Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (Last episode)


Hi friends! Here we go with the last emotion and last episode of this ff….

Happiness of love….

Pragya was a little late when she reached the venue but somehow managed to convince the security and went inside…She saw a massive crowd of people making their ways to sit down. And seeing that it made her even more worried what if he blabber something illogically in front of so many people..She tried to find a seat near to the stage but made sure it’s not too near.

That’s when she saw him arriving too. He was ushered to stage where there was seats arranged and she was keep on looking at him. Pragya, He is having the same smile on his face whenever he talks to me. Bol do na zara plays at the background while she is keep on looking at him and reminding about the days that both of them had spent….

Abhi, I know u are here Pragya but it’s just that i can’t see u in this crowd but will make sure u come back to me today!!

Within a few minutes the seminar started… It was a seminar on marriage and its effects….
All the speakers there shared their views on marriage and its effects…and finally it was Abhi’s turn to speak…Pragya was very nervous and was keep on praying to god that he won’t tell something inappropriate… Abhi started to speak ” Good evening everyone! And let me just get straight into the point…this marriage and all is just a part of life and we have to just face it like a fever!” Everybody broke into laughter hearing that… Pragya, Omg! He have started it again!! Fever!! What is he trying to say? Abhi ” U all may laugh but it’s the truth…when u have fever u will feel weak and tired but after u have recovered from it ur immunity increases and it only strengthens u as a person! So marriage is also like that initially u will feel difficulties in it but after getting used to it which is like recovering from fever it makes u stronger as an individual!” Everyone clapped at his reasoning and Pragya too clapped and thought he is totally unpredictable…

Abhi continued his speech all with examples that nobody could have expected of and everyone were enjoying it… Pragya was quite relieved at least he is gg on the right track…

It was Q and A session and some of them asked questions and one of them asked Abhi ” All ur ideas on marriage were very different but we heard news that ur wife have left u? How is this possible when u value marriage so much?” Abhi was speechless on how to respond and there was tears in his eyes when he think about Pragya left him…Pragya saw that and can’t stand seeing Abhi like that. She just stood up and got a mike from the nearby facilitator. Pragya ” Sir who said his wife left him? When she is just right here gg to answer ur question!!” Abhi who was looking down looked up hearing Pragya’s voice…Abhi was really very joyful and thought finally she stood up!! Pragya ” I will never leave him at any point of time! It’s just that we were far away from each other for some time…but it doesn’t mean I will leave him forever…” The person had nothing to say and he just sat down after saying sorry…

Pragya realised how she had spoken just now in support of Abhi and quickly ran outside from there not wanting to face him… Abhi ” Excuse me everyone I will now have to catch up with my wife!” He too quickly followed before she would leave him again….

Pragya was standing outside in tears and heard his footsteps approaching her. She know that now she have to face him no matter what happens. Abhi ” I should be the one crying as u left me alone!” Pragya ” Alone? U were with Dadi and everyone but i was the one alone in some unknown place..” Abhi ” Did i ask u to go there? U could have asked me y i did like that and i would have explained to u! I just wanted u and ur family to accept ur dad as he had realised his mistake…” Pragya ” But u could have told me earlier right?” Abhi ” I just wanted it to happen smoothly and don’t want to rush and tell u all of a sudden!” Pragya ” So u would have told me that u met him?” Abhi ” Of course Pragya if not who would i tell that?” Pragya realised how hastily she made a decision which affected everyone related to her!!

Pragya ” Sorry! Very sorry I was just very shocked and emotional when i found the truth! In that situation i made a decision that i shouldn’t have done!!” Abhi ” Now u realise that and don’t cry for this…I can’t bear seeing u in tears…” He hugged her to his chest and he thought finally she is with me…They broke the hug after a while and Abhi ” Let me tell u something too before u do ur detective work and find the truth! This seminar itself is fake…it’s just a arrangement by me to get u back!” Pragya ” What?? But Leela told me about this so how can it be fake?” Abhi with a witty smile ” Leela is in my team baby!!”

Pragya ” U are always good at planning things but let me tell u that I am not angry or upset with u anymore as I now feel the happiness of love!! Ur love for me is making u do all this and this moment i have realised that!!” Abhi ” The same is with me Pragya when u spoke just now in support of me!!” Pragya ” Suniye! Our opposite characters have all the while be conflicting with our emotions but after all this have happened I don’t think that we will seperate again!” Abhi ” U don’t think it will happen but I promise u that it will never happen!!” Pragya ” So shall we go inside?” Abhi ” So fast u forgot huh? It’s fake one and we can just leave from here to start our journey of love…U know what I mean right??”

Pragya blushed and nodded her head. Both of them left from there with lessons learnt from their misunderstandings….And of course they lived happily ever after….

Opposites can stay together as long the differences between them is sorted out and understood by each other. After all having attraction to the opposites will make life even more fun and exciting!


Hope u all liked the ending…
Ok everyone if i thanked u all then u all will say no thanks and sorry among friends…so I would just say i appreciate u all for taking ur precious time to read my ff so far and after all i know this was ended abruptly and some of u all were missing it and tats y i tried my best to update this regularly after i restarted it…to me it was a wonderful journey here which made me have friends here and also made me more confident in my writing….i don’t know how will this benefit in my future…but in the present i always have a feeling that makes me happy while writing and reading all ur comments…I know who all have commented so far and u all also know me. So i don’t think there is real need to list out all names…And of course silent readers too its also a pleasure for u all to comment at times…and i really appreciate that too…I am just like u all silent readers so I really appreciate that u all took ur valuable time to read this ff…

I just have to thank the characters and acting of Abhigya who made me crazy to start writing ff…Already I am a crazy person but now its too much…so keep on supporting this crazy writer and yes from the bottom of my heart I hope that u all had enjoyed this ff so far and wish u all sucess in whatever ventures that u all undertake… and if i had bored u all in any of the episodes, then i just want to say sorry for that…( Es tut mir leid!)

And one more sorry too for other ff writers unable to read all ur ffs on time due to my work load…I really do miss reading and commenting…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Awesome ending suga dii its just that I am gng to miss urs badly and thanks fr supporting me too dii love u dii and I wish god will give u a life full of victories..

    1. No need to thank for supporting ur ff as i feel that u deserve it Vaishali…keep rocking in ur ff and i also wish all sucess in ur life…

  2. entire story was awesome….fully enjoyed a lot….really its rocking suga…….

    1. Glad that u find the entirr story as awesome it means a lot to me!!

  3. Superb excellent fantastic ending suga
    U rocked

    1. Glad that u enjoyed the ending Rithu!

  4. It’s superb ending only bt…. Soooooo sad u ended it ff anyway it’s really awesome ff yaar

    1. As how much sad u are i am even more sad but i really had no choice…anyways always grateful for ur support!

  5. enjoyed your story from the start…. nice story. .. meaningfull ending too.. gd lk with your creative brain suga.

    1. Glad that u enjoyed it from the start and also happy that u find that there is a meaningful ending!

  6. super,,
    one kind request dont mistake me as my thinks
    give some romantic scene of abigya that we can feel it..

    if i am say wrong SORRY……….

    i like U ff very much…………

    1. Nothing to be sorry about di! I am always open to feedback so that i can also improve…if u are reading my other ff will u be without me? Then u can expect romantic scenes there..its coming soon…

  7. Thank u all as how much u all will miss this ff and felt sad that I am ending this ff…I am feeling even more sad that i ended this ff as this is my first ff that i wrote…always close to my heart and can’t express in words that how much of time and thoughts that i spent in each and every episode. A lot of emotions are always attached in this ff… Some episodes were purely based on my emotions and thoughts…that much of connection that i have with this ff.

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Hy Suga, Such a Superbbbbbbbb Ending……..Its Something different Concept u conveyed through this FF…..I Really loved Ur FF a Lott…..Of Course,I am gonna miss this FF……Whenever I Open this Page,I always seen Ur Update first……Really Ur FF is a Enjoyment yaar……U r a good Writer & have Different Concepts also……….Loved it Sooooo muchhh…..?????????????????????????????☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

    1. Reshma what can i say its so sweet of u and u are one of them who support my ff from day 1….and as how much u love my ff the same amt of love I have for ur comments….?????????????????????????????????????

  9. Firstly a big hats off ka I just enjoyed ur ff throughly u know after reading this I am having a different feeling I can’t describe what I am feeling but it makes me happy???.. Thank u for this lovely and fabulous ff ka oops I said thank u na Ok thank u wapas?? ok enough of my stupid jokes..and yes I will this ff but I can understand ur situation so I won’t force u to start another one..whenever u r free don’t hesitate to start a ff pls start it definitely we all will support you I wish all success to come to u..Stay blessed tc of ur health ka love u???

    1. Glad that u enjoyed it too and always a pleasure to have a support from a thangachi like u!!???

    2. I am also glad that I got a lovely akka like u??

  10. really it is a lovely….
    amazing ff….
    nice ending and its really true also dr….
    we badly miss ur ff dr…
    u r really such a sweet heart dr….
    we miss u the core dr….
    plz come back with ur wonderful another ff….
    we r waiting…

    1. So many wonderful descriptive words…also a pleasure to see ur comments and happy that u liked it too…

  11. Awesome ending. Superb. Loved it. Miss yr ff.

  12. Awesome ending. Superb. Loved it. Miss ur ff.

    1. Glad that u find it awesome bhoomi!

  13. Sorry sorry sorry Suga! I was just busy that’s why there was no comment from my side but this ????? i loveddd this episode and this ff is ny favourite, And the title that has always attracted me to read this ff! Awesome! Sometimes words are not enough to describe someone’s creativity, so This ff is best! Brilliant

    1. I knew Somu! That u were busy for this u no need to tell sorry na…anyways always a pleasure to see ur compliments…????????

  14. Sorry for late comment suga I was very busy…nd coming to this episode it was awesome ❤️❤️?? I really loved it ??

    1. No prob! Abhigya and glad that u loved it!??

  15. Nice ending 🙂 … Superb story 🙂 … Pls continue ur writings 🙂 …

    1. I can't tell my name now....

      Glad that u find it superb sanju! ?

  16. omg dizzzz is known as PERFECTION being a physics student I can knw vry vell tht hw opposite poles attract other at any cost separating tgem is impossible but I wanna conclude tht met with an awesome writer nd a great personality who value all the emotions Ur life shld b blessed with pleasure peace love care concern frndsp and every happy flng thnx fr such an awesome story it had been always a pleasure to njoy ur writings hope u vil cme back soon with a bang till thn lv uuuuu missss uuuuu soooo much

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