Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-7)


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Next day in college, Pragya finds Purab instead of Abhi. Pragya gets even more worried as she thinks Abhi is still unwell.

She approaches Purab and enquires about the well-being of Abhi but to her shock he says that he is absolutely fine and may be you got the wrong info. Abhi just said he wants to practise for his album and that is why he did not want to come to college today. Pragya wanders if that is the case why Abhi did not answer any of her calls and messages. Pragya feels that may be he wants to concentrate on his work that is why he is avoiding her. She feels very bad but does not want to think about it too much and plans to get back to her work.
Pragya walks towards the staff room while still lost in thoughts about the time she spent with Abhi the day before and also starts to miss him a lot. Pragya reaches the venue and she decides to concentrate on her work. Few hours passed and she was done with her work. She informed colleague, Geeta that she is going to the washroom and after that we shall go for lunch at the canteen.

Unfortunately fire broke out in college due to multiple short circuits and it spread so fast that there was not enough time for students and staff to react. They all tried to get out of their respective places. Everybody ran in different directions and the scenario was just haywire. Pragya who was still in the washroom heard the commotion and was wandering why it was so noisy? She tried to open the door and was damn shocked as there was fire everywhere and she had no way to escape from there. She was so petrified that she fainted at that moment itself.

Soon the media had arrived to cover the news but the fire brigade was yet to come. People around the area tried their best to put off the fire but it was in vain. Meanwhile, Abhi at his home switched on the TV and was very alarmed that the college had fire and without a second thought he rushed to college. Abhi soon reached the place and saw Purab there. He asked Purab, Are u ok? Purab, Ya I am fine but not sure is there anyone else is stuck in college! The professors are checking if there are any missing students. Abhi noticed that Pragya is nowhere to be found. Abhi asks Purab, Where is Pragya? Purab, I am not sure but I know she came to college. She should be here somewhere. Abhi had a strong feeling that Pragya is in trouble and he said to Purab I am going inside to find her. Purab, Are u mad? You see u can’t go in, the fire as already spread everywhere, it’s very dangerous and the fire brigade will be here soon. So you just wait. Abhi, No way Pragya is inside and I am going don’t stop me. With that he just ran towards the college to find her. He ran madly as everywhere he could calling out Pragya’s name and had managed to find her as the washroom’s main door was open and saw Pragya lying on the floor unconsciously. He rushed towards her and carried her. He used all his energy to escape from there not even minding of hitting against objects or the fire caught on his back. He somehow managed to escape from there and the fire brigade reached by then. Abhi was very devastated as Pragya was still unconscious despite the effort made by the paramedics. She was quickly rushed to the hospital.

Hoping that Pragya will be fine he was waiting outside the ICU. Purab was also there and felt that Abhi have so much of care for Pragya and he tried to console him that she would be fine. The doctors came out and said she is fine just that she is in shock and needs time to recover from it. Abhi was relived and went inside to see her.

Pragya broke down into tears once she saw Abhi. She hugged him once he came near to her. (Tu meri jaan hai plays)

Credit to: Sugashini

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