awesome dear loved it a lot pls 4give me if i had said anything wrng

    1. Thank u Pavi! May be the words that i have written made u think that i am very stressed about studies. Actually I am not that much stressed its just irritation at times due to the need to apply concepts to problems. And i also strongly feel that there is no point in being stressed so I am just living my present by trying my best to be happy!?

  2. sana ( abhigya )

    Awesome maya I loved it

  3. Just wanna share with u all, may be u all can think that why do i keep on talk about studies and all. Actually the truth is that I studied a chemistry course in poly. I am not sure abt study system in India or overseas but here in Singapore, u can go to either JC or Poly after completing ur secondary sch. I had opted for poly as i want more exposure to hands on and dont want to experience the school like life at JC. Thats when i chose the chemistry course. My life at poly was awesome. It was difficult too but it was very much mangeable. As long u studied whatever was taught u can definitely score… But during my fyp (final year project) i realised i am not that much interested to work in a chemistry field… Not only me alot of my course mates felt the same as u can only suceed if u are very keen into it. Alot of my classmates had changed their courses to health sciences and business etc for their degree…It includes some of the top students as well. Personally, I felt i dont mind studying chemistry but working in that field, I doubted that i have interest in it. So not sure of what to choose, I just chose the degree course that i am in now as what i was told was that its a combination of chemistry and engineering. It sounded interesting to me and just thought why not try it? After all its just about studying. But once i came here i realised its not only about studying but its also about studying what u are really interested in. Surprisingly, i am not the only one as recently when i had done proj with some of my classmates we also discussed about y we chose this and some of them said the same reason as mine. Actually u all may wonder that i could have quitted the course and go for something else. The thing is its not easy as over here its very difficult to get into universities. Then i decided i just try to finish this first and then see what does life has in store for me.

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  11. Superb episode yaar… Really soooooooooooo cute I thk 2morow episode cuteness overloads coz abhi normally vl make the normal scene to a cute one now he knows tat it’s not his imagination so he vl make a super cute scene… I’m just eagerly waiting for nxt episode…

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