Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-48)


We shall just go into the next emotion straightly….


In mumbai…

Abhi is unable to concentrate well in his work as he is having a hard time thinking where is Pragya…Knowing this the media also have been writing all kinds of gossips and news about Abhi’s set back….But Abhi somehow manage to hide the fact of Pragya been missing from the media…But he knows that somehow he should faster find Pragya before things get worse…

Leela who was now in Mumbai was keep on hearing the news of Abhi’s setback, she felt may be I should tell him about Pragya…May be he too is missing her a lot…She somehow manage to get the house number of Mehra mansion and called…Leela ” Hello! Can I speak to Mr. Abhi?” Dadi ” Who is this? He is not in the mood to talk to anyone. Just tell me the matter and I will convey it to him” Leela ” It’s about Pragya so hope he will be able to talk to me!”

Dadi was shocked and at the same time happy as finally there was some news about Pragya…but she really hoped it would be good news of where she is!! She passed the phone with a lot of expectation to Abhi who sitting in the living area and he answered the call. Abhi ” So u have any news about Pragya? Do u know where she is? How is she now? Is she fine?” And from Abhi’s voice itself Leela could feel the concern and care that Abhi had for Pragya…

Leela ” I am her classmate and she told me all that happened between the two of u and asked me for help to stay away from u…she is now in calcutta and she is fine but just like u she is missing u a lot!!”

Abhi thought, finally I can see my Pragya!! He thanked Leela a lot but said that I know that she is very upset with me and asked Leela for her help to make Pragya herself to come back to Mumbai…Leela was puzzled on how to do that and Abhi shared his idea and Leela was amazed by his idea and agreed to do that….

With a lot of anticipation, Abhi started to do all the work that is related to make Pragya come back to him!! Abhi, I know Pragya that if i come there it will only increase ur anger but if I make u come here then it will be a different scenario!! So just wait and watch Pragya that how u will come back to me and I will have u again in my life!!

So what’s his idea and how will it lead to Pragya meet Abhi…to know that u all have to wait for the next update….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. omg really again left with suspense unrevealed njoying dizzz confusion a lot waiting fr his rocking idea no no nt his indeed its urs

  2. U r rocking dr. Fantastic

  3. amazing interesting….

  4. its juust amazing dr…
    eagerly waiting for next one ma…

  5. superb maya……really nice.

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbb…… Really Interesting……

  7. Thank u all for the support and will upload the last two episodes tmrw! Really grateful to all those who had given support so far….

  8. suspense.. but interesting… cant wait for the next epi.. update asap

  9. Awesome epi dr n haan no need 4sry at all moreover enaku en frnds enna thitradhu romba pidi kum

  10. Not at all a very big suspense…i have alrdy written both the last two epi.. but due to some issues i can only upload tmrw…i don know how to describe what i have written…may be if u all read it then u all can describe better as what is it like…..

  11. fantastic ??? suga fantastic and yeah juhi is mine fav actress too I love the way she laughs it makes me laughs too and that fantastic ???

  12. Superb

  13. Superb yaar I’m very very very excited 4 next episode yaar really excited a lotttttttttttt

  14. Superb ka really awesome I was eagerly waiting for next episode

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