Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-47)


Here we go with the next emotion of jealousy…


Pragya now in calcutta is teaching tution to students for her expenses and is planning to find a job there. She somehow manage to come there with a help of her classmate, Leela… and also asked her classmate not to reveal about her whereabouts to Abhi if he comes and ask…The classmate agreed to it upon seeing the distressed condition that Pragya was in…

Pragya then switched on the Tv to watch something to divert her mind but she ended up watching Abhi’s advertisment with a female model..Pragya, why is he touching her waist like this!! And when did this ad happened? I was not even aware of this!! If i had known earlier then I would have stopped him!! No wonder he never told me about it!! He is always hiding things from me…Wait Pragya why u are thinking about him now!! U should get diverted from his thoughts!! Change the channel Pragya!! She changed the channel but was unable to forget what she had seen so she changed back to the channel with the ad and was waiting to see him again! But now she noticed his eyes…Pragya, No his eyes is not showing the same kind of love that he have when he talk to me! But still this is too much of holding her waist so tightly just like what he does to me!!

Leela just then entered the house and saw Pragya watching the ad with Abhi…Leela ” If u love him so much that u are keep on watching the ad then why u left him?” Pragya turned back and saw Leela but was unable to talk properly…Pragya ” Yes I love him more than myself…. but I can’t forget what he had done to me!!” Leela tried her best to convince Pragya to contact Abhi but she was very stubborn and never listened….Leela knows that Pragya have nowhere to go if she also had said no when Pragya wanted to stay away from Abhi so she just left the decision up to Pragya and said to her she is leaving to Mumbai as she have some work there…

Pragya was really grateful that Leela had helped her to this extent just being a classmate…and she said to Leela that she will manage herself here with the help of neighbours and thanked for her help. After Leela left she switched off the Tv and went to sleep but only Abhi and the female model’s romance came in front of her which made her felt not only jealous but also furious….

I am uploading 2 updates today as I just want to speed this up so that I will have more time to focus on my assignments…hopefully I will end this ff by Sunday itself….and yes if u all have noticed I am not putting any precaps for the past few episodes as I just want to make u all expect for the unexpected….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Love u all for all ur lovely comments for the previous update…hope u all enjoy this episode!

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