Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-46)


Hi everyone! Eager to know who is the person? And why Pragya left Abhi? So here we go to know the truth which will exhibit the emotion of shock!!


A month ago after Harsha’s album launch….

Abhigya as usual were busy in their respective work but Pragya found something unusual in Abhi’s activities. He started to come very late to home and when he is at home he keeps on call someone and did not speak in front of Pragya. She found all this unusual, although she assumed coming late to home was due to his practice sessions but why he need to avoid her when he wants to talk in phone? This made her puzzled…She was observing all this for a few days and did not wanted to ask him about it instead she wanted to find this out by herself!

That day Abhi again made a call thinking that Pragya had not been noticing it. But she was observe it and when he was about to leave the house without informing her, she too followed him….Pragya, thought why is he taking auto instead of driving his car? She too managed to get an auto to follow him. Abhi reached an unknown place and was waiting for someone. As for Pragya she was hiding behind a tree to see what was he up to!

A few minutes later…

She saw the person, It was him again!! She hated him the most from her childhood and he is talking to Abhi!! It was Pragya’s dad who had left Pragya and her family and made to bear all the responsibilities of a family on her mum and even she also had to start to work from a very young age…

Pragya thought how he know Abhi now!! And why did he came back? And Abhi also know that I hate him a lot but still he is talking with him!! She managed to listen to their conversation, Abhi ” I know that you are desperate to talk to Pragya but u have to wait for it as she is still very angry on u!” Pragya’s dad ” Abhi! I know what I have done was a very big mistake, I shouldn’t have left them just because I had no money to pay off my debts and after I left them I know they suffered a lot…especially Pragya as she was the eldest and I know as how much she hates me now, she used to like me that much too!”

Pragya got shocked again as she was unable to believe that he left them just because of being unable to pay off his debts!! And this Abhi, he is still talking to him!! So now I know he is the same person that Abhi was talking to at the Harsha’s album launch…and all this while he is hiding this from me!!

Pragya waited until both of them left and she still couldn’t believe how could Abhi do like this!!

Abhi reached home and was searching for Pragya but she was nowhere to be found in the mansion..He went to Dadi to ask about her whereabouts. Dadi said that Pragya went out just after you! Abhi panicked as what if Pragya had followed him! He called her number but there was no response…He received a message from Pragya….

Abhi I know that u are in contact with my dad and I don’t know from since when u are talking to him but what u have done is wrong! U should have told me and this time I think I can’t apologise to what u have done!!! I am leaving! and don’t try to contact me again….

Abhi didn’t expect this at all!! He thought he can help Pragya and her family to reconcile with her dad…but now she left me!! Seeing Abhi, Dadi knew something was wrong…She asked him what happened? Abhi with tears in his eyes said ” She left me!” Dadi ” Who? Pragya? Cannot be you don’t talk nonsense!” Abhi said that I am telling the truth Dadi and explained to her everything…Dadi was also shocked by the sudden turn of events, she didn’t know how to react too… Dadi ” Abhi! She can’t be without u! U go and find for her! And u definitely can make her understand…”


Abhi thought that until now I am finding for her but can’t get any clue of where she is!! Why do i have to face this? I just want her back in my life!!

As for Pragya she can’t accept the fact of what Abhi did and she is trying to move on in her life…. Will Abhi find Pragya? And how will it happen? To know that u all have to wait for the next update!!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Episode was nice … Pity of abhi …

  2. One Word! Brilliant

  3. as usual its a nice episode…..am eagerly waiting for other emotions..and for a happy cute…ending..and i know that diii…you will bring up a wonderful ending….

  4. so sad for abhi…
    eagerly waiting for ur next one dr….

  5. Amazing ka! Abhi ku mattum illa ethu ennakum shock ah than irruthathu?..etha twist ah naa ethrepakave illa Neenga superb ah atha express panninga ka?.. I really loved that.. Eagerly waiting for next episode?..

  6. Semma shock suga

    1. Rithu ma naan unoda frnd req acpt paniten da

  7. Karthi srithi

    Hi maya i dont hav words to xpress bcoz u r mind blowing wen the real track is so much dragging u r the one to giv us hope tan q

  8. Ok happy that u all liked it and I have alrdy updated the nxt one not sure when it will be out!! Ya i don think that i can sleep today due to my assignments!! Just 1 wk that my college re opened from my holidays but load of work is a lot…?? i will have to take my breaks by writing the other ff…

  9. Oh no!!! i am feelng so bad 4abi but haan abi had did a grt mistake but its not fair 4pragya to leave him 4this,apram suga naan unoda frnd req acpt paniten da

  10. Superb….yaar…. waiting for next episode

  11. Amazing suga ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Reshma Pradeep


  13. Suga again in Juhi style fantastic as i love that style most yr 😉 fantastic episode 🙂

  14. ohhh dr superb shock nd dr y u said srry in previous episode I shared my pain bcoz I had a frnd named aishu she is sooo close to me as if she is my soul but due to sme issues she left its almost all 6 years but still her echoes of calling my name hurts me a lot nd ven ever I cme across MISSING word I drip down in her thoughts bcoz she is sooo spcl to me nw I am unable to see her since 6 years I really miss her a lot hope one day I vil meet her nd the frndsp which drifted apart may again patch up hoping fr tht I just thought to share with uuu nd srry if I bored u with my bak baks but waiting fr nxt emotion eagerly nd really HIDING smthng frm our loved ones vil always worsen the case

    1. Not at all u are boring with me if u don’t mind do u have fb or insta to keep in touch with u as i always feel that whatever u share about my ff or ur feelings towards about my ff is more like a friend..I am not sure how long i will be able to continue in writing ffs esp in upcoming yrs where i will have a lot of internship…and u will also definitely meet ur friend one day and u urself will share the joy of meeting her to me!! And ya she will surely be happy to know there is such a friend like u who is missing her so much!

  15. oops dr I really dont hv fb or insta but frm few days thinking of creating insta fr me so once I create it dfntly I vil gv my accnt to u nd thnq uu fr considering me as frnd oops no srry nd no thank u in frndsp right nd yes if I meet her dfntly I vil share it with uu nd dr once I create insta I vil gv it dr nvr mind

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