Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-49) (Second last episode)


It’s the second last emotion…so here we go!!


In calcutta…

Pragya feels scared for some strange reason…She feels scared that something bad has happened to Abhi…but she don’t want to contact anyone from her family so she keeps on pray to god that all should be well with him…

Just then Leela came to the house and saw Pragya praying to god. Leela know she must be praying for Abhi and Pragya after finishing her prayers saw Leela and passed her the prasad…
Pragya ” So how was your work there? All went well right?” Leela ” Yes I have completed it all on time and that’s y I am back! But I have to tell u something about Abhi” Pragya was scared what if she tell some bad news…Leela ” I was keep on hearing the news that he is having a setback in his work and media is suspicious that it is may be due to his personal problems…but still they don’t know that it is because of u!!” Pragya was worried hearing all this and this is what she didn’t want to happen from the start as he was also scared that having marriage and commitments will affect his career! And now what he felt was happening!! Leela continued ” But u know what there is something funny that I heard of too!

He is attending a seminar as a cheif guest tommorow evening” Pragya ” What is there to be funny about this? He is a popular figure and that’s why he is invited as a chief guest!” Leela ” U haven’t listen fully to what I wanted to say! He is attending a seminar on ( I won’t reveal the name…u all have to guess!)….” Pragya ” What!! How can he be chief guest for that? Have he gone mad or what? He is already facing a setback and now by gg to this seminar it will only make things worse!! I am so scared now why nobody stopped him! What if he in the name of speech he talk illogically!” Leela grinned and thought this is exactly what Abhi told her that Pragya would say…

Pragya ” Why are u smiling? U think this is funny?” Leela ” Ya of course u have so much concern about him but u are staying here and just complaining!” Pragya ” I also don’t know what to do now….I am really worried for what he is gg to do at the seminar… and who invited him to seminar? He is just a rockstar and not public speaker…” Leela ” I think someone just a while ago said that he is a popular figure and it’s fine to be invited as a chief guest…” Pragya “Haan but not for this kind of thing…” Leela ” Ok I am already tired from the trip…Let me go and freshen up first!” Pragya was keep on worrying and finally made a decision…

Leela came back from a shower and Pragya had prepared her backpack already…She thought, This is quite fast from what i was expecting…Leela ” What is all this?” Pragya ” I am leaving to Mumbai!” Leela ” To meet him?” Pragya ” No! To make sure he does not make any mistakes in the seminar!” Leela ” Isn’t it the same thing u have to meet him first right? Ok whatever it is but Why not u leave tmrw?” Pragya ” No Leela already its late! I shall leave now as the seminar is tommorow evening!” Leela ” Ok then let me arrange to get a train ticket from here!” Pragya ” I have already arranged to go in taxi with the neighbour..U know him right the taxi uncle and he said he will be ready in a few minutes…” Leela thought to herself that this much hurry is Pragya having to meet Abhi…and thank god that I have already informed the taxi uncle about this and he was also willing to help Pragya too…

Pragya took note of the venue of the seminar and hugged Leela before leaving by thanking for her help…Leela sent off Pragya from there and quickly called Abhi to inform him…He was very much excited that his idea is working out well…

Pragya was all the way worried and was just hoping that she could reach on time to Mumbai as it will be a long journey….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Arey…why u r ending this ff yaar….I liked it so much…if u want u can continue with good story yaar…u r a good writer…pls try to continue….this episode is superb…

    1. Thanks for liking it a lot sana but to say the truth I am scared that I will go out of track and also may be have run out of ideas to continue this ff….that’s y i am ending this….pls try to understand yr…I have alrdy updated the last epi but I am not sure when is it coming out…so sorry sana for not continuing this…

  2. Nice..episode… Maya.
    Waiting for next episode

    1. Should be coming soon Adhya!!

  3. Hey maya what was the seminar all about pls tell it yaar..couldn’t guess

    1. Haha U will know it soon Aakanksha!!!

  4. Seminar about politics I think so. …….

    1. No Durga but u will know it soon…

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar…..

    1. Glad that u find it superbbbbb Reshma!!

  6. Dii..plz continue..i luv ur ff…very much..plz give more episodes..

    1. Same reason as i have given to sana…Hope u can understand jeffisha…

  7. dr u very well knw tht ur unpredictable then y r u asking us to guess nd dr concern is vry nyc waiting fr pragya reaction ven she knows its abhi plan again nd dr my insta accnt name is lathika I am in yellow dress gv me ur insta accnt I vil follow it

    1. Haha ok but later don’t think the guess that I ask u all to make is so predictable… glad that u felt her concern nice… and oh ok my insta account is called suga9416…with clouds image…ok i shall go and follow u too later… now using com for lab report….

  8. Superb episode suga

    1. glad that u find it superb Abhigya….

  9. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Maya ur FF is good , I liked it , and I can understand why you are ending!!

    1. Thanks Zuha for liking it and understanding my situation…i also like urs but haven’t read ur last epi…will read that soon when i am free… I am like reading other ffs very slowly….

  10. it awsm suga … i love that. but i feel sad bcz one of my fav ff is going to be over

  11. Oh god it’s soooo sad tat u r gng to end ur ff

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