Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-44)


Hi everyone we shall just straightly go into the story and i will tell u all something at the end of this episode!

Purab was shocked to see the sight before him, Abhi was breaking the music system that he loved a lot! Purab ” Why are u breaking this? It’s ur favourite music system!!! And how can u do like this??” Abhi ” It’s old and is not working when I operate it and I got angry as it is not listening to my order so I am breaking it!” Purab ” Are u like mad or what? It’s not a living thing to listen to you! Just because it’s not operating u are breaking that! U can give it for maintenance right?” Abhi ” No whatever or whoever never listen to me or share with me anything then I will do like this only!!” Pragya “Purab! He is getting crazy nowadays and this is just too much!” Purab thought, yes whatever these two are doing are also too much to handle!!

Purab had a hard time convincing Abhi and Purab really can’t take the tantrums anymore and just blurted out telling ” U two are really crazy! Either you two are fighting for something silly if not romancing…And now u Abhi doing this kind of silly act of making a mess in the room!! Is this why Dadi and me had planned to make u all closer?”

Abhigya both at the same time said ” U two planned to make us closer?” Purab realised that he had blurted out the truth in frustration and he knew now he can’t escape from them!

Purab ” Yes you two were sad and not talking to each other properly…So we two were worried whether u all had any misunderstandings between u…And that’s we made u two believe that Dadi was in trouble that day and ask to come to the house…” Abhi ” U think that I don’t know all this? How can you think that u can hide all this from your friend and ya whatever we two were doing was just to make u irriatated as that day u made my leg have a lot of pain!” Purab ” Huh? So u two don’t have any problem with each other right?” Abhi went near Pragya and hugged her in sideways saying that ” Do you think so? We will always be together whatever problem comes up!” Purab ” Thank god!! I don’t really mind of whatever u all have done to irritate me at least in that way u two were close and that’s what I always want” Both Abhigya were very touched as Purab is one person in their lives who had always helped them to be together without expecting for anything in return…Pragya ” Sorry Purab! By joining with him I have also had troubled u!” Purab ” It’s ok di! I know that whoever joins with him will slowly turn like him! But u are still not completely like him…That’s what really matters!” Abhi ” Purab! Of course no body can be like me! I am the one and only rockstar Abhi! So i am glad that she has not changed like me!!” The trio cleaned up the mess that was created and later Purab got to know that the music system that he broke was a fake one too!!

After few days….

It was Harsha’s album launch….Pragya was really very excited and happy for Harsha as it will be the day that he was expecting for it for a very long time ..Abhigya reached the venue and were eagerly waiting for the launch and…and suddenly Abhi received a call from an unknown number. After answering the call he informed Pragya that he will be back in a while and ask her to just stay there…Pragya insisted him to go later as within a few minutes the event will start.. But he somehow managed to convince Pragya and left from there…

It was almost 10 minutes and he had still not returned…she called her and it was also no use… the event was about to start and Pragya walked in the direction that he went to find him…

She finally managed to find him but he was talking to someone…Abhi noticed from distance that Pragya is watching her and he quickly ask the person he was talking to move away…Pragya was unable to identify who it was as she could only see his back..Now Abhi was walking towards Pragya…Pragya ” Who is that?” Abhi told in a jittery voice ” Just a fan of mine…” Pragya ” Are u sure he seemed to be very aged!” Abhi ” Why aged people can’t listen to my music is it? Music has no age restrictions!!” Pragya was not satisfied with his answer, she knew he was lying but she didn’t want to ask about it now and just said that we shall talk about this later and now go to attend the album launch first….

No precap….

Actually what I wanted to tell u all is…since i am ending this ff soon thats y i try to make longer updates for this compared to the other ff…and I know that some of u all want a longer one for the other ff.. but pls try to understand that for the other one I will make it longer once I finish this one on a happy note…i have started writing ff with this one so i want to give my best for this one first…so hope u all will understand my situation….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Ah that’s all fine Suga! This episode was brilliant, it doesn’t matters if we write long epi’s or comment’s, the thing that matters is content! And as you know you are always giving us brilliant content so go in the way u have thought! I will be always glad to read your episode whether short or long! ?

  2. dr short or long doesnt matters bcoz its all abt ur presence which matters anyways really abhigya is crazy nw intrstng twist I think so with tht man njoying a lot

  3. It’s ok ka no problem.. I can understand and BTW the episode was asusual amazing…. It was fantastic…

  4. Episode was nice 🙂 .. Purab’s character was superb 🙂 … Waiting for next one

  5. itz k suga.. anyway love your story lot.. nice flow is there.. amazing!!!!

  6. Thank u all for the understanding! And yes 6 more episodes to go with 6 different kind of emotions!!?? Haha hope u all can feel that emotions….

  7. its k maya…….v r enjoying ur episode…….

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Ohooo….That’s all fine yaar….We can Understand Ur Situation…… & The Episode was AWESOME as Usual….?

  9. It’s ok suga! We can understand.. Nd the episode was awesome….

  10. Its ok ma. The epi was superb

  11. Sooooooooooo cute episode yaar really abhigya r tooooo cute jodi…

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