Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-5)


Thank you guys for the support and hope you all like this episode too! I am not free as I have a lot of assignments to be done so I am updating the next episode in advance.
Pragya, “Harsha why not you give a try? Since there is audition you should just try. Harsha, No Mam I am not that good looking and also I don’t have any talents to show on the stage. Pragya, who said you should have talent to prove yourself that you are talented? you can just be yourself and express whatever you want to tell in a speech. Since you are very good at writing speeches, I think you should do that. And after all telling about yourself is also a very unique talent too just like others who dance, sing or do mimicry. I also feel that may be Abhi would like to see something different and more genuine”.

Listening to all this Abhi was impressed on how encouraging is Pragya to her student and also felt happy as she knew that he want to see something different.
Abhi silently walked back to the auditorium and was waiting for Harsha to arrive and he came with nervousness but Pragya was at the back of the auditorium to give him moral support. Upon seeing the positive gestures made by Pragya to support Harsha, Abhi waved at Pragya as a sign of hi to her. Pragya in response smiled at him back.

Abhi said to Harsha you can start and do what your heart tells. Harsha said whatever was in his heart about music and his desire to be in music video and also is willing to learn if he gets the opportunity. Harsha also said he may not be the best but can try to be best in whatever he does and also tells that he wants to be part of this music album as he hopes that this journey will pave way for his musical dream that he has be longing for since his childhood.
Abhi exclaimed in joy, Harsha! You are the one I was looking for all the while. You are selected and I myself personally train you to be the best in this album. I liked the way how genuine you are which makes me feel that you will surely achieve your dream!
Hearing all this Pragya was filled with happiness for her student and tears of joy rolled down her cheeks. Abhi had noticed this and was amazed on how affectionate was Pragya towards her student. Harsha was very delighted and thanked Abhi profusely. He also went up to Pragya and thanked her for the encouragement.

Harsha took his leave to share the joyful news to his friends. Meanwhile Abhi walked up to Pragya and asked are you happy? Pragya said Of course I am happy as my student has been selected and it is as if like I have won something. Abhi tells her I have not seen anybody who thinks other’s victory as theirs. You are the first person after my Dadi who I have seen who wants others to win. Pragya amazed by Abhi’s gesture says that sometimes victory is not winning all by yourself but it is also making others to win.
Abhi again gets impressed and wants to call off the day with the auditions so he tells the producer it is enough for today and we shall continue it tomorrow. Producer gave an amusing smile on how Abhi decides to stop auditioning after talking to Pragya and assumes that there is something going on between them.

Both Abhi and Pragya leave the auditorium and Pragya says it’s late and I have to go home. Abhi too says yes I am also going home, why not I drop you at your house? Pragya hesitantly rejects his offer as she said her neighbours would ill talk about them if you drop me at my house.
Abhi understood her situation and said its ok so he returns to his car and Pragya takes a bus to home. He was still in thoughts of Pragya and texted her, see you tomorrow. Pragya was surprised but at the same time anxious about meeting him again. She don’t know why but she like to meet him again and again.

The next day, Pragya decided to wear saree instead of salwar kameez as it was Friday and she wanted to go temple after college. She wore an orange colour saree. Abhi had came early to the college just to talk to Pragya before she start her lessons and is flabbergasted when he saw Pragya walking in saree. It was the first time that he felt that a girl was so beautiful in a saree. Pragya walked up to him and greeted Good morning Abhi. Abhi had no words to express, he was just motionless and said beautiful. Pragya said what? Abhi came back to his senses and said I mean it’s a beautiful morning. What’s special you are in saree today? Pragya tells nothing special just that she is going to temple after college. Abhi is still in lost with her beauty which is expressed in his eyes and Pragya also can feel that but she tries to be normal and not to shy a lot. Pragya asked how come you are so early as the auditions only start in the afternoon and to that he replied, I wanted to meet the principal and discuss with him about the talent search. After that both parted ways to do their respective work.
Abhi lied to Pragya that he is meeting the principal but he wake up early and come to college just to meet her.

Abhi was thinking on how to spend more time with Pragya and decides to have lunch with her but was thinking on how to convince her.

Credit to: Sugashini

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