Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-6)


Thank you guys for the love and support for my very first ff! I am very glad that you all like it and somehow managed to write this one while taking a break from my assignments. Hope you all like it!

Abhi was thinking on how to spend more time with Pragya and decides to have lunch with her but was thinking on how to convince her.
Pragya finished her lectures and thought of going to the canteen. That’s when Abhi called Pragya from the back. Pragya said hi to him and what’s the matter? Abhi, I am very hungry is there any good restaurant nearby where I can have a good meal? To that Pragya said why not eat at canteen they also offer good meal. Abhi, No way there will a lot of students that and will keep on bug me to take selfies and all! Pragya, Oh ya, there is a nearby restaurant; I heard it is nice but never tried before may be you can go there. Abhi said Ok then we shall go there! Pragya, what? When did I say I am coming? Abhi, if you recommend the restaurant then you should also come. Or is it you are scared to eat with me? Pragya, Me? Scared of you, no way! Come let’s go but have to make it fast as I got test papers to be corrected. Abhi, ok teacher! Shall we go? Pragya smiled to his reply and made their way to the restaurant in Abhi’s car.

Abhi and Pragya had their lunch with some awkward moment where a couple asked for their selfie as they looked like a perfect couple. Abhi somehow managed and just gave them a selfie with him alone. Time passed very fast and Pragya told that it’s getting late and we shall head back to college as she has work to be done. Pragya was thinking how I wish the time could pass slower and can spent more time with him. As for Abhi he thought why does times flies so fast whenever I want to be with her? Abhi said ok let’s leave and paid the bill before leaving the restaurant. That’s when someone called out Abhi; he turned around to look who it was. It was Purab his best friend and his PA. Purab, Abhi how come you are here? I thought you are supposed to be in the college right? Are you again having lunch with girls? Hearing that Pragya was feeling jealous and was also wandering if Abhi had a lot of girlfriends and also told herself Yes he should be having a lot since he is a public figure and a very big rock star. Abhi was trying to stop Purab talking about girls with him but he just continued. Purab then realise Pragya who was beside Abhi and greeted her. That’s when Purab realised it was Pragya who was in the news and thought that may be Abhi just want to patch up with Pragya for his mistake. Pragya was getting impatient and Abhi realised that she was getting late so he told Purab that she need to drop Pragya in college as she was already getting late. Both of them left the restaurant and Abhi tried to drive the car as fast as possible.

Pragya was still thinking whether to ask Abhi about his girlfriends. Realising that Pragya is in deep thoughts Abhi started by saying, Why are you thinking of giving lecture to the chef in restaurant? To that Pragya said Huh? Why are you asking like that? Abhi, No I thought maybe you don’t like the food that we ate just now and may be you wanted to lecture the chef on how to cook and all! Pragya said sarcastically, VERY funny! Abhi, Then what are you thinking you can just tell me. I won’t tell anyone and I am very good at keeping secrets. Pragya looked at him and thought to herself, I want to ask about you and what if you think that I am crossing my limits. She just told him It’s nothing just thinking about my work stuff. Abhi was not satisfied with her answer and felt that she was thinking about something else. They soon reached college and Pragya said thank you for the lunch and headed to the staff room to complete her work. She was unable to concentrate as she wants to know whether Abhi is in relationship with any girl. She knew that it is inappropriate to ask she felt that I am not even a friend to him.

As for Abhi he was happy he had spent some valuable time with Pragya during lunch but not getting enough of it. He was also confused why am I attracted to her so much? Abhi told himself whatever it is I think I should stop thinking about her as my work is more important than anything. Abhi was always career oriented and since he got his breakthrough after so many years of struggle, he don’t want to think about love and marriage as he feels that it would hinder his growth. He do not want to face the same situation as his dad who was a successful guitarist but after his marriage did not have enough time to perform well and changed his job to a music teacher. Abhi decided that he do not want to fall in the trap of love so he left the college earlier leaving the task of auditioning to the producer.

Pragya somehow finished her marking of the test papers and decided to meet Abhi before leaving the college. She went to the auditorium and found that only the producer was there and enquired him where was Abhi. The producer said he left early as he was having head ache. Pragya was concerned and called Abhi but he didn’t pick up Pragya’s call as he felt if I talk to her then I will keep on think about her. Pragya continued calling but he didn’t answered any of the calls. In the end Pragya sent a message and Abhi reads it but also does not replies to it. She assumes that may be he is sleeping and hopes to see him again.

Pragya reaches home and realises that she forgot to go to temple as she was too worried about Abhi’s wellbeing. She was never like this before and she had no appetite so she went to sleep early without talking to anyone.

Next day in college, Pragya finds Purab instead of Abhi. Pragya gets even more worried as she thinks Abhi is still unwell.

Credit to: Sugashini

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