Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-8)


Pragya broke down into tears once she saw Abhi. She hugged him once he came near to her. (Tu meri jaan hai plays)
Abhi asks Are u ok? Pragya again cries and says she was so scared that she would not be able to see her mother, sister and you. Abhi is taken aback by her words and realises she also has love for him but he tries to divert the matter by saying Ok Pragya you don’t be scared I have called your Mother and she should be on the way. Abhi says I will be back in a moment. Pragya looks at Abhi and says please stay with me; I will be even more scared if I am alone. Abhi couldn’t say no so he sat beside her. Just then Sarla ma came and cried upon seeing Pragya and hugged her and thanked Abhi for saving Pragya’s life. Pragya learns that Abhi had saved him from the fire. She was thinking that he had just visited her. Abhi says Aunty everything is ok now. I will be back in a moment and leaves the ward.

Abhi realises that Pragya also have feelings for him but he do not want to complicate things and decides to maintain distance with her. So he asks Purab to assist Sarla ma and Pragya and leaves the hospital. Purab understands Abhi’s dilemma and lets him leave. He decides to talk about Abhi to Pragya once she gets well. Pragya was in hospital for few days, in that period Abhi had visited her but he did not talk to her instead he just placed get well soon cards and bouquets while she was asleep. Pragya is informed of Abhi’s arrival either by her mum or Bulbul and wanders why he does not want to meet her when she is awake. Pragya gets discharged from the hospital and goes back to her house.

Purab visits Pragya at house and says that he want to discuss something about Abhi. Purab tells about Abhi’s father and how his perspective towards love and marriage is as he feels that all this will affect his career. Pragya now understands why Abhi has been behaving weirdly towards her and plans to make him understand that love and marriage would not affect one’s career but it will give more confidence in life which will be a boost to his career.

Pragya asks Purab’s help in executing her plan to make Abhi believe in love and marriage. Upon hearing the plan, Purab gets excited and says I didn’t expect such a plan from you! No worries I will definitely help you.

Credit to: Sugashini

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